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Big Bad Winter
updated: Mar 11, 2017, 1:00 PM

By Fired Up Fred

Hello again. Yes I am back whether you like it or not. Well, Lauren from Edhat called me and asked if I would write something now and then and I just can't say no to that girl. So, here it goes…

Well, Big Bad Winter showed up this year. Everyone seemed so surprised. Geez, we have all the fancy equipment and educated meteorologist and scientists. Are you telling me no one knew?

There are things that are best done the old fashioned way that really work. You can use your computer technology but some things done with good old know how, experience and the book that farmers used for years to guide them. The Farmers Almanac. I was talking to one of my old buddies and when I say old I mean OLD. He was a farmer and rancher in the old days. We talked about the storm and back in the Fall he predicted a hard wet winter. I said, What does an old Coot like you know about weather?

He said, Look I was walking around the ranch and the acorns had fallen all over. I was afraid I was going to step on them fall and break a hip. So what do acorns have to do with weather. Any farmer worth their salt knows that means a bad winter. The acorns fall the squirrels gather them up. That's when we depend on good ole know how not some news weather guy. We used the Farmers Alamac and years of experience and knowledge handed down by generations. Well the old Coot was right. Now he never stops talking about being right. I told you it was comin, he said. That guys head is so big he won't find a hat to fit his BIG HEAD.

Well, that's about all us old guys talk about weather and bowel movements. Ha Ha, gosh I think I'm funny.


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