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Minor Decoy Operation
updated: Dec 13, 2012, 3:10 PM

Source: Ventura Police Department

Incident: Minor Decoy Operation

Location: City of Ventura

Date/Time Occurred: December 11, 2012

Officer(s) Involved: Ofc. Bernadette Compean, Alcohol Beverage Control Agents

Victim(s):State of California

Suspect(s): Arturo Aragon-Gonzalez, age 24, Ventura resident; Roberto Robles, age 32, Ventura resident; Timothy Jones, age 42, Ventura resident.


The Ventura Police Department along with Alcohol Beverage Control conducted a Minor Decoy Operation at various alcohol establishments throughout the City Of Ventura. The Minor Decoy Program is an enforcement program that ABC and local law enforcement agencies use to detect and deter the sales of alcohol to minors. During the program, a minor decoy, under the direct supervision of law enforcement officers, attempts to purchase alcohol at retail locations.

During the operation, the decoy attempted to purchase alcohol at 10 different locations. Of those 10 locations three businesses sold alcohol to the 19 year old minor decoy. The businesses were:

Harbor Valero Gas, located at 2121 E. Harbor Blvd. The clerk, Arturo Aragon-Gonzalez, age 24, was cited and released for 25658(a) Business and Professions code - Sales of Alcohol to a minor.

Cheveron Gas, located at 7700 Telegraph Rd. The clerk, Roberto Robles, age 32 was cited and released for 25658(a) Business and Professions code - Sales of Alcohol to a minor.

Village Wine & Spirits, located at 1449 S. Victoria Ave. The clerk, Timothy Jones, age 42 was cited and released for 25658(a) Business and Professions code - Sales of Alcohol to a minor.

The following businesses DID NOT sell to the minor decoy:

Sari Sari Market: 425 N. Ventura Ave., Ventura CA 93001

Ventura 76 Gas: 11008 Citrus Dr., Ventura CA 93004

J N Liquor: 9340 Telephone Rd., Ventura CA 93004

Albertson's: 7800 E. Telegraph Rd., Ventura CA 93004

CVS: 7850 E. Telegraph Rd., Ventura CA 93004

College Shell Gas: 4111 E. Telegraph Rd., Ventura CA 93003

Mandell's Liquor: 3915 W. Telegraph Rd., Ventura CA 93003

Officer Bernadette Compean is our Department's Alcohol Enforcement Officer and supervised the operation. She is also in charge of the Responsible Retailer Program, which is a program to improve public health and safety in our community by increasing the awareness of the dangers that result from improper sales and service of alcoholic beverages, particularly to minors and those who may already be intoxicated. The Ventura Police Department, in conjunction with other county agencies and organizations, provides alcohol beverage establishments with responsible beverage sales and service training. Officer Compean oversees all Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) licenses and alcohol sales permits within the City of Ventura.


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