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The Gifts of Christmas
updated: Dec 25, 2012, 9:00 AM

By Bud Stuart

2012 has run its course and now is almost gone.
The good and bad it brought to us has faded like some song.
But here in California things are fine.
Welcoming the season that we hope brings peace of mind.
For once upon a Christmas long ago.
In a far off land that rarely saw much snow,
Three kings there came, arriving from the east.
A babe to find, in a stable with the beasts.
To this babe they carried gifts so fine.
But not all gifts for which today we pine.
Their gifts were frankincense and myrrh and gold.
Things which held great value in those days of old.
Now ‘tho it's true for gold we find great use,
In these modern days of credit card abuse.
Our world has taken on a different spin.
Sometimes it's even hard to tell what time zone we are in.
For now we deal with chips and bytes and such.
The lasers and computers, oft-times seem a wee bit much.
Our instant mass communication ways,
Can easily, in all of us, create a mental daze.
And while we throw an image ‘round the world to any part,
We've yet to solve the mystery supreme, the human heart.
So if some power would today anoint me King,
So I could give my loved ones anything;
The words of that first Christmas would spring into my mind.
What I'd give to all of you is what I'd like to find.
Peace, Joy, the Love of God, from whom all blessings flow.
Such gifts, the first, real, best, I pray you all may know.



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