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Doctor Arrested for DUI
updated: Jun 11, 2013, 1:24 PM

Source: Ventura County Sheriff's Department

Community: Thousand Oaks Doctor Arrested by Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit

Nature of Incident: Thousand Oaks Doctor Arrested Twice in Past Three Months

Report Number: 13-5170 and 13-12399

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Date & Time: March 8, 2013 and June 5, 2013

Unit Responsible: Thousand Oaks Patrol and Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit

(S)uspects, (V)ictims, (P)arty, (D)ecedentCity of Residence Age (S) Daryl Westerback Thousand Oaks 55

Narrative: On March 8, 2013, Dr. Daryl Westerback was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and felony child endangerment when he was involved in a traffic collision in the City of Thousand Oaks.

On June 5, 2013, Dr. Westerback was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs after he was seen by a narcotics detective exhibiting a driving pattern consistent with impaired driving. Dr. Westerback was interviewed by members of the Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit and the investigation revealed he had been treating patients while impaired due to prescription drug use. The investigation also revealed evidence of potential improper prescribing practices. At least one death related to his practice is being investigated.

The California Medical Board and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration are assisting in the investigation.

The Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit is a newly formed task force which is comprised of members of law enforcement from the Ventura County Sheriff's Office, Simi Valley Police Department, and Ventura County District Attorney's Office. The unit's responsibilities include investigating crimes relating to prescription drug misuse, abuse, and sales. A primary mission of the unit is investigating doctors and pharmacists who have abandoned their duties related to their profession and have become engaged in criminal activity. The unit spawned out of the realization that prescription drug abuse leads to heroin abuse, which unfortunately, all too often, leads to death. Rogue doctors and pharmacists are frequently the source of supply for prescription drug abusers.

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