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Looking Good
updated: Sep 18, 2010, 10:00 AM

Dear Edda,

I am a 54-year-old woman who goes to the gym all the time, shops at Whole Foods, and looks much younger than I am. I have also had very little work done for someone my age.

My problem is that my 20-year-old daughter has refused to go on vacation with her stepfather and me. She says that I dress ridiculously, and that I should act my age. She says she dresses older than I do, and that I am an embarrassment.

I think she is a little jealous because I have more free time to tan than she does (she's in college) and so I can wear more skin-revealing clothing than she can, and also look good in shorts for most of the year.

I know it is probably hard having a mom who looks more like one of her friends. I have bought her many outfits so that she won't feel bad, but she always returns them.

I am sure she doesn't realize how unreasonable she is. I say - if you have it, you should show it off. What do you say?

Looks Fabulous

Dear Fabulous,

Well, usually I try not to say too much, but I sure hope you're wearing sunscreen.


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Edda Hatte is a loving and sympathetic advice columnist who helps Edhat subscribers navigate through their complicated and stressful lives. Send your questions to askedda@edhat.com.


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