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Law Enforcement History
updated: Apr 06, 2016, 4:24 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

I was doing research for a book I plan to write on the history of law enforcement in Southern California. I have a question about the 1979-1981 period. Does anyone know who was the Santa Barbara County Sheriff and Ventura Police Chief during that time?

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2016-04-06 04:36 PM

John W. Carpenter was Sheriff of SB County from 1970 until 1990. I don't know about Ventura PD, sorry.


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2016-04-06 04:38 PM

you're not going to get very far if you can't figure out how to solve simple questions like these on your own - call the department (s) - no doubt they have his picture or a plaque still hanging with his name


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2016-04-06 04:39 PM

I remember when research involved going down to the library and spinning the microfiche. Today it involves checking with Google, Siri and social media. Sad.

Sorry I couldn't help... I lied, I'm not sorry! Bwahahaha...


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2016-04-06 05:22 PM

John Carpenter was SB county sheriff from 1970 until his retirement in 1989. I dunno about the Ventura sheriff, though.


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2016-04-06 05:23 PM

ADDENDUM: Sorry, I should have said Ventura police chief. Still don't know who it was, though.


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2016-04-06 05:25 PM

John Carpenter was Santa Barbara County Sheriff Throughout the 1970's and retired in 1989 when he was replaced by Jim Thomas. Thomas was Sheriff for at least 3 terms and was followed by Jim Anderson for one term and then followed by current Sheriff Brown


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2016-04-07 09:07 AM

Some of my best chuckles are reserved for the comments that get deleted. I'm left wondering why some of them get deleted because sometimes they are pretty funny and a very minor inconvenience. Nonetheless,.... I love when I see the deleted comments link so I can find out what has people so worked up.


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2016-04-07 09:17 AM

OP I'm sure you've found the History page on the Ventura PD page, but it stops at Chief David Geary. Geary resigned in 1971 amid corruption, and was replaced by Chief Richard Owen Baugh. I found a news article mentioning Chief Baugh in 1977, but nothing after that unfortunately. Hopefully you can find some leads with this info.


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2016-04-07 11:06 AM

Call the police!!!


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2016-04-08 06:51 AM

I moved to Ventura in 1989 or so and sold a corvette to the chief. For some reason Rich Thomas comes to my mind. Pretty sure that's it.


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