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Ventura City Crime Statistics
updated: Feb 05, 2013, 12:17 PM

Source: Ventura Police Department


For the year 2012 the Part I Per Capita Crime Index for the City of Ventura increased from 34.1 crimes per one-thousand residents in 2011 to 39.3 crimes per one-thousand residents in 2012. Comparatively, 2012 data for the City of Oxnard reported 23.5, Thousand Oaks 15.7, and Simi Valley 16.5 crimes per one-thousand residents. The increase in crime parallels the substantial reductions in resources utilized by the criminal justice system both at the local and State levels, including the State Prison realignment Program.

Part I Property Crimes:

Reported Part 1 Property Crime in 2012 for the City of Ventura increased by 574 additional crimes, or 17%, when compared to 2011. Most notable was a 45% increase in Auto Thefts from 195 incidents reported in 2011 compared to 282 in 2012. Residential Burglaries rose 21% with nearly 500 incidents occurring in 2012. Non-Residential Burglaries increased by 14% totaling 284 compared to 249 in 2011. There were 2,825 Larceny/Thefts reported, including thefts from locked and unlocked vehicles. This represents an increase of 14% more than in 2011. Lastly, a total of 14 Arsons were reported in 2012, compared to the 5 reported Arsons in 2011.

Part I Violent Crimes: As for Part 1 Violent Crime; there was a 5% decrease in 2012. This was led by the reduction of 35 Felony Assaults, or 15% less than the 170 crimes reported in 2011. Although the 5% decrease in Violent Crime is an improvement from 2011 in which Ventura experienced a 24% increase, violent crime over the last two years has increased by 19%. Reported Rapes increased from 20 in 2011 to 24 in 2012, and Robbery increased by 4% with 140 reported crimes in 2012. Homicides remained unchanged with 1 crime reported in 2011 and 2012.

Post Release Offender Supervision (PROS) Program: Since the enactment of the State Prison Realignment Program in October 2011 there have been approximately 102 individuals released early from the California Department of Corrections that reside, or are transient within, the City of Ventura. The individuals are supervised by the Ventura County Probation Agency, and in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, including a VPD Officer assigned to the supervision of the Post Release Offender Supervision (PROS) Program.

To date, there have been 152 arrests from the Ventura area that are supervised through the PROS Program. Approximately 48 of these arrests were new offenses and the remainder was related to probation term violations. Approximately half of the PROS residing in Ventura area have been arrested at least once since being released.

As mentioned above, the greatest increase in crime resulted from Property Crimes. Many of these crimes are often "crimes of opportunity" and occur due to windows and/or doors being left open or unlocked (both in residences and vehicles) and items of value left within vehicles. Of course nobody is immune to crime but there are many simple and common sense steps community members can take in order to greatly reduce their chances of becoming a victim.

• First and foremost we urge everyone to be vigilant and to immediately report any and all suspicious activity to us at 805.650.8010 (24 hour non-emergency number) or 911 in the event of an emergency.

• Stay Informed about crime in our community. Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors and get involved in a Neighborhood Watch program. In an effort to facilitate a virtual Neighborhood Watch program and help foster neighbor-to-neighbor communications, our department has partnered with Nextdoor.com, a private social network for neighborhoods. Information on Nextdoor.com is available at www.venturapd.org

• Connect and keep up with our department as we provide and post information on crime alerts, press releases, crime maps, and other valuable crime and safety information. Join the nearly 7,000 people following us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/venturapd, or visit our website at: www.venturapd.org.

• Always lock and close your doors and windows (whether your vehicle or residence). Yes, even when you're home we encourage individuals to keep their doors, windows, and garages locked and closed.

• Remove items of value from your vehicle.

• If you must keep an item of value in your car at least make an effort to hide it from plain view or place it in your trunk (make sure nobody watches you do this of course).

• Please report suspicious subjects knocking at your front door and all solicitors that appear to be suspicious or unlicensed. (Please note: Door-to-door sales people in the City of Ventura must have a business license issued by the City and to have registered in person with our department. The following link provides information on door-to-door permits, licenses, and the process. http://www.cityofventura.net/businesslicense#door)

• Do not leave your garage door open or unlocked if you are not in the immediate area.

• Set your vehicle and/or residential alarm if you have one.

• Always take your car keys with you. For example, do not leave the keys in the ignition or your vehicle running, not even for a "minute". Vehicles are commonly stolen at convenience stores, gas stations, ATMs, etc.

• Install quality locks on doors and windows.

• Lighting is one of the best deterrents to burglary and theft - indoor and outdoor lighting is important.

Working together we can make a difference in our community.

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