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Santa Barbara Police are looking for two suspects involved in numerous check fraud cases from Goleta to Oxnard. [pics] (03/17/17) 3481 24
For Latino businesses, every day is a day without immigrants (03/18/17) 2572 33
The market price for Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has fallen to $67 million, a 33 percent price drop from its original price listing. (03/05/17) 2258 25
Over 300 people gathered in the Sunken Gardens of the Santa Barbara Courthouse to support Planned Parenthood during a planned rally on Tuesday. (02/24/17) 2248 49
Lauren: Feminist icon Gloria Steinem spoke to a sold out crowd at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara Thursday evening. (03/05/17) 2051 19
A reader is curious if edhatters can properly identify this green, leafy plant. (02/24/17) 2015 14
Can anyone confirm this Morel mushroom identification? (03/11/17) 1881 26
The 1928 Ford Tri-Motor, the Tin Goose, is available for tours to experience what air travel was like 90 years ago. (02/26/17) 1832 1
TRAVEL: These wildflowers in bloom at Borrego yesterday were lovely, John Wiley wonders - do they look "wild" to you? (03/17/17) 1684 15
Rite aid pays $834,200 in civil penalties to settle claims of improper dispensing of controlled substances.  (03/10/17) 1601 16
Is this leapin' lupine and poppin' poppies on Highway 101 hillside near Ventura in John Wiley's Monday [pics]? (03/22/17) 1497 3
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, send in your Irish jokes. (clean ones please) (03/18/17) 1441 21
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Milo, a big goofy guy that has a lot of love to give! (03/05/17) 1371 2
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Petunia, the sweetest, most gentle girl around! (02/26/17) 1243 add
Betsy is curious about the different designs of spider webs. [pics] (03/16/17) 1210 10
Does anyone know what happened yesterday around the 101 exit at Sheffield and Jameson Road? (03/17/17) 1189 1
CAT OF THE WEEK: Vana White, a sweet lady who loves time with people. (03/05/17) 1151 2
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Fuzzy, an active gal looking for an active household! (03/12/17) 1151 2
Trader Joe's has recalled several versions of their Unsweetened Applesauce due to glass being found in the product. (03/01/17) 1133 4
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Loki, a super affectionate and outgoing fellow with an amazing personality to match! (02/26/17) 1057 1
County health officers will participate in a telephone news briefing to share findings from the second statewide survey of tobacco retail stores. (03/09/17) 1055 7
Sandra R. Brown was named the acting United States Attorney for the Central District of California, which includes Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties. (03/15/17) 1019 5
SBCAG Board votes to adopt construction phasing strategy for 101 HOV widening. [pic] (03/17/17) 1009 13
Fired Up!: Fred is back with some thoughts on this year's winter weather. (03/12/17) 927 20
Robert shares pictures from Ojai's annual Mardi Gras celebration, "Through the Crystal Ball: Past, Present, and Beyond" (03/15/17) 927 3
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Raven, a quiet lady who loves to be brushed! (03/12/17) 846 3
TRAVEL: Bonnie shares her experience pouring a perfect pint at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin during her past travels writers trip. (03/17/17) 829 5
EDBIT: ED would like to remind you to set your clocks forward one hour for Daylight Saving Time. (03/12/17) 751 8
Camarillo Police Department released the results of its DUI and Driver's License Checkpoint that was conducted on March 4 at Pleasant Valley Road and Village Park Drive. (03/08/17) 600 add
Steel reinforcement, vegetation clearing, and removal of the guardrail in the latest update of the Linden and Casitas Pass Project.  (03/10/17) 596 add
For this week's update on the Linden and Casitas Pass Project: on-ramp closure at Linden Avenue, new cable lines, Casitas Pass on-ramp closures, and vegetation clearning.  (03/18/17) 422 add
Shooting suspect Ryan Argabright has been arrested after shooting his girlfriend in their apartment on Citrus Drive.  (03/18/17) 373 add
Benioff Ocean Initiative at UC Santa Barbara announces first project, commits $1.5 million to finding solutions to whale deaths caused by vessel collisions. (03/24/17) 360 add
A fatal heroin overdose has led to the arrest of two individuals distributing drugs. [mug] (03/08/17) 307 add
Investigation into suspected meth sales led to the arresting of three suspects for narcotics sales, possession, and identity theft.  (03/10/17) 254 add
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Wolf, a cute kitty who loves to be pet!
updated 9:00 am
230 1
Oxnard Police arrested an Oxnard teenager in connection with a homicide that occurred in March 2016 at the 300 block of Cuesta Del Mar Drive. (03/08/17) 219 add
Ivan Reyes is detained after violating parole by wielding a firearm and taking narcotics while on live stream social media.  (03/05/17) 217 add
Edhat subscribers report the County of Ventura trying to lease Channel Islands Harbor for private gain. (03/04/17) 210 1
A Ventura woman was arrested as the main suspect for starting a series of fires throughout Ventura. (03/12/17) 198 add
Southern steelhead are an ocean going form of rainbow trout, which continues to survive in Southern California despite great environmental stress and being federally endangered.  (02/27/17) 197 add
KEYT: There has been a shakeup in the Ventura Unified School District, but school board members are not at liberty to explain why. (03/03/17) 188 add
A former champion wrestler in southern California has died after a crash on Interstate 5. (03/09/17) 184 add
Ventura Police arrested an 18-year-old Ventura man stealing a large amount of alcohol during a residential burglary at the 100 block of Barry Street. (03/06/17) 183 add
An Oxnard man was arrested for possession of a loaded firearm, body armor, and warrants. (03/07/17) 182 add
A Santa Paula man's carjacking at the 3000 block of E. Main St. led to a vehicle pursuit and hit and run. (02/26/17) 182 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Brook, an independent lady that is mellow and relaxed.
updated 9:00 am
176 add
Dueling demonstrations led to heated discussions, but not violence in Ventura on Saturday. (03/07/17) 174 add
A Ventura man was arrested for possessing a controlled substance and a loaded firearm. (03/04/17) 174 add
Ventura Regional Fire Academy graduated 24 firefighter trainees, marking the end of an intensive 18-week academy. (03/16/17) 169 add
A structure fire on the 800 block of Jazmin Ave, with no one harmed. (03/04/17) 168 add
The Ventura County 2016-2017 Grand Jury has issued a report on the accreditation status of the Ventura County Medical Center. (03/03/17) 165 add
A Temecula resident was arrested for making threats and possessing a loaded and concealed firearm with a high capacity magazine. (03/06/17) 155 add
Ventura Police are investigating a stabbing in the Montalvo area. (03/14/17) 150 add
A Ventura man was arrested for felony battery, witness intimidation, and domestic violence. (03/21/17) 148 add
Ventura County Public Defender Steve Lipson will be retiring in June after 31 years of service to the county [pic] (03/04/17) 145 1
Ventura Police Department have responded to over 27 crimes involving the theft of tool boxes in the industrial area south of the 101. (03/04/17) 143 add
Ventura PD Patrol arrested Brenden Garcia for shoplifting and pulling a fixed blade knife on employees at 245 Mills Road.  (02/24/17) 143 add
The Oxnard Police Department arrested two suspects on Friday, March 3, 2017, for furnishing alcoholic beverages to minors. The operation was conducted in the general vicinity of Oxnard. (03/04/17) 140 add
The Camarillo Police Department will be conducting a DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint on March 4th between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. (03/03/17) 137 add
Oxnard Police Department conducted a bicycle and pedestrian safety enforcement operation throughout the city Tuesday. (03/01/17) 137 add
A DUI Checkpoint on Saturday night led to seven arrests(02/27/17) 136 add
A vehicle driven into a building caused a commercial structure fire that VCFD controlled in 23 minutes [pics] (03/18/17) 136 add
Ventura Police arrested a Ventura man for domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon that left his female partner with moderate head injuries. (03/20/17) 135 add
Two people died in a single vehicle traffic collision in Oxnard. (03/23/17) 133 add
Ventura Police Department responded to a stabbing at State Beach Park (03/16/17) 132 add
Ventura Police are investigating a shooting that took place at the Motel 6 on Harbor Blvd Wednesday night. (02/24/17) 130 add
Oxnard Police Department is offering a Police Officer Recruitment Panel for those seeking a career in law enforcement. (03/02/17) 127 add
The Ventura County Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is pleased to announce the 2016 "CIT Officer of the Year" recipient (03/03/17) 127 add
The Ventura County Sheriff's Department is investigating two separate anti-Semitic incidents, including one in which the Chabad of Oak Park received a note with a swastika drawn on it and the words "Hail Hitler." (03/01/17) 126 add
Ventura Police are accepting applications for the Dee Dowell Memorial Scholarship Award (03/02/17) 126 add
Oxnard Police are investigating a murder that took place in the 100 block of Dolores Court. (03/15/17) 124 add
An 18-year-old Ventura man was arrested for robbery and making criminal threats against his grandparents. (02/26/17) 123 add
Two Oxnard residents were arrested for being in possession of a loaded firearm. (03/14/17) 122 add
Freddie Castro is arrested after stabbing a man in the back.  (03/20/17) 120 add
Oxnard Police Department reminds citizens to plan before you party on St. Patty's Day.  (03/04/17) 118 add
Sean Velazquez was arrested for robbery at Macys on 477 S. Mill Rd. (02/27/17) 117 add
Lonnie Ellis is arrested for possession of a firearm and resisting arrest on the 4900 Block of Lafayette Street (03/10/17) 116 add
Ventura Police found a Ventura man was in possession of a loaded firearm in his vehicle. (03/15/17) 115 add
Oxnard Police made multiple gun arrests during a uniform gang enforcement at the 300 block of Featherstone. (03/18/17) 113 add
Limón To Honor Ojai Woman as 37th Assembly District Woman of the Year (03/07/17) 113 add
A recent ocean water quality monitoring report found that Silverstand Beach failed to meet State standards for bacteria this week. (03/16/17) 111 add
Oxnard Police release the results of a DUI checkpoint enforcement conducted on March 17, 2017 between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. (03/19/17) 108 add
Edward Yusef Salaan is arrested for three separate firearm related felonies. (02/24/17) 107 add
Ventura County Sheriff's Department arrest two suspects for stolen vehicle and stolen property charges.  (02/28/17) 106 add
An Oxnard man was arrested for sexual battery of a female victim at the 1200 block of Camino Del Sol. (02/25/17) 102 add
Ventura Police are investigating a burglary that took place at Menchie's Frozen Yogurt on Telegraph Road. (03/15/17) 101 add
The Oxnard Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint on Saturday, February 25, 2017, at an undisclosed location within the city limits between the hours of 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.   (02/24/17) 97 add
Ventura Police recovered a stolen vehicle during a pursuit that ended at Aurora Drive at Camino Real Park. (02/24/17) 97 add
Ventura Police are investigating an armed robbery that took place in the 600 block of Brakey Road. (02/26/17) 95 add
Ventura Police Department reminds the community to plan before partying this St. Patricks Day. (03/11/17) 89 add
Christian Frias was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, vandalism and a parole violation. after an officer recognized a stolen vehicle out of Santa Barbara parked in a stall at La Quinta Inn. (02/27/17) 87 add
Jason Sevier was arrested for commercial burglary at Poinsetta Elementary School, and possession of narcotics.  (02/24/17) 83 1
The Ventura County Public Health Department, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency and Emergency Preparedness Office presented two days of disaster preparedness training. (02/25/17) 83 add
Charles shares the issues at the March 7 BOS Meeting regarding a pathway to Groundwater Sustainability, arguing the possible conflicts of interest(03/11/17) 83 add
The Ventura County Sheriff's Office, Lockwood Valley Sheriff's Station, is applying for a grant from the California State Park Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division. (03/12/17) 81 add
Ventura Police arrested a Ventura felon for possession of a firearm and for resisting arrest early Monday morning at the 2300 block of Woodpecker Ave. (02/28/17) 80 add
On February 24, 2017, the Oxnard Police Department's Neighborhood Policing Team conducted an enforcement detail in the city's South District. (02/26/17) 79 add
The County of Ventura Planning Division has released several key documents for the ongoing General Plan Update project. (03/17/17) 79 add
The Thousand Oaks Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a Driver’s License / DUI Checkpoint on March 18th, 2017, at an undisclosed location within the city limits.   (03/17/17) 77 add
The Camarillo Chamber of Commerce will honor Max Copenhagen as "Man of the year" on March 24th (03/15/17) 71 add
Former Ojai mayor, Sue Horgan, has been named the Assistant Treasurer and Tax Collector for Ventura County. (03/01/17) 71 add
Office of Independent Review released an independent audit in regards to an officer-involved shooting that occured in October 2012 on Garfield Avenue. (02/28/17) 70 add
City of Camarillo and Thousand Oaks reminds citizens to plan before partying this St.Patrick's Day (03/17/17) 70 add
Ventura Police Department arrested Antonio Chavez for possession of meth for sale. (03/24/17) 64 add
Authorities in Ventura County say two people have died in an apartment fire in Port Hueneme. (02/25/17) 64 add
The Santa Maria Police Department screened 313 vehicles during a DUI checkpoint on Friday. (02/27/17) 62 add
Ventura Police are investigating a stabbing on Main Street and Callens Road. (03/01/17) 62 add
The Oxnard Police Department and Thousand Oaks Police Department and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office concluded a five month joint investigation regarding commercial burglaries that occurred on October 17, 2016, with the arrest of three suspects. (03/24/17) 62 add
Road. Westbound and Eastbound lanes on Pleasant Valley Road are closed between Squires Drive and Terrace Avenue. (03/22/17) 60 add

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