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New Puppy, Part III
updated: Jul 30, 2011, 1:34 PM

By Sheila Murray

Your new puppy should have some outside time; but, never be left outside alone at night. Opossums, raccoons, and coyotes are predators as are birds of prey during the day. Safety is your responsibility as your new puppy cannot defend himself. You, also, need to provide shade at all times during the day. DO NOT WALK YOUR PUPPY on hot pavement. It is the same as walking him on a stove. It will burn the puppy pads right off of his paws. DO NOT RUN your puppy on a tennis court as the very same thing will happen. It will take the puppy pads right off his paws. This will happen even with an adult dog. Tennis courts are not a good place for dogs to run.

It is much better to walk your puppy at your side (when he is Parvo-safe) when you are out for your daily exercise. This will keep him engaged with staying with you and not 'picking up his emails' when you are walking. Walking is walking and marking is marking. You need to enjoy your walk, also, and having to stop every 3 seconds gets very annoying.

Professional dog trainer, Sheila Murray, has been training dogs for the better part of her life. Her training focuses on creating mutual cooperation to provide harmony in the home between owner and animal. "Animals trust me and I love them for their beauty, honesty and individuality." Sheila offers her amazing in-home dog training from Malibu to Santa Barbara. For more information, visit Sitting Pretty.

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