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A subscriber is wondering if they're allowed to plant a rice paddy on their property and if anyone has experience doing so. (07/25/15) 2206 39
Can edhatters identify this amazing plant? [pic] (07/28/15) 2153 16
It's a small ocean fall, but have you seen this one John Wiley found in Big Sur? [pic] (07/25/15) 2038 8
Who knows the name of this beautiful flower? [pic] (07/27/15) 2002 13
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares spectacular [pics] from a recent stop in Iceland. (07/27/15) 1689 21
An edhat subscriber shares a beach [pic] taken at Isla Vista Beach. (07/25/15) 1679 6
Can edhatters identify this purple plant? (07/25/15) 1640 6
TRAVEL: Max captured photos of a fire near the Vegas Strip, seen from the airport. (07/26/15) 1638 2
TRAVEL: Edhat subscriber Pam shares a few [pics] from her recent travels in the Sierras. (07/26/15) 1622 17
A subscriber captured [pics] of a yellow-crowned night-heron in Santa Barbara. (07/26/15) 1550 12
TRAVEL: Never been to Beirut? Check out this edhat subscriber's beautiful [pics] from Lebanon. (07/27/15) 1455 7
Nora shares a [pic] where the tree looks like it is capturing the moon. (07/28/15) 1445 7
A subscriber noticed some unusual sun rays from Tuesday's sunset. [pics] (07/23/15) 1417 6
A tale of two cities played out for John Wiley as he approached Santa Paula to land. [pics] (07/28/15) 1332 7
Probable paddle racers and a sand surfer ceremony greeted John Wiley's flight to Santa Paula Saturday. [pics] (07/27/15) 1163 2
In honor of National Tequila Day, edhatters sent in photos of their beverages. (07/25/15) 1041 6
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sawyer, a black and white kitty who specializes in cuteness. (07/26/15) 1010 2
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber shares a [pic] of some lovely white hydrangeas in Chicago. (07/27/15) 931 5
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Chula and Savannah, super sweet sisters. (07/26/15) 854 5
A subscriber would like help identifying a blooming yellow flower at the park. (07/29/15) 666 4
Astronomy: Just in time for the predicted monsoonal cloudiness, the International Space Station may be visible for the next few days. (07/29/15) 607 5
Oil Spill: Due to heavy equipment operation, a single-lane closure will continue through Aug. 2 in the southbound direction of the 101 west of Refugio. (07/27/15) 384 6
Rep. Capps offered an amendment to exempt federal oil and gas pipeline safety and spill mitigation rules from regulatory review requirements proposed as part of the REINS Act. (07/29/15) 316 1
Information on marijuana sales to juveniles led to the arrests of Brandt Locey and Stephen Gaiser of Camarillo. (07/25/15) 290 add
Two men were caught in the act of burglarizing a Ventura home by the Ventura Police Department this afternoon. [mug] (07/28/15) 231 add
Ventura Police have updated their assault with a deadly weapon investigation with two suspects. (07/25/15) 205 add
Oxnard police officers responded to a robbery that occurred today at the Bank of the West. [mug] (07/24/15) 183 add
Yesterday at 1830 hours, officers responded to Pleasant Valley Road near Perkins Road re: a shooting victim. (07/25/15) 158 add
Ventura City Fire personnel responded to a reported brush fire in the Ventura River bottom on Wednesday. (07/24/15) 156 add
Early Sunday morning, Diego Santos was arrested for prowling, vehicle tampering, possession of stolen property, and resisting arrest. (07/27/15) 142 add
The Ventura Police Department will hold the 4th annual "Bark Out Loud" Comedy Night, benefiting the Department's K9 Unit, this Saturday. (07/23/15) 125 add
The Oxnard Police Department has achieved a higher amount of seized firearms this year compared to last year due to Operation Safer and Stronger. (07/28/15) 117 add
Thousands of Dead Fish Found in Ventura County Drainage Canal: Remains a mystery to biologist (07/23/15) 115 add
The Oxnard Auto Task Force arrested Lorenzo Gutierrez various counts, including felony vandalism and possession of stolen vehicle [mug]. (07/29/15) 99 add
Sen. Jackson will host a Senior Scam Stopper seminar on August 6th in Camarillo. (07/29/15) 92 add
Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call from Clay Allen, indicating he was the victim of a brandishing at Surfers Point in Ventura (07/29/15) 91 add
Mauricio Chavez was arrested for his involvement in the shooting that took place on June 23, 2014. (07/29/15) 80 add
This afternoon, the Ventura Police Command Center received a call from loss prevention at Macy's regarding a shoplift robbery. (07/29/15) 77 add
Questions still surround the death of an Oxnard teen who was gunned down in Lemonwood Park on July 15. (07/26/15) 74 add
Oxnard Police and Fire announce National Night Out events across city, next Tuesday, Aug 4th (07/29/15) 66 add
Crews responded Saturday to a report of a fire at an elementary school in Ventura, officials said. (07/27/15) 54 add
Brown really is the new gold in Ventura. The city is now offering residents money for ditching their lawns and re-landscaping with drought-friendly plants. (07/28/15) 30 add

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