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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Dec 19, 2010 reads comments
Tasting Two-Dollar Wines - Marc Liberts assembled a tasting panel consisting of wine novices and wine experts to do a taste testing of $2.00 wines. 9524 5
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Dec 12, 2010 reads comments
Costco Christmas Wines - Marc picks up Costco wines for $10 and conducts a blind tasting. Here are his thoughts on the values, just in time for Christmas. 9330 18
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Dec 05, 2010 reads comments
Santa Barbara Terroir - I get it! - One of Santa Barbara's biggest current superstars and wine artists is Greg Brewer of Melville and Brewer-Clifton and Diatom. 5347 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 28, 2010 reads comments
The Wine and the Bird - Instead of asking what he could bring to Thanksgiving dinner this year, Marc informed his wonderful hostess that he'd be bringing wine. 5572 4
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 03, 2010 reads comments
Sunday Syrah in Santa Ynez - Marc was invited to join Brander Vineyard winemaker Fred Brander, Colson Canyon Vineyard owner Rio Rieswig, and friends for a blind syrah tasting. 5071 2
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 19, 2010 reads comments
Pinot Noir By Car - The world's wine community has paid particular attention to a small section of Santa Barbara County known as the Santa Rita Hills. Marc Liberts reports. 6365 5
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 01, 2010 reads comments
winEmergency III - Marc Liberts reports the results from a blind tasting of 27 wines selected from Santa Barbara to France to Australia. [pics] 5156 5

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