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[Update]: A woman was arrested Sunday for DUI after she caused a multi-vehicle, injury traffic collision by driving the wrong way on the 101. (08/23/16) 7791 53
Is it legal for a landlord to threaten raising rent costs due to a tenant's water usage? (08/20/16) 3680 30
Following an incident involving a laser strike of a Coast Guard member, the Coast Guard reminds the public of the significant hazards caused by laser strikes. (08/23/16) 2596 13
It's World Photo Day so get out and snap a pic! (08/20/16) 2263 10
A subscriber wonders if edhatters can identify this tropical Hawaiian fish. (08/24/16) 2016 14
There are two Zika Virus related infections reported in the Santa Barbara and Ventura County areas. (08/21/16) 1979 6
A subscriber reminds motorists of a large bike ride scheduled from Ventura to Santa Barbara on Saturday. (08/20/16) 1958 42
Conservation ecologist Douglas McCauley and UCSB colleagues lay out a set of guidelines for how de-extinction can be made more ecologically responsible. (08/25/16) 654 5
Sen. Jackson's bill to increase the public's confidence in autopsies passed off the Senate floor and heads to the Governor. (08/26/16) 591 10
Caltrans plans to close Highway 101 on-ramps and off-ramps at Mussel Shoals and La Conchita for two nights during the next two weeks. (08/25/16) 448 3
The first case of Zika Virus in Ventura County has been confirmed. (08/20/16) 231 add
[Update]: The girl has been found. The Oxnard Police Department is currently searching for a missing 8 year old girl who last seen near the Walmart parking lot. [pic] (08/22/16) 224 add
A domestic violence suspect was found hiding in a clothes dryer and then taken into custody in Oxnard. (08/20/16) 220 add
Two Oxnard men were arrested for selling heroin and methamphetamine. (08/20/16) 187 add
The "Kids Right to Sight" program is expanding, offering free glasses to children under 18-years-old in both Ventura and Camarillo (08/21/16) 174 add
On August 20, Sheriff's detectives conducted compliance checks at the residences of 37 registered sex offenders. (08/23/16) 173 add
Human trafficking organization members have been identified and arrested following a six month investigation. (08/25/16) 170 add
Ventura County Sheriff's Office is reporting a phone scam in the county involving a person claiming to be from their office. (08/22/16) 168 add
During the up-coming Labor Day weekend, remember: Drive sober or get pulled over. (08/20/16) 163 add
Does anyone know what happened the Avenue today? Lots of cops all over a gas station there? (08/25/16) 151 add
On Monday, the Oxnard Police Department will be deploying officers throughout the city limits to conduct bicycle and pedestrian safety enforcement. (08/20/16) 143 add
Ventura Police arrested three carjacking suspects from an incident in April. (08/25/16) 114 add
A late night prowler was arrested following a call from an alert and concerned citizen. (08/26/16) 111 add
The Thousand Oaks Police Department provides a reminder for motorists, students and parents to practice basic traffic safety skills when traveling to and from school. (08/23/16) 110 add
A Santa Paula man was arrested for stealing cell phones from a car, pepper spraying the victims, and running from law enforcement. (08/25/16) 105 add
Ventura Sheriff's Departing is requesting help from the public to identify a grand theft suspect who stole from the ATandT store. [pic] (08/26/16) 79 add
The Camarillo Police Department is excited to announce a new program, "Study with a Cop." (08/24/16) 63 add
A Mental Health First Aid certified training session is being conducted to help those who may be dealing with someone that is developing a possible mental health problem or may be at risk of suicide or harm. (08/26/16) 61 add
Camarillo Police Department would like to remind the public to be cautious as they travel near schools. (08/25/16) 59 add
The Todd Road Jail inmate visiting will be closed September 6-27 due to parking lot construction. (08/26/16) 54 add
Ventura County Firefighters are joining a 500-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise awareness for cancer. (08/26/16) 51 add
Camarillo Police are conducting a DUI checkpoint on Saturday evening within city limits. (08/26/16) 51 add
Oxnard officers arrested an alleged gang member for being in possession of a firearm. (08/26/16) 44 add

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