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A Woodwind Affair
Tuesday March 21, 2017
07:30 PM

A sumptuous feast for discerning woodwind aficionados, this program combines three modernist delicacies – Poulenc’s charming, dance-based Suite française (d’après Claude Gervaise), Stravinsky’s Russian-folk-infused Symphonies of Wind Instruments (dedicated to the memory of Claude Debussy), and Kurt Weill’s famed “Kleine Dreigroschenmusik” Suite from The Threepenny Opera – with an agreeably congruous work by contemporary composer Jeff Scott.

A French horn player of great accomplishment, Mr. Scott is perhaps best known as a founding member of the adventurous, Grammy-nominated quintet Imani Winds, whose dynamic performances The Washington Post has described as “exuding a sultry sophistication.” His numerous arranging and composing credits include theatrical production scores as well as original works for solo winds, wind and brass quintet, horn quartet, and jazz ensembles.


Poulenc Suite française (d’après Claude Gevaise)

Scott Sacred Women

Stravinsky Symphonies of Wind Instruments, 1947 Revision

Weill Kleine Dreigroschenmusik, Suite from The Threepenny Opera

More Info: /www.lobero.com/events/sbco-march-21/

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