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What are my rights as an employee when my employer does not pay me on pay day? (08/28/14) 2492 22
Today on Jesusita trail there was a king snake eating a western fence lizard. [pic] (08/29/14) 2376 21
A subscriber was in Manhattan Beach and noticed this sign about bicycles. [pic] (08/28/14) 2232 18
Can anyone explain what is happening to my lime tree? [pic] (08/27/14) 2174 22
Are sheriffs deputies allowed to intervene as collection agencies? (08/26/14) 1874 25
EDBIT: Happy National Dog Day! How are you celebrating? Send in pics of your pooch. (08/27/14) 1750 18
Astronomy: This Friday was the anniversary of one of the most important discoveries in the history of astronomy, which took place 150 years ago. (08/31/14) 1464 13
Reflections on rainbow mist, waves and riders from John Wiley's big wave coastal cruise. [pics] (08/30/14) 1388 5
A subscriber noticed food trucks gathering in Ventura and is hopeful they'll be coming up to SB. Anyone know? (08/30/14) 1352 8
A reader snapped this sequence of [pics] last Wednesday of a surfer pulling into a nice barrel ride. (09/01/14) 1078 3
Cartoons: Mike Gordon shares a cartoon for all wine lovers in edhat land. (08/31/14) 1077 4
Does anyone know if the new bike path along the Rincon is open? (09/01/14) 831 7
Edhat subscribers share photos of how they plan to celebrate the extended Labor Day weekend. Send in your photos! (08/30/14) 741 9
A subscriber shares [pics] of succulents in bloom. (08/31/14) 741 5
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Baker, a cat who has always been interested in the finer art of cooking. (08/31/14) 641 8
Charles Brewster shares scenes from a Sunday sunrise in Santa Barbara. [pics] (09/01/14) 624 5
A red flag warning has been issued for gusty winds and low humidity from 3pm on Saturday until 3am on Sunday. [pic] (08/31/14) 600 1
Have you pondered the water footprint of the foods you eat? Would you alter your habits if it meant the drought could be beat? (08/31/14) 596 15
As the country readies for Labor Day weekend, the California Highway Patrol is reminding motorists to employ lifesaving measures on the roadway. (08/27/14) 417 3
Caltrans/CHP remind motorists to expect extra traffic and drive safely during the Labor Day weekend(08/28/14) 394 2
Law enforcement investigators have interrupted a complex criminal enterprise that was responsible for the distribution of large quantities of narcotics. [pics] (08/27/14) 236 add
Over the past 8 days, 79 people were arrested for DUI in Ventura County. (08/26/14) 176 add
The Ventura Police Department received a call of a subject on the rooftop of the business threatening to jump. (08/27/14) 165 add
The Ventura Police Department has concluded an investigation into an incident that occurred at Ventura High School last week. (08/29/14) 165 add
Ventura City Fire Department units responded to a reported structure fire with occupants still inside. [pic] (08/26/14) 142 add
Ventura City Fire units were dispatched to a reported vehicle roll-over with trapped victims on the 126 Freeway. [pic] (08/30/14) 129 add
Ventura Police are investigating an armed robbery on S. Victoria. (08/31/14) 127 add
A former Ventura neurosurgeon facing allegations of performing unnecessary procedures and committing gross negligence surrendered his California medical license in a decision that takes effect Monday. (08/26/14) 124 add
On Sunday, August 24, 2014, a burglary occurred in the 600 block of McAndrews Road, in Ojai. Investigators identified one male suspect, Frank Morales, and one female suspect, Mellissa Carrillo. [mug] (08/30/14) 107 add
On August 30th, Ventura Sheriff's Office / Ojai Police Department will be conducting drunk driving and driver license checkpoints at several locations in the Ojai Valley. (08/30/14) 106 add
Has anyone gotten a ticket for having a dog on the beach? I just got one in the Pierpont area. (09/01/14) 105 1
Ventura City Fire Department personnel responded to report of a capsized vessel with victims in the water, outside the entrance to the Ventura Harbor. (08/30/14) 101 add
Ventura Police are investigating a strong arm robbery that took place at Seward Ave at the beach. (08/31/14) 100 add
Read the first of a series giving a face to the homeless in Ventura. (08/31/14) 99 add
There has been much national news around the lack of mental health services in our communities. (08/31/14) 97 add
The City of Ventura has received information from the National Weather Service of High Surf expected beginning Tuesday, August 26th through August 29th. (08/27/14) 90 add
Ventura Police Department K9 Officer Mike Hibdon and his partner "Ferro" will be retiring from the K9 Unit effective August 30, 2014. (08/30/14) 81 add
Today, Congresswoman Julia Brownley announced her official endorsement from Equality CA which is the largest statewide LGBT advocacy organization in California. (08/30/14) 76 add
Ventura County Sheriff's Office received a call for service reference a commercial burglary at a ranch in Somis. (08/30/14) 76 add
A Hurricane making its way through the Pacific Ocean is expected to bring high surf and strong currents to Ventura County south and southeast-facing beaches this week. (08/28/14) 71 add
Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from a concerned citizen in the Ventura Gateway shopping center reporting vandalism. (09/01/14) 67 add
Photographic Magic: Images of Ventura County's Coast Trigger Something Deeper (08/30/14) 56 add
California officials are investigating financial dealings between Ventura County's Medi-Cal health plan and a key outside contractor, Xerox Corp., The Times has learned. (08/31/14) 31 add

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