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Los Padres Forest Road Closures
updated: Nov 29, 2012, 3:47 PM

Source: Las Padres National Forest

Los Padres National Forest officials today announced temporary road closures on the Santa Lucia Ranger District due to inclement weather and the potential for additional heavy rainfall, swollen and fast- moving creeks and streams, and significant debris on roads.

Until the current storm systems pass through and crews are able to safety assess the extent of the damage, the following roads and trails will be closed, at least until December 7:

La Brea Canyon Road
Miranda Pines Road (11N03)
Bates Canyon Road
Sierra Madre Road
Miranda Pines Campground
Brookshire Campground Road
Colson Canyon RoadZaca Ridge Road
Figueroa Mountain Lookout Road
Catway OHV Trail
Rockfront Ranch OHV Area
Pozo/La Panza OHV Area
East Pinery Road
Branch Creek Road
Hi Mountain Road
Huasna Road
American Canyon Road
West Cuesta Road
Friis Road
McGinnis Creek/Navajo Road
Red Hill Road
Queen Bee Road
Pozo Road

"We try to provide both road access to the public and protect the resources," said Santa Lucia District Ranger Kathleen Phelps. "Driving on muddy roads causes ruts that lead to erosion. We close roads before predicted rains to protect them from rutting, and re-open roads once they dry and are safe to travel. I would strongly encourage the public to refrain from driving on the dirt roads when they are wet."

Members of the public are reminded that they should always call ahead to the district office for the latest conditions and consult the National Weather Service for current weather forecasts.

For more information, call the Santa Lucia District Office at (805) 925-9538.


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