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Funky Friday
updated: Jun 24, 2011, 8:23 AM

By Edhat Subscriber

Every Funky Friday features something on the weird side that makes Ventura the cool and funky town that it is. Send us your own funky photos too, just email them to ventura@edhat.com!

Since 2002 the Ventura bus stop at Telegraph Rd remains as Ventura's most controversial piece of public art. Created by renowned sculptor, Dennis Oppenheim, "Bus Home " is a looping cork screw of steel, concrete, acrylic, paint, and electric light. It stands 36' at its height.

Per the artist: "The work depicts the metamorphosis of a bus becoming a house...entering the ground and coming up again. For the tired and often alienated traveler the experience of waiting wished to be intervened by the realization that the transaction will be complete. The passengers will arrive at their destination. They will arrive home."

The New York artist may have had this dreamy vision in his mind when he designed "Bus Home," but for local bus riders it was anything but dreamy. They complained of the lack of rain shelter and thought it was a huge unnecessary waste of public money. They were not alone in their criticism, especially after the paint did not hold up to Ventura's ocean climate. Repair costs were in the multi-thousands and the city eventually sued to recoup some of the costs.

Nearly ten years later, "Bus Home" decorates the north end of the Pacific View Mall as a monument of 21st century art and doing its best to remind riders they'll soon be home. Love it or hate it, the bus stop often makes the list of the most cool or unusual bus stops around the world. However, most Venturans have yet to warm up to this "funky" bus stop. What do you think?

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