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[Update]: A Nipomo motorcyclist was killed on Highway 101 northbound at Santa Monica in Carpinteria on Wednesday morning. (09/29/16) 5262 34
Dolly Parton stopped by the Santa Barbara Bowl this weekend and Patti caught her performance. [pics] (09/27/16) 3122 27
Are most people still using water softeners in this drought or going without? (09/28/16) 1914 30
Can anyone identify this creature on our Sapote plant? (09/28/16) 1769 6
William shares a [pic] of a hummingbird striking a dramatic pose. (09/28/16) 1527 13
A memorial fund has been created for those wishing to donate to the family of fallen fire engineer Ryan Osler. [pic] (09/24/16) 1379 13
Do edhatters know why the air smells like exhaust early in the morning but not later in the day? (09/28/16) 1366 22
Can edhatters identify this type of fancy fungus? (09/23/16) 1296 5
TRAVEL: Max shares photos of an impressive firefighting helicopter seen in San Diego. (09/23/16) 1228 1
Governor Brown has signed a bill authored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, to include teaching of healthy relationship skills in schools. (09/27/16) 1184 36
The first day of fall has fallen! Check out edhatters' fall photos and send in your own. (09/24/16) 908 4
Astronomy: If you've enjoyed following the Rosetta mission to the Rubber Ducky Comet (67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko), it's time to say goodbye. (09/25/16) 697 1
Gov. Brown signed Achadjian's bill to require all passenger for hire vehicles to follow the same Blood Alcohol Content guidelines as commercial drivers. (09/29/16) 458 4
A probation employee was arrested on child pornography charges. (09/23/16) 425 add
Oxnard Police Department report that a man was stabbed in the leg by his girlfriend after an argument. [pic] (09/23/16) 273 add
Two women were arrested for identity theft with the help of the public. [mug] (09/23/16) 265 add
A 24 year old male was shot by an unknown suspect, for unknown reasons, on Saturday night. The victim was taken to the Ventura County Medical Center and expected to survive the injury. (09/26/16) 261 add
Cal Lutheran received a $4.63 million STEM grant from the US Department of Education for programs that will target Latino and low-income students. (09/29/16) 224 1
Oxnard Police is asking for the public's help in identifying two residential burglary suspects believed to have robbed an Oxnard home. [pic] (09/23/16) 216 add
A Ventura vagrant was arrested for carrying a concealed knife and yelling racial slurs at people. (09/23/16) 205 add
A Moorpark man was arrested for counterfeit currency and narcotics. (09/23/16) 170 add
An arrest has been made following a probation search in the 2100 block of Zocolo Street, in response to a recent increase of criminal activity reported in the area. (09/24/16) 147 add
Richard Avalos was arrested on domestic violence, child endangerment, and resisting arrest charges after an altercation with his girlfriend. (09/26/16) 137 add
Ventura Police responded to an incident in which the victim had been pepper sprayed after being robbed of his bicycle, cell phone and other personal items. (09/26/16) 134 add
Ventura Police are looking for a white male who robbed a Circle K armed with a hammer on Monday. [pic] (09/28/16) 130 add
A Ventura vagrant was arrested for arson at the Ventura River Bottom. (09/25/16) 129 add
Ventura Police arrested three Ventura residents for multiple firearm and narcotics possessions. (09/28/16) 122 add
A trash truck caught fire near County Square Drive in Ventura on Monday afternoon. [pic] (09/28/16) 118 add
Heat Days declared in Santa Paula for Monday, September 26 and Tuesday, September 27 (09/27/16) 98 add
The Ventura County Environmental Health Division advises the public to take the following precautions to minimize exposure to West Nile Virus. (09/28/16) 89 add
To promote safe riding and the wearing of safety equipment, the Fillmore Police Department held its Second Annual Bicycle and Skateboard Safety Rodeo this past Saturday. (09/28/16) 69 add
memorial service will be held for fallen Ventura County Fire Department engineer Ryan Osler. (09/29/16) 57 add
Oxnard Police Department responded to a call of a shooting victim in the 1700 block of Jones Way. (09/29/16) 53 add
The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services has issued an earthquake reminder for areas of Southern California. (09/29/16) 27 add
A commercial truck collided with a large tree causing branches to fall onto the roadway on Oxnard Boulevard between Fourth Street and Fifth Street. Lanes have been reopened. (09/29/16) 26 add
Oxnard Police responded to a robbery at a Dollar Tree Store on N. Ventura Road. The suspect was armed with a hammer and fled the scene. An arrest was made after a lengthy search. (09/29/16) 24 add

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