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Never Been to India
updated: Jul 31, 2010, 9:45 AM

Dear Edda,

I am a customer service representative, originally from the Netherlands. My English is excellent - actually somewhat better than many of the customers who phone in. However, I am often treated rudely and asked in what country I "actually" am located, or if it is hot there in India. Sometimes I try to explain that I am sitting in an office in Goleta, or that I am not Indian, but Dutch, or that I am an American citizen, but usually I get the feeling that no one even hears my reply, or simply disregards my answer. I fear that I am developing a bad attitude. The other day, I corrected a customer's grammar.

Edda, do you ever feel as if people doubt your existence?


Never Even Been to India


Dear Never Even Been,

Yes, sometimes I do.


Confidential to Tongue-tired,

Cover your ears and make humming sounds.


# # # #

Edda Hatte is a loving and sympathetic advice columnist who helps Edhat subscribers navigate through their complicated and stressful lives. Send your questions to askedda@edhat.com.

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 COMMENT 94419 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-31 09:53 AM

Service workers are paid to serve. Perhaps this is not a good job match for you. Service workers are often asked to wear uniforms when they do their job because they are no longer individuals when they choose this occupation, but part of the business machinery to deal with the more colorful and individualistic customer.

Take some career planning tests to see what line of work fits your own personality better and re-train for the future. Even reading that old classic "What Color is My Parachute" can give you insights into occupation areas that will suit you better. But if you choose to deal with the public, you have to put on your visible or virtual public service uniform and keep smiling.


 COMMENT 94420 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-31 09:53 AM

Does Edda feel she sometimes does not exiat? American Girl, even a lot of people on here do not think she exists!!!!!


 COMMENT 94422 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-31 10:04 AM

I'm 70 and time was, service people were actually all here in SB.It was a surprise to me when first learning I was talking to someone across the country or in the mid-west. Now, when I ask where they are we often get into an interesting dialog about weather, cost of housing, etc. Don't be offended if folks ask where you are or about your accent, it's not meant to be unkind. Sounds like you have a self-image problem.


 COMMENT 94429 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-31 10:27 AM

If Edda didn't exist, who would tell me what to do??


 SHOREBIRD agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-31 12:29 PM

Please continue to correct your customer's grammar. It is the sure way to get them to treat you with the respect your deserve.


 SUSIE IN GOLETA agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-31 02:16 PM

Shorebird for the win!


 COMMENT 94497 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-31 02:37 PM

You dun good girl . Shew 'em. Them what don't know 'ow to talk good ain't got no rite speaking ter yer ....


 COMMENT 94534P agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-31 07:38 PM

I tried it, Edda. You know, plugging my ears, then humming. What a great buzz! Thanks. --Tongue-tired


 COMMENT 94546 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-31 09:19 PM

Think of this not as if you don't exist, but as something to have fun with.

"Why, yes, sir, it is hot here right now. Thank you, come again." [The latter being what Apu says on the Simpsons.]

If they really start to irritate you, you could start making references to the Kama Sutra.

I have a friend who decided to have fun with one of those Nigerian scammers. He told the guy he was interested, and led the scammer on for quite a long time. It was really funny.


 COMMENT 95162 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-08-03 09:34 AM

419eater dotcom

The site has hilarious case studies of professional British scam-baiters targeting Nigerian scammers.


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