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An edhat reader has been finding a bunch of little bugs in their house. Anyone know what they are? [pics] (06/21/16) 3671 29
[Update]: Approximately 700 barrels of crude oil spilled in Ventura near Grove Lane Thursday morning. (06/24/16) 2952 19
An edhat subscriber took [pics] of Rattlesnake Canyon wildlife Tuesday morning. (06/22/16) 2262 16
For people who have fruit trees, do you have any solutions to offer people with trees full of fruit? (06/22/16) 2031 18
Rep. Capps joins her colleagues and gives remarks during the Gun Violence Sit-in on the House Floor Wednesday. [pic] (06/23/16) 1960 68
A UC Santa Barbara scholar says Britain's vote to leave the European Union will have serious economic, political consequences. (06/26/16) 1682 47
Can edhatters help me identify this fruit tree? (06/27/16) 1564 23
Subscriber Chuck Cagara caught this pair of mating Orioles at his feeders. [pics] (06/27/16) 1368 18
It's National Take your Dog to Work Day and edhatters share photos of their dog working throughout the community. (06/25/16) 1311 8
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about friendship. (06/26/16) 1294 13
Juan Manuel Garibay (June 25, 1952 – May 12, 2016) (06/21/16) 1184 1
Pacific Gas and Electric has announced its plan to close the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in San Luis Obispo county by 2025. (06/22/16) 1112 12
It seems so long ago, but just a few short months back Goleta was enjoying nonstop surf. (06/26/16) 1074 add
Trader Joe's agreed to reduce emissions of potent greenhouse gases from refrigeration equipment at 453 of its stores under a proposed settlement with the U.S. under the Clean Air Act(06/22/16) 669 11
A subscriber's unripened green tomatoes were stolen by a thief in the night, possibly a rascally raccoon. Any suggestions on how to prevent this thievery?
updated 10:45 am
563 8
A Ventura woman was arrested for stabbing her sister. (06/26/16) 212 add
Oxnard Police arrested an alleged gang member after he plead guilty to robbing a Vons with a handgun. (06/23/16) 184 add
Two Ojai residents were arrested for alleged financial elder abuse of an 85-year-old man. [mug] (06/24/16) 182 add
On Saturday, June 18, 2016, two divers were rescued off the West side of Anacapa Island. [pics] (06/21/16) 165 add
Officers contacted Diego Santos and attempted to arrest him for an outstanding felony warrant and he became violent with them. (06/21/16) 165 add
A Fillmore resident discovered a male subject peeking in the bathroom window where a juvenile victim was taking a shower. [mug] (06/22/16) 160 add
This morning, officers from the Oxnard Police Department and EMS responded to a fatal hit and run traffic collision involving a vehicle and a bicyclist. (06/25/16) 160 add
An identity theft suspect was arrested in Ventura at the the Bike Depot. [mug] (06/26/16) 157 add
On Tuesday, detectives arrested William Hansen for a home invasion robbery that occurred in the Santa Rosa Valley on September 09, 2015. [mug] (06/24/16) 157 add
A woman was arrested for snatching a woman's purse while she pretended to be interested in renting the victim's property. (06/22/16) 144 add
The Ventura Police Command Center was notified that three juveniles were seen by a train conductor jumping from a railroad trestle. (06/23/16) 143 add
Early Friday morning, a man was arrested for prowling on private property in Saticoy. (06/25/16) 141 add
The Oxnard Police Department is investigating two homicides that occurred almost six hours apart in different locations of the city (06/27/16) 141 add
Ventura City Fire personnel responded to a report of a two vehicle traffic collision with one person trapped as the vehicle crashed into a residential garage. [pics] (06/22/16) 135 add
Ventura Police patrol officers responded to a call of a robbery at the Log Cabin Liquor store. (06/23/16) 134 add
Ventura Police are investigating an attempted murder and shooting in the 1300 block of Saratoga Ave. (06/27/16) 132 add
Around midnight last night, officers responded to the 7-Eleven on Kimber Drive in Newbury Park for an armed robbery that had just occurred. [pics] (06/22/16) 122 add
Jesus Diaz was arrested for attempted robbery, identity theft, and felony resisting arrest. (06/25/16) 117 add
Officers responded to an in progress "hot prowl" residential burglary where a female babysitter was at the residence with 3 children. (06/22/16) 111 add
The Environmental Defense Center is closely monitoring the Crimson Oil Spill in Ventura. (06/24/16) 110 add
The Planning Division has launched a Web Badge program to provide a distinction between temporary outdoor event venues. (06/23/16) 95 add
Karen Lynn (Huff) Diamond (November 17, 1934 - June 6, 2016) (06/24/16) 93 add
A new National Park Service report shows the economic benefit of local National Parks. (06/25/16) 91 add
Camarillo Police are hosting a senior citizen driver's education class on July 15. (06/24/16) 75 add
Emmanuel Cisneros, a 24 year old Oxnard Resident, and a 16 year old Oxnard resident were arrested after robbing a man on Thompson Blvd.
updated 8:32 am
55 add

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