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Concert Frustrations - Dear Edda, A group of us went to a concert last week. We had front row seats that we paid a lot for, because we really love the artist. 10615 19
On the Couch - I recently sold a couch on Craigslist. A lot of people called about it, and a woman came over and paid me for the couch and said she would pick it up the next day. After a few days, I called her to see when she was going to pick it up. 9823 37
Father vs. Son - Dear Edda, My son is in a moderately successful rock band. He has always been pretty talented, but his mother and I pushed him a great deal to succeed. 9550 37
Marriage Breaker - Dear Edda, I am a 42 year old man. When I was in my mid-twenties, I met a girl who was in her early twenties who was in a failing, estranged marriage. 9378 21
Wedding Dress Mishap - Dear Edda, I'm getting married in January, and I have a big problem. My future mother-in-law wants me to wear her wedding dress. 9095 27
Parking Problem - Dear Edda, I was in Gelson's parking lot the other day and an SUV came up too close and tapped the front of our car. 8871 28
Mystery Ink - Dear Edda, A few weeks ago I went out drinking with my buddies. We started out in town, but ended up in LA in the morning. 8814 23
Cell Phone Addict - Dear Edda, My husband is a high powered executive who works all the time. He leaves his office and comes home, but then he spends hours on the phone. 8783 27
Nosey Big Nose - Dear Edda, I want to know whether or not I have a big nose? What is the proper way to measure a nose, by the distance it pops out of the face, or how far it is from the brows to the nostrils? 8647 10
Panic Calls - Dear Edda, My boyfriend and I have been going out for a year. We are both 18 and go to different colleges. We usually speak every day. Lately, if I don't call him by a certain time, he starts to panic. 8103 26
Texting At Lunch - Dear Edda, Yesterday, I went to lunch with my mom. She always complains that we don't spend enough time together. Well, no sooner did we sit down at the table than she began texting her friend. 7994 21
Can Cats Marry Dogs? - Dear Edda, I am a SWF 28 years old and I have met a wonderful guy. He is smart, funny, and has a job, his own car, and a place to live. The trouble is that he is a dog person, and I am a cat person. 7711 22
Is That a Word? - I am a big fan of the online game of Words with Friends. I have it on my I-phone and like to play it with my friends and family. 7203 6

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