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Here's what we found when we came to work this morning. [pics] (07/23/14) 3158 24
A subscriber captured [pics] of a rattlesnake posed to strike. (07/24/14) 2420 14
A subscriber found a unique bird on their patio. Does anyone know what it is? [pics] (07/24/14) 2393 28
Any ideas on what kind of large ant-looking creature this is? [pic] (07/23/14) 2222 34
Has anyone else gotten sick from the recalled fruit from Trader Joe's and other stores? (07/25/14) 2051 37
Are you a fan of the plan to split California in six? Will it just separate our problems or provide an actual fix? (07/20/14) 1753 32
On Saturday, at 1:32 a.m., the Ventura PD Command Center received several 9-1-1 calls regarding a serious traffic collision southbound Seaward Ave. (07/20/14) 1722 add
ART noticed this gorgeous osprey perched on power lines with a fish in its talons. [pics] (07/24/14) 1661 8
Edhat subscribers share photos of their unique keychains before driving off into a beautiful weekend! (07/19/14) 1443 13
I have ground squirrels under my shed. How can I get rid of them without killing them? (07/19/14) 1396 29
Several subscribers are reporting rain in the Santa Barbara area. Where else is it raining? (07/20/14) 1352 22
The Coast Guard Cutter was moving along the coast before sunset on Tuesday. [pics] (07/24/14) 1259 5
Can edhatters provide tips on deterring skunks from the home and backyard? (07/25/14) 1062 30
An edhat subscriber shares [pics] of a winged beauty. (07/25/14) 1052 8
Hydrangeas remind this edhat subscriber of old-fashioned simple summer pleasures. [pics] (07/19/14) 1035 12
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares a photo from travels in North Texas. (07/21/14) 1018 14
Share your caption for this photo submitted by an edhat subscriber. (07/24/14) 1003 25
IN THE KITCHEN: Turns out pretzels are not difficult to make at home and are a very welcome snack. (07/20/14) 964 14
A subscriber snapped a [pic] of a caterpillar, but which end is up? (07/23/14) 944 6
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber ventured to LA for a Lady Gaga concert at the Staples Center. (07/24/14) 934 8
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a garden butterfly. (07/20/14) 896 9
An edhatter reports that a spot fire, caused by a car accident, near Hesperia is being put out. [pics] (07/24/14) 858 2
Ventura Deputies arrested an 18-year-old and 19-year-old Oak Park residents for residential burglary. [mug] (07/19/14) 548 add
Ventura Police were notified by Amtrak dispatch regarding a pedestrian being struck by an Amtrak train on the railroad tracks near the intersection of California St. and Harbor Blvd. (07/24/14) 434 add
A UCSB scientist and colleagues warn that widespread contraction of the planet's animal life could have harmful effects on human well-being.
updated 9:30 am
428 23
On Saturday afternoon in East Ventura, two vehicles crashed in the intersection of Ralston St. and Ramelli Avenue. [pics] (07/20/14) 266 add
Former Thousand Oaks Bank of America Employee Sentenced to 30 Months in Federal Prison for Taking Bribes to Approve Artificially Low-Price Short Sales (07/22/14) 264 add
Firefighters, police, and Ambulance crews were summoned to the home of a 20 year old male who had been in a physical altercation with his family members earlier in the morning. [pic] (07/21/14) 255 add
Ventura Police arrested 34-year-old Joshua Davis for residential burglary. (07/22/14) 232 add
Ventura Police Officers responded to a call of a suicidal subject inside a business in the 100 blk. of West Main St. (07/21/14) 223 add
Three suspects have been arrested for kidnapping and battery causing serious bodily injury. (07/19/14) 223 add
Ventura Police investigators have identified the two suspects involved in a July 2013 homicide. (07/24/14) 222 add
Oxnard officers were in the parking lot of St. John's Regional Medical Center where they contacted three subjects attempting to conceal themselves in a green pickup truck. (07/20/14) 201 add
Fire personnel responded to a reported vehicle rollover on the Eastbound 126 Freeway near Kimball Road. [pic] (07/24/14) 185 add
Detectives arrested Howard Lovett for the fatal stabbing of a Ventura resident. [mug] (07/25/14) 156 add
Ventura Fire Department is reporting an ocean related fatality that took place in the area of Surfer's Knoll. (07/23/14) 146 add
Oxnard Police arrested a resident for possession of a loaded handgun. (07/19/14) 138 add
Oxnard Police Department screened 857 vehicles during their Friday night checkpoint. (07/20/14) 113 add
Fire personnel responded to a reported vehicle into a commercial structure, first arriving units found a roof overhang support column damaged by a vehicle. [pic] (07/22/14) 109 add
Ventura County Fair-goers can help FOOD Share alleviate hunger by participating in "Feed the Need" Fair Cares Food Drive, July 31 (07/24/14) 103 add
Officers from the Oxnard PD Special Enforcement Unit arrested Arthur Chavira for a felony warrant, firearm possession, and narcotics violations. (07/22/14) 95 add
On July 19, 2014, deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff's Office conducted compliance checks at the residences of forty registered sex offenders. (07/24/14) 88 add
UPDATE - The Oxnard police department is investigating a string of commercial robberies that occurred to north Oxnard businesses between the evening hours of 7/15/14 and the morning of 7/16/14. (07/19/14) 86 add
Ventura County Sheriff's Office conducted compliance checks at the residences of forty registered sex offenders in the communities of Saticoy, El Rio, Nyeland Acres, Hollywood Beach, Silver Strand Beach and the Rincon. (07/24/14) 84 add
Santa Paula Reserve Police Officer Resigns After Posting Video About Bicyclists. (07/22/14) 81 add
Ventura residents are invited to share ideas on city issues during "Coffee with the Mayor" on Wednesday. (07/23/14) 71 add
Thousand Oaks Police and Fire Departments "Coffee with the Chiefs" Community Outreach Program (07/24/14) 71 add
Ventura Police Detectives arrested Salvador Raymond Medrano for robbery, after discovering he committed four additional robberies in the city of Oxnard. (07/25/14) 71 add
Porterville-based Sierra Bancorp, parent company of Bank of the Sierra, has acquired a Ventura County bank for $15.3 million. (07/19/14) 69 add
The Ventura PD Traffic Unit would like to remind motorists to be mindful of a few things while driving to the County Fair. (07/25/14) 68 add
The 2014 Ventura County Fair, "A Country Fair with Ocean Air" runs from July 30st through August 10th at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. (07/25/14) 65 add
Base neighbors are concerned about the health and welfare of children who arrived in the United States without their parents or passports. (07/19/14) 57 add
Oxnard Police Department received a call of an armed robbery at the 7-11 store located at 1955 S. Patterson Road in Oxnard. (07/25/14) 55 add
One person was injured after a gas leak led to an explosion at an Oxnard Bakery on Sunday. (07/22/14) 50 add
The Dallas Cowboys touched down at Naval Base Ventura County on Tuesday afternoon. (07/24/14) 50 add
The Ventura County Sheriff's Office applied for and was recently awarded a GAP Grant through ABC. (07/25/14) 45 add
Community Invited to a Drought Informational Meeting, July 30 (07/25/14) 44 add
A water main break caused a sinkhole that damaged Ojai Avenue and the historic Ojai Playhouse. (07/25/14) 30 add
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