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The Rescue Dog
updated: Jun 25, 2011, 8:45 AM

By Sheila Murray

Boy, am I ever lucky. I got a family to RESCUE me!!! Now, we rescue dogs come with all kinds of surprises. I have to get my humans trained very quickly. First of all, if I can get out of the yard; I will take-off and go exploring. It's not that I don't like where I am; but, I want to see where I haven't been. It's a dog thing. I, also, would like to hang around my new home for a while and not go to busy places. I need to get used to all your funny noises---what's a dish washer? I can do that without all that noise! Some of us have never seen a television before and don't even get me started on those funny things that play music and grow out of your ears. As soon as you get in the habit of feeding me really good food, twice a day, and making sure that my water dish is full; you will have to learn the fine art of ball throwing. This is pretty easy to teach to humans; but, it is better to do this in the house first and; then, go outside. I understand things better when I learn them in the house first.

I do hope that you have planned a visit to my veterinarian to make sure that I am healthy and stay healthy. I will need Frontline for the fleas and ticks very soon. I have to be healthy before I use that though. I really like to sleep in small places and I would really like to have my own room (a kennel) where I can sleep and still watch you to make sure that you are safe. I need lots of sleep because of all the chaos and confusion that I have been living with. So, all in all I think that we are off to a great start and I will keep working with you. I love my new family and I want us to be happy. I won't give up on you.

The Dogs Best Friend,


Professional dog trainer, Sheila Murray, has been training dogs for the better part of her life. Her training focuses on creating mutual cooperation to provide harmony in the home between owner and animal. "Animals trust me and I love them for their beauty, honesty and individuality." Sheila offers her amazing in-home dog training from Malibu to Santa Barbara. For more information, visit Sitting Pretty.

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