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Teen Voice - 01/27/2013

Holistic Medicine
updated: Jan 26, 2013, 3:00 PM

By Kelsey Abkin

"The greatest wealth is health" -Virgil

This morning I walked into the kitchen to see the usual pile of brightly colored, assorted pills on the counter. Behind them were about 10 bottles of vitamin C, "Quercetin", fish oil, etc. And next to them a cup filled with water. They were for me, all 10 to be taken at breakfast and 10 more at dinner.

See, my mom is one of those people who believes in "holistic" medicine and, for the most part, I am too. It makes perfect sense why health seems to be everyone's primary concern; without it we have nothing. But what continues to surprise me is the length at which people go to be "healthy", overdoing it with antibiotics, pain meds, and whatever else gets rid of the symptoms. I never thought this to mean much until the other day when I went into the doctor only to discover that the strain of bacteria I had was now resistant to the antibiotic prescribed.

Now that's enough to make one stop and wonder what we are doing to our bodies. It's hard to imagine that we understand how they work as well as we think. Article after article, medical breakthrough after breakthrough, although fascinating, still does not fully acknowledge the complexity of humans. I mean how are we supposed to apprehend the interactions of 100 trillion cells?

However, the scariest part of this all is that the solution of a "natural" approach toward healing is not always an option. You cannot ask some in writhing pain to take some herbs or allow an infection to escalate out of control. The way I see it, ahead is a constant struggle between holistic vs. western medicine. While right now, western is taking a whopping lead, soon this could not be the case. People are beginning to see that we shouldn't wait for symptoms to appear then brush those away, but instead should address the underlying problem.


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