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I received an odd message from Cox Communications about my computer being infected with malware. Is this a legitimate message? (09/21/16) 2345 30
What are the hand signals used on a bicycle when turning, stopping, etc.? (09/20/16) 1738 29
[Update]: A Ventura County firefighter was killed in a traffic accident in Lompoc after their water tender vehicle rolled over while responding to the Canyon Fire at the Vandenberg Air Force Base. (09/22/16) 4627 27
A memorial fund has been created for those wishing to donate to the family of fallen fire engineer Ryan Osler. [pic] (09/24/16) 1252 14
Can edhat subscribers identify this bird with a blue beak? (09/21/16) 2105 10
Can edhatters identify this type of fancy fungus? (09/23/16) 1194 6
The first day of fall has fallen! Check out edhatters' fall photos and send in your own. (09/24/16) 778 4
TRAVEL: Max shares photos of an impressive firefighting helicopter seen in San Diego. (09/23/16) 1113 1
Astronomy: If you've enjoyed following the Rosetta mission to the Rubber Ducky Comet (67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko), it's time to say goodbye. (09/25/16) 529 1
Ventura Police have made an arrest following a brief foot pursuit. The suspect had been trying to gain access to an ATM at Union Bank on S. Mills Road. (09/20/16) 406 1
A probation employee was arrested on child pornography charges. (09/23/16) 383 add
Oxnard Police Department report that a man was stabbed in the leg by his girlfriend after an argument. [pic] (09/23/16) 236 add
Ventura Police responded to a 911 call regarding an attempted theft, and discovered multiple victims. An arrest has been made. (09/19/16) 234 add
Ventura County Fire announces the consolidation of dispatch services with Oxnard Fire Department. (09/21/16) 197 add
Two women were arrested for identity theft with the help of the public. [mug] (09/23/16) 195 add
Ventura Police responded to a call in reference to a shooting victim, who later died from his injury. (09/20/16) 185 add
Oxnard Police is asking for the public's help in identifying two residential burglary suspects believed to have robbed an Oxnard home. [pic] (09/23/16) 184 add
Oxnard Police is using new DNA Technology to assist in searching for a suspect in a 2014 homicide case. [pics] (09/21/16) 183 add
A Ventura vagrant was arrested for carrying a concealed knife and yelling racial slurs at people. (09/23/16) 170 add
Ventura Police Department report an assault with deadly weapon and battery arrest on Brookshire Avenue. (09/21/16) 163 add
Sunday night officers were dispatched to Las Sirenas Bar and Grill located at 2091 N. Oxnard Boulevard regarding a subject armed with a handgun. [mug] (09/20/16) 159 add
A 24 year old male was shot by an unknown suspect, for unknown reasons, on Saturday night. The victim was taken to the Ventura County Medical Center and expected to survive the injury.
updated 10:39 am
157 add
Ojai police have caught an identity and mail theft. (09/22/16) 151 add
A Moorpark man was arrested for counterfeit currency and narcotics. (09/23/16) 141 add
Thousand Oaks Major Crimes Detectives have released suspect [pics] to help with identification after a theft at the Target on Teller Road. (09/20/16) 136 add
The Ventura County Fire Department will celebrate the coming of a new fire station with a groundbreaking event on Wednesday, September 21. (09/20/16) 134 add
A recent DUI checkpoint in Thousand Oaks resulted in two arrests. (09/20/16) 121 add
Body scanners have helped prevent narcotics from being smuggled into a Pre-Trial Detention Facility in Ventura County. (09/20/16) 121 add
The County of Ventura is exploring Community Choice Energy to bring local control to energy purchasing and pricing options. (09/21/16) 115 add
An arrest has been made following a probation search in the 2100 block of Zocolo Street, in response to a recent increase of criminal activity reported in the area. (09/24/16) 110 add
Early Wednesday morning a family of four was woken by the smell of smoke and the sound of fire alarms in their modular home in the Victoria Mobile Home Park. (09/22/16) 108 add
KEYT: Authorities are searching for a thief out of Camarillo and are requesting the public's help to identify the woman accused of stealing pharmaceutical drugs from a local grocery store. (09/22/16) 101 add
A hiker, who was overdue from a day hike in the Sisar canyon area, has been located. (09/20/16) 94 add
The Thousand Oaks Police Department will step up pedestrian safety enforcement operations this Thursday. (09/19/16) 90 add
KEYT: Crucifix attack hurts five people in Ventura. The suspect allegedly stole two crucifixes from the Ventura Mission. (09/20/16) 85 add
A Ventura vagrant was arrested for arson at the Ventura River Bottom. (09/25/16) 77 add
Ventura Police responded to an incident in which the victim had been pepper sprayed after being robbed of his bicycle, cell phone and other personal items.
updated 9:52 am
71 add
Richard Avalos was arrested on domestic violence, child endangerment, and resisting arrest charges after an altercation with his girlfriend.
updated 6:29 pm
7 add

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