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Harbor Line
updated: Jun 09, 2013, 12:08 PM

In this is the Harbor Views newsletter for your enjoyment. I think that it is wonderful that they are now including their newsletter in the Breeze as a way to get it out to the community, it says a lot about the importance of our readership and I thank them.

The City Council has approved a proposal to buy an open-air trolley and provide $30,000 towards its purchase. It will run from downtown Ventura to the harbor.

Council members unanimously approved the request from the business improvement district Downtown Ventura Partners who will pay the remaining $30,000 for the secondhand Santa Barbara trolley. Under the agreement, the trolley will be maintained, operated and insured by the district and other private entities.

The free service will run from 11am to 11pm from Wednesday to Sunday. The route will start at the Amtrak station head through downtown, travel south to the Rhumb Line restaurant and end at the Ventura Harbor Village.

The council did ask Ventura Downtown Partners to redraw some the trolley's proposed route.

We have had a trolley in the past that didn't make it but it cost money to use so hopefully this one will succeed. It would certainly help the businesses in the harbor that really need many more customers and it is a wonderful place to shop and dine. A few major stores would also help.

I do have some concerns about the stops but I'm that they will be analyzed once it is up and runnig.

If you think that the Breeze screws up sometimes consider this from the first page of a recent issue of the LA Times

"Index headlines

Goes here on two

Xxxxx xxxx xxxx

Xxxx xxx xxxxxxx

Xxxx xxxx xxxx

Xxx xxx. XX"

The first public meeting has been held to start the discussions and community input into the design of what will be the new park that is now being called Kellogg Park (the name will be one of the issues on the agenda). The Kellogg Park Working Group goals are to provide a forum for neighborhood input into the development of the park and to keep the development and completion of the park as a city priority.

One of their first actions will be to find a way for the park to have some use until the necessary funds are available to proceed with its completion. The group will meet on the last Wednesday of each month.

For more information, and to be involved please contact Elena Brokaw, Director of the Department of Parks, Recreation & Community Partnerships at 658-4731 or ebrokaw@cityofventura.net.

Even though Robert and Linda Freeny's proposed senior housing project had gained approval from the city's Planning Commission and Design Review Committee neighbors appealed their decision to the city council claiming that it was still too large for their neighborhood. The council agreed, in a 5-2 vote, to uphold the appeal and deny approval of the project rejecting the housing project "without prejudice", which means that the Freeny's could basically start all over and again submit a new design. This is even though their project had been approved by all of the other required city agencies and they believed that they had been approved to proceed with the required plans and permits.

The Freeny's sued the city because they believed that they had been mislead in obtaining approvals for the proposed senior unit project.

The Freeny's have lost what I'm sure is their last law suit against the City when the state 2nd District Court of Appeal (located here in Ventura) upheld a lower court ruling that dismissed the suit against Ventura. They had sued for about $2 million in compensation .The Freeny's first sued the city in 2011.

In a previous article regarding this I stated "Even though the city council was within their legal rights I strongly think that our system of approvals must change. The Freeny's (and many others before them) spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and many-many years going through the process of developing their land to finally have their projects rejected on appeal."

"We must have a system where they know exactly what the city council will approve (or not) before going through this sometimes horrible procedure (a few city council members agree with me).

I still feel this way, maybe more so now.

The only part of the law suit that I disagreed with is that were also suing for elder abuse because they are over 70. The council action was certainly not based upon their ages.

I saw an ad for bottled water that claimed that their water was by nature. As far as I know all water comes from nature unless some company is manufacturing it by combining chemical elements. If they can do that how about manufacturing gasoline?

I saw a new gay chess set that has 2 kings.

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