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Boring Shower
updated: Jul 17, 2010, 10:00 AM

Dear Edda,

First let me say that I love your column and I think your advice is always spot on. I hope you can help me.

My younger sister is getting married, and her best friend, who was also chosen to be her maid of honor instead of me, is planning to throw a bridal shower. I have offered to help, as I have lots of experience planning very tasteful affairs, but she says she has it handled - whatever that means. She did suggest I bring an appetizer. As far as I can tell, she is planning a very casual afternoon get-together, without a caterer, and she is holding the shower at her home.

The trouble is, she is not a very good cook, and she lives in a very modest house. I think she would be much better off letting me handle the whole affair, as I live in a very large home, and know many caterers and wedding planners. Another option would be to hold the shower at a very nice restaurant. I fear that my sister's bridal shower will not be suitable, and that in the future, she will look back and regret this missed opportunity.

How can I save my little sister's bridal shower?




Dear Maven,

I think you should bring those mini-quiches from Trader Joe's - they're pretty good!


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Edda Hatte is a loving and sympathetic advice columnist who helps Edhat subscribers navigate through their complicated and stressful lives. Send your questions to askedda@edhat.com.


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