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The New Puppy - Part II - Depending on the type of breed that you have; different play is so important. Tugging is always a good game to play with your puppy. 2272 1
A New Puppy - Puppies are just the most precious things on the face of the Earth. But, they need to be protected. Here are some things to watch out for with a new puppy. 2141 1
The New Puppy IV - Always, try to stay positive with your new puppy and give more positive confirmation instead of saying: NO!! all the time. 2127 1
New Puppy, Part III - Your new puppy should have some outside time; but, never be left outside alone at night. 2008 1
The Rescue Dog - Boy, am I ever lucky. I got a family to RESCUE me! Now, we rescue dogs come with all kinds of surprises. 1937 1
Rescue Dog Part III - Heat stroke is a big deal with us dogs. We only need a little bit of water after a walk until we cool down. 1937 add
The Rescue Dog - Part II - I don't know what the 4th of July is; but, it sure takes a lot of getting prepared for. Tips for pets on the holiday. 1868 add

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