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California Street Bridge Presentation
updated: May 27, 2011, 2:14 PM

Source: Downtown Ventura Organization

The City of Ventura Public Works Department and Public Art Programs invite the community to attend a presentation on the California Street Bridge and Beachfront Promenade enhancements projects. Join City staff and artist Michael Davis Tuesday, May 31, at 5:30 PM at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Ventura Beach, 450 E. Harbor Blvd., Conference Room San Miguel A, for an overview of these two exciting improvement projects soon to be underway.

Artist Michael Davis was selected in 2003 to work on the design team to create aesthetic and functional improvements in conjunction with California Street Off Ramp and Pedestrian Improvement projects. The California Street Bridge pedestrian enhancements include new lighting, railings and sidewalk treatments. The bridge serves as the main connector between Ventura's downtown and oceanfront. This bridge is highly utilized by pedestrians, bicyclists and motorized vehicles. The new railings will create a safer environment for those crossing the bridge, and the new lighting will help to visually distinguish the California Street off ramp as the entry to the Downtown.

Since January 2010, Davis has been working as part of a city-led design team to develop lighting, seating and railing designs for the Beachfront Promenade. Davis was selected for this project in order to thematically tie the planned improvements for the California Street Bridge to the Beachfront Promenade.

The Beachfront Promenade is a reinforced concrete seawall and pedestrian walkway that extends along the edge of the City's downtown shoreline from just west of the Ventura Pier to east of Figueroa Street for a distance of about 1,850 feet. The Promenade was constructed between 1967 and 1970. For the past forty years, it has served as both a popular pedestrian corridor along the beachfront and has protected property along the beachfront from erosion. The existing structure has nearly served its projected 50-year life expectancy and now requires a substantial investment in order to extend its life.

Phase one of this project includes approximately 1,300 linear feet of concrete crack repair and over 100 square feet of concrete spall repairs. Spall is a section of concrete that is breaking away or has broken away from the original structure. Cracks in the seawall will be repaired with epoxy and grout materials commonly used in marine environments. In addition, five of the observation alcoves will be repaired with the largest to be completely replaced. Portions of the concrete walkway will also be replaced.

The two concrete planter boxes in front of the Crowne Plaza and the Aloha Steakhouse, and three concrete planter boxes south of the Paseo de Playa will be removed and the lighting system along the Promenade will be rehabilitated. Lighting enhancements during this phase include the replacement of deteriorated electrical conduits and wiring and the installation of new, energy-efficient LED lights along the Promenade wall. This phase also includes the installation of additional rock revetment along a portion of the Promenade, relocation of concrete stairs that lead to the ocean, and the installation of a shower area next to Paseo de Playa.

The next phase of the project includes the installation of a protective coating material along the ocean side of the seawall. This phase may also include additional aesthetic enhancements that are currently in the planning stage. Construction for the second phase of the project is scheduled to start in late 2011. Future Promenade enhancements include modifications to the planter boxes that will remain, including the installation of new trees to replace the existing trees, the installation of new light poles, and other types of improvements, such as new benches and art components, along the Promenade that will help integrate the Promenade with the improvements that are scheduled for the California Street Bridge. Components of this conceptual plan may be incorporated into the second phase of the Promenade repairs or as a separate project, depending on timing and funding availability.

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