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A New Puppy
updated: Jun 18, 2011, 10:43 AM

By Sheila Murray

Puppies are just the most precious things on the face of the Earth. But, they need to be protected. Puppies. usually, don't get their full eyesight or hearing or sense of smell until they are 6 months old. Very young puppies need to eat 4Xday. At 3 months old, they eat 3Xday. At 6 months old, they eat 2Xday. Do not free-feed. You need to know if your puppy is eating and how much. Be sure that your puppies have access to water at all time. They are growing so fast and some of them drink a lot of water. Monitoring their water is NOT a good way to housebreak your puppy.

In the Summer; one of my greatest concerns is the swimming pool. Remember your puppy cannot see very well. He cannot see if a glass door is open or closed. If a puppy gets into a pool he will drown from exhaustion even if he can swim. He needs to know how to get out of the pool. I always use a visual, like a blow up toy, to show your puppy where the stairs are or the shallowest part of the pool. This is so important. Do NOT leave him alone outside.

When teaching your puppy to go outside; let him walk on a leash as soon as possible. He needs to know where the door is to go outside. If you always carry him; he will not know the route to outside. They need to go outside about every 45 minutes until their bladders grow a bit. Well, this should get you started. I am always available for questions and happy to help.

The Dogs Best Friend,


Professional dog trainer, Sheila Murray, has been training dogs for the better part of her life. Her training focuses on creating mutual cooperation to provide harmony in the home between owner and animal. "Animals trust me and I love them for their beauty, honesty and individuality." Sheila offers her amazing in-home dog training from Malibu to Santa Barbara. For more information, visit Sitting Pretty.


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