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Georgie's In Chualar
updated: Dec 07, 2013, 11:00 AM

By Lauren Bray

24377 Grant Street
Chualar, California
(831) 679-2920
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This past holiday I spent a week with family in my hometown of Salinas, California. If you're unfamiliar, Salinas is the lettuce capital of the world and birthplace of famed writer John Steinbeck. Ya know, the whole Of Mice and Men thing. As far as dining, Salinas doesn't provide quantity dinner options like Santa Barbara, so we're always in search of something new. This year we ventured to the small town of Chualar (just 10 minutes outside Salinas off Hwy 101) to check out a local watering hole, Georgie's.

Self described as "western chic" Georgie's is an old-fashioned cowboy bar and grill. The wooden saloon doors, river rock walls, wrap around bar, and boards showcasing cattle brands from local ranchers, tie together the country vibe. It's a true family owned joint since 1962 with a father and son team at the helm. Son Drew Eliopoulous described Georgie's as, "a quality bar and grill with conscious cuisine. We have local bread, produce, humane and natural protein, local wines and local beer on the way." And where did the name come from? None other than the family's patriarch, George Eliopoulous.

Jim, Melissa, and Drew Eliopoulous

Our server brought out a complimentary taste of their homemade Chualar Mayonnaise. It's a different take on salsa that tastes a bit sweeter with celery, tomatoes and other secret ingredients I was not privy to learn. Our wine was a Puma Road Pinot Noir made by Ray Franscioni Wines. (Side note: their vineyard is only 10 miles away from the restaurant).

Minestrone Soup

Cheeseburger and home fries

Chef Jim Eliopoulous is a grill master who cooked this burger to perfection. The fresh-baked bread is straight from Alma's Bakery down the street and the veggie toppers are from local farmers.

If you find yourself cruising up the 101 between the lettuce fields and vineyards, take a pit-stop at Georgie's for a burger or tri-tip sandwich. Polish it off with the homemade chocolate cowboy cake, you won't be disappointed.

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Lauren is a member of the Dedicated Staff who is in search of new food joints off the 101.


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