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Assault With a Deadly Weapon
updated: Dec 02, 2012, 10:04 AM

By Oxnard PD

INCIDENT: Assault With a Deadly Weapon (Stabbing)-Suspect Arrested

DATE/TIME: 11-30-12 / 1807

LOCATION: 900 Block of South Ventura Rd

VICTIM(S): Roberto Alejo (53) Oxnard Resident

SUSPECT(S): Miguel Angel Silva (20) Oxnard Resident

PREPARED BY: Officer John McBride, Patrol, (805) 385-7600 john.mcbride@oxnardpd.org


On 12-1-12, at approximately 1504 hours, Oxnard patrol officers located wanted subject Miguel Silva, at the intersection of Ventura Road and 9th Street. Silva was arrested for 245 PC-Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Silva had stabbed Roberto Alejo last date in the 900 Block of South Ventura Road.


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