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[Update]: The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the identity of the Solvang shooter as the Amber Alert suspect. The 15- year-old kidnapped victim has not been found. (05/28/16) 22982 142
KEYT: More than 50,000 grocery workers in Southern California are asking consumers to boycott Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons. (07/27/16) 4603 84
Bernie Sanders packed the West Lawn of Santa Barbara City College to capacity on Saturday. (05/30/16) 4624 69
Rep. Capps joins her colleagues and gives remarks during the Gun Violence Sit-in on the House Floor Wednesday. [pic] (06/23/16) 3194 65
Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will be hosting rallies along the Central Coast this week. (05/26/16) 5395 62
Obamacare has insured one out of 10 Santa Barbara County residents and rescued a dozen struggling clinics. Now what? (02/10/17) 2952 61
Edhat subscribers share rain reports as a big storm moves through the tri-county area. (10/31/16) 5830 55
[Update]: A Ventura resident led a high speed pursuit on Highway 101 through both Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties ending in a fiery crash. (09/14/16) 7011 54
[Update]: A woman was arrested Sunday for DUI after she caused a multi-vehicle, injury traffic collision by driving the wrong way on the 101. (08/23/16) 9281 53
An edhat subscriber discusses the harmful effects of burning wood. (11/16/16) 4864 52
Over 300 people gathered in the Sunken Gardens of the Santa Barbara Courthouse to support Planned Parenthood during a planned rally on Tuesday. (02/24/17) 2248 49
An edhatter alerts community members to a large group bike ride on Sunday through Thousand Oaks to Santa Barbara. (04/24/16) 2855 46
A UC Santa Barbara scholar says Britain's vote to leave the European Union will have serious economic, political consequences. (06/26/16) 2983 45
[Update]: A Nipomo motorcyclist was killed on Highway 101 northbound at Santa Monica in Carpinteria on Wednesday morning. (09/29/16) 8462 42
I recently discovered handicap placards allow cars to park for up to 72 hours on any street parking. Why is this? (04/02/16) 4878 42
A subscriber warns not to let people outside the district elect our next representative. (05/18/16) 2821 42
A subscriber wonders what's the standard local price to snake a drain by a local plumber? (09/11/16) 2608 42
A subscriber reminds motorists of a large bike ride scheduled from Ventura to Santa Barbara on Saturday. (08/20/16) 2449 42
Did anyone feel a very small earthquake around 2:40 p.m.? (06/16/16) 4516 41
With local, county, state and Federal elections looming, Chuck is curious what should be done with regard to our local oil industry? (05/03/16) 2345 41
After filing for bankruptcy earlier this year, Sports Authority will be closing the remainder of its stores, including those on the Central Coast. (05/21/16) 3935 40
Do edhatters have tips to deter rats from my home? (10/05/16) 3319 40
Hugh captured a stunning [pic] of an Osprey catching dinner at Goleta Beach. (08/27/16) 3688 39
A zebra was found dead on the beach near San Simeon this week. (01/17/17) 4896 38
Governor Brown has signed a bill authored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, to include teaching of healthy relationship skills in schools. (09/27/16) 2185 38
The U.S. Forest Service has ended parking fees for hikers in Southern California forest areas after a recent lawsuit. (07/06/16) 4963 37
A bill by Senator Jackson to limit drone use over critical infrastructure, private property, and state parks passed out of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee. (04/06/16) 2403 35
An edhatter wonders what to do about an old oak tree that has died back. (11/01/16) 2296 35
[Update]: The FBI has issued a $50,000 reward for information relating to a suspected serial killer who has committed as many as 175 crimes across California.  (06/16/16) 9507 33
Cartoons: Genevieve shares funny cartoons about Range Rover's in Santa Barbara. (01/29/17) 2662 33
For Latino businesses, every day is a day without immigrants (03/18/17) 2572 33
Aquaholic shares a beautiful [pic] of a blackbird among mustard. (04/12/16) 3114 32
[Update:] An edhat subscriber captured [pics] of a squirrel family celebrating Mother's Day on San Marcos Road. (05/10/16) 5320 31
TRAVEL: Max shares these incredible photos he took of a solar farm near Las Vegas. (10/07/16) 3173 31
Is it legal for a landlord to threaten raising rent costs due to a tenant's water usage? (08/20/16) 4544 30
[UPDATE]: Two-year-old Jacob Vargas has been found safe and the Amber Alert has been cancelled. (04/15/16) 4385 30
There has been a warning to Southern California drivers about a growing car theft trend that targets keyless car entry remotes. (07/12/16) 4110 30
I received an odd message from Cox Communications about my computer being infected with malware. Is this a legitimate message? (09/21/16) 4003 30
The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for Thursday evening through Friday morning. [pics] (10/27/16) 3989 30
Can an edhatter help identify these spiders? (08/27/16) 3257 30
Are most people still using water softeners in this drought or going without? (09/28/16) 2976 30
An edhat reader has been finding a bunch of little bugs in their house. Anyone know what they are? [pics] (06/21/16) 4879 29
Figueroa Mountain is close for John Wiley and this time he saw a "rock concert" and Zaca, plus a sign of peace. [pics] (04/05/16) 3454 29
My cilantro plants have completely disappeared, do edhatters know what's eating it? (08/06/16) 3201 29
What are the hand signals used on a bicycle when turning, stopping, etc.? (09/20/16) 2538 29
A multimillion dollar agreement has been reached to ease the impacts of the Diablo Canyon closure(11/30/16) 1729 29
Can edhatters help me identify this fruit tree? (06/27/16) 3340 28
California Highway Patrol is warning football fans to drink responsibly and designate a sober driver on Super Bowl Sunday. (02/02/17) 1397 28
Dolly Parton stopped by the Santa Barbara Bowl this weekend and Patti caught her performance. [pics] (09/27/16) 4430 27
A subscriber noticed a lot of baby lizards are running around. [pic] (08/27/16) 3050 27
Cartoons: Genevieve shares a funny cartoon about the newest arrivals to the Funk. (02/12/17) 2090 27
Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson will be sworn in for her second four-year term in the California State Senate. (12/06/16) 1172 27
Does anyone have suggestions for dentists within the tri-counties who do implants? (08/09/16) 2952 26
Can anyone confirm this Morel mushroom identification? (03/11/17) 1881 26
Congresswoman Lois Capps reflected on her time in office and thanked her constituents on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. (12/08/16) 1762 26
Starting January 1st, 898 bills signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will go into effect creating new laws for Californians. (01/01/17) 6133 25
A subscriber has a question on why local land has not been pushed for National Park Status. (04/30/16) 2963 25
The market price for Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has fallen to $67 million, a 33 percent price drop from its original price listing. (03/05/17) 2258 25
An edhat subscriber wants to know what your plans are for Super Bowl Sunday (02/06/17) 1579 25
Santa Barbara Police are looking for two suspects involved in numerous check fraud cases from Goleta to Oxnard. [pics] (03/17/17) 3481 24
Jeff captures [pics] of a Coopers Hawk taking a quick dip in a bird bath. (09/07/16) 3295 24
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies arrested six suspected gang members at Rocky Nook Park after discovering a loaded gun and cocaine. [pic] (06/17/16) 5480 23
Is there a standard charge for writing a prescription? (04/24/16) 3439 23
Do edhatters know why the air smells like exhaust early in the morning but not later in the day? (09/28/16) 2390 23
It was cold this morning! What temperatures did you see when waking up? (01/26/17) 2193 23
Did other edhatters witness a curious moving light early Tuesday morning? (02/15/17) 1895 23
Subscribers share [vid] and pictures of snakes in their backyards. (05/25/16) 4763 22
Anyone know what this is in my pond and where it came from? (07/13/16) 4580 22
An edhat subscriber found a very large spider in their backyard. Can anyone help identify it? (10/25/16) 4120 22
An edhat subscriber put a new seed basket under a feeder and discovered a new "bird." [pics] (09/06/16) 3364 22
A subscriber's unripened green tomatoes were stolen by a thief in the night, possibly a rascally raccoon. Any suggestions on how to prevent this thievery? (06/28/16) 2890 22
Local groups intend to sue the government over its decision to approve the practices of fracking and acidizing from 23 offshore oil platforms. (08/11/16) 2309 22
Brooks Institute will close for good administrators announced Friday morning. (08/13/16) 9206 21
[Update]: A Ventura County firefighter was killed in a traffic accident in Lompoc after their water tender vehicle rolled over while responding to the Canyon Fire at the Vandenberg Air Force Base (09/22/16) 6080 21
This big bug showed up in our yard. Who can tell us what it is? (08/10/16) 4411 21
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about labeling food in the office. (04/10/16) 4289 21
Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo have been listed among the top 20 least affordable places to live in the US. (12/25/16) 4211 21
An edhatter warns of a new phone scam where you're told there is a warrant out for your arrest. (04/26/16) 2752 21
An appeals court reinstated a lawsuit to protect abalone and other shellfish resources from being ravaged by sea otters in the waters off the Southern California coast. (07/18/16) 2229 21
Ventura-based clothing retailer, Patagonia, pledges to donate 100% of their Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental groups. (11/23/16) 2079 21
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, send in your Irish jokes. (clean ones please) (03/18/17) 1441 21
An edhat subscriber is look for help in identifying this creepy crawling spider. (04/17/16) 3653 20
Fired Up!: Fred is back with some thoughts on this year's winter weather. (03/12/17) 927 20
[Update]: The Sheriff's Office is asking for public assistance in locating a suspect who cut off an electronic monitoring device and fled from Deputies in the Turnpike area Thursday evening. (04/16/16) 5357 19
[Update]: Approximately 700 barrels of crude oil spilled in Ventura near Grove Lane Thursday morning. (06/24/16) 4393 19
Public assistance is requested to identify two female suspects in connection with stealing an elder's wallet. [pics] (01/26/17) 4109 19
Yellow-orange fungus has been popping up in edhat subscriber Charles's yard and he wonders what it is. [pics] (04/04/16) 3773 19
Are there programs that law enforcement uses in wine tasting and bar areas to determine how many patrons are driving away under the influence? (07/06/16) 3071 19
The Coast Guard rescued a man after his vessel ran aground north west of Santa Cruz Island, Monday. (05/04/16) 2513 19
An edhat subscriber found a skull bone in Gaviota and needs help identifying it. (01/29/17) 2226 19
Does anyone know where I can buy screen blocks? (01/08/17) 2123 19
Lauren: Feminist icon Gloria Steinem spoke to a sold out crowd at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara Thursday evening. (03/05/17) 2051 19
The California Transportation Commission is looking for volunteers to examine new ways to fund state-wide transportation infrastructure. [pic] (05/04/16) 1776 19
Astronomy: The moon had a date with Jupiter early Thursday morning. (01/20/17) 1447 19
Can edhatters identify this burrowing critter? Mole, gopher, rat? (08/06/16) 3328 18
I spotted what looked like a fallen bees/hornets nest but upon closer inspection it turned to out be neither. Any ideas? (11/08/16) 3023 18
Subscriber Chuck Cagara caught this pair of mating Orioles at his feeders. [pics] (06/27/16) 2701 18
The Animal Rescue Team shares [pics] of recent rescues to celebrate Mother's Day. (05/09/16) 3221 17
For people who have fruit trees, do you have any solutions to offer people with trees full of fruit? (06/22/16) 3109 17
Can edhatters identify this red bug? (09/16/16) 3042 17
SpaceX Falcon 9 launches from Vandenberg AFB at 9:54 a.m. Saturday. [pic] (01/15/17) 3027 17
Researchers have made an unusual discovery in the Santa Barbara Channel. (08/14/16) 3896 16
What are these weird bugs secreting liquid on my tree? (05/04/16) 3858 16
Max snapped these awesome [pics] of a Piaggio Avanti aircraft at the airport. (10/18/16) 3141 16
POWDRELL: David shares photos of hummingbirds and the artful skills needed to capture these fast creatures.  (07/10/16) 3083 16
An edhat subscriber took [pics] of Rattlesnake Canyon wildlife Tuesday morning. (06/22/16) 3012 16
Is there a place in town where someone can play with puppies or dogs? (08/27/16) 2792 16
It's been raining and edhat wants to hear your rain reports! Share them with edhatters. (04/10/16) 2347 16
Santa Barbara and Goleta Cottage Hospitals have received five star ratings, according to a new federal ratings system. (09/03/16) 1798 16
Rite aid pays $834,200 in civil penalties to settle claims of improper dispensing of controlled substances.  (03/10/17) 1601 16

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