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The New Puppy - Part II
updated: Jul 09, 2011, 12:00 PM

By Sheila Murray

Depending on the type of breed that you have; different play is so important. Tugging is always a good game to play with your puppy. It WILL NOT cause a dog to become aggressive. Slapping a dog in the face WILL make a dog aggressive.

There should always be a toy between you or your children and your puppy's mouth. Since your puppy is probably teething; it would be so helpful to take some of his toys, wet them, put them in a baggie, freeze them, and give to your puppy frozen. Anything cold will really help with the pain of teething. They teethe just like babies do and this will often cause them to nip. I recommend baby carrots and pieces of sliced apples for treats to help with the chewing they have to do. Biting is NEVER ALLOWED. Take an oven mitt and 'pop' your puppy on the nose and use a very firm 'NO'---'QUIT' when he is biting at you or a family member. Then, as soon as he stops: 'GOOD BOY'. No treats for that.

And, finally, no treats for bodily functions; such as, going potty outside. Lots and lots of praise for him as he so very much wants to please you. Those little stars coming from his eyes are pure love for you.

Professional dog trainer, Sheila Murray, has been training dogs for the better part of her life. Her training focuses on creating mutual cooperation to provide harmony in the home between owner and animal. "Animals trust me and I love them for their beauty, honesty and individuality." Sheila offers her amazing in-home dog training from Malibu to Santa Barbara. For more information, visit Sitting Pretty.

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