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Are bicyclists allowed to ride in the middle of a full lane or must they stay to the right? (12/15/14) 3445 73
Are you tired of discussions of color and race? Do you think our progress has stalled or kept up the pace? (12/14/14) 1086 42
I need suggestions to help me verify the legitimacy of a local non-profit organization. Where should I start? (12/17/14) 1649 25
Can you identify these types of lizards? (12/18/14) 1639 20
A subscriber reports a mudslide in La Conchita early Saturday morning. (12/14/14) 3011 14
A subscriber's lilacs have bloomed three months early. [pics] (12/15/14) 1196 13
Today is the last sequential date of this century, 12/13/14. (12/14/14) 839 13
A subscriber has a question about how to report a minor traffic accident. (12/18/14) 934 11
Can someone identify this type of bug? (12/14/14) 1449 10
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Barkley, a lovable Australian Shepard who moonlights as a softball team mascot. (12/14/14) 1009 10
POWDRELL: So here’s the deal... we’ve got an interesting quagmire going on in the surfing world this week; huge surf and rain. 
1491 9
A subscriber shares a little story about a garden caterpillar they dubbed Rudy. [pic] (12/15/14) 1218 9
Astronomy: Subscriber Chuck Cagara was outside last night capturing the Geminid Meteor Shower. (12/15/14) 1565 8
Do edhatters know what type of fungus this is? (12/14/14) 1453 8
TRAVEL: Steve shares photos of real winter from Lake Almanor in the Sierra Nevada mountains. (12/18/14) 1312 7
TRAVEL: Gus Harris snapped aerial photos from Santa Barbara to Chicago. (12/14/14) 1057 5
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sunny, a cat who thoroughly enjoys good weather. (12/14/14) 788 5
Central colors are shining again from our storm, in [pics] from John Wiley (12/15/14) 1069 4
Astronomy: Saturday is the best night to view the Geminids meteor shower. Fortunately, unlike the summer meteor events, you can see this one fairly early in the evening, just after it gets dark. (12/14/14) 1162 3
EDBIT: The Dedicated Staff enjoyed a lovely holiday party at The Black Sheep earlier this week.  (12/14/14) 909 3
CHP asks for a DUI and fatality free holiday season. (12/20/14) 319 3
A weak storm system over the Channel Islands Tuesday morning will continue to generate scattered showers mainly across Los Angeles County through the afternoon. [pics] (12/17/14) 1039 2
TRAVEL: Aquaholic shares a picture taken from the beach of Poverty Bay, Puget Sound. (12/19/14) 993 2
Cal OES is encouraging all Californians to act on the following tips in preparation for the coming storms. (12/16/14) 972 2
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares a [pic] of a Cape Cod sunset. (12/20/14) 557 1
A new paper by UCSB's Thomas Scheff provides a first step in arriving at accepted definitions of basic emotions. (12/16/14) 670 add
Los Padres National Forest officials announced plans to launch a series of prescribed burn projects over the next several months to eliminate piled brush. (12/17/14) 387 add
Oxnard Police are investigating a homicide that took place in the 4400 block of South "G" Street. (12/15/14) 253 add
Deputies have arrested Hells Angels motorcycle club members for possession of firearms and methamphetamine. [mugs] (12/17/14) 227 add
Ventura Police Department Motor Officer observed a Ford F-150 truck commit a traffic violation. When the Motor Officer attempted to make an enforcement stop on the truck near Seaward and Ocean, the Driver (David Fox) failed to stop. (12/14/14) 212 add
McConnell's of Ventura announces that it will be reopening it's shop this Friday after two weeks of repair and restoration following a serious attack by vandals. (12/17/14) 180 add
Ventura City Fire personnel responded to a reported young male surfer in distress near one of the rock jetties. (12/15/14) 174 add
The Ventura Police Department conducted a DUI checkpoint on southbound Seaward Ave. north of Alessandro St. on Friday evening. (12/14/14) 172 add
Oxnard Police are investigating the homicide of 28-year-old David Lara who suffered a single gunshot wound in the 1200 block of Felicia Court. (12/18/14) 169 add
Oxnard police officers were dispatched to the 700 block of South Oxnard Boulevard reference a shooting victim. (12/16/14) 159 add
Late last night, a 35-year old male with multiple gunshot wounds from an incident on Monday succumbed to his injuries. (12/17/14) 152 add
The Ventura County Fire Department, in cooperation with CAL FIRE, is initiating seasonal changes with respect to agricultural burning, controlled burn projects and vegetation fire response levels. (12/16/14) 141 add
The Oxnard Police Department is investigating its third deadly shooting in just three days, reports KEYT. (12/19/14) 132 add
The Ventura Police received an alarm activation from the Chevron gas station on Market St. Officers arrived and found the glass in the front door of the food mart had been smashed out, and it appeared as if somebody had gone inside. (12/19/14) 130 add
Ventura Police officers responded to the Arco AM/PM located at 5669 Valentine Road in regard to a robbery that had just occurred. (12/17/14) 128 add
Law Enforcement haas been reaching out to healthcare providers to curb patient doctor shopping for obtaining prescription medication. (12/18/14) 126 add
The Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from a victim of a residential burglary in the 300 block of Westminster St. (12/19/14) 124 add
As the holiday season is upon us, the Oxnard Police Department wants to remind everyone to drive safe and drive sober. (12/19/14) 108 add
Share-iffs Annual Toy Drive gift wrapping and delivery on Saturday 12/20/14 for families with hardships. (12/20/14) 66 add
A voluntary evacuation order is set to kick in for some residents in Ventura County that may be threatened by debris flow. (12/17/14) 59 add
Officers were conducting enhanced enforcement due to the recent violence when they contacted a 17 year old juvenile in the 1600 Block of East First Street. Officers located a loaded firearm in the immediate area of the juvenile. (12/19/14) 58 add
The County of Ventura is phasing out police sedans altogether, with plans to replace their fleet of Ford Crown Victorias and Dodge Chargers with Chevrolet Tahoe PPVs (12/19/14) 51 add
Pacific Coast Highway from Las Posas Road near Camarillo to Yerba Buena Road in Malibu is closed. (12/18/14) 50 add
The cost to put out a chemical fire and clean up the Mission Rock Road waste disposal site is estimated to be $1 million so far. (12/18/14) 39 add
Cal Lutheran faculty receive project funds. Programs range from research to public symposiums. (12/19/14) 39 add
District Attorney Gregory D. Totten announced the settlement of a suit between the county and Southern California Edison. (12/19/14) 38 add
A suspected triple murderer has now confessed to the crimes and changed his plea to guilty. (12/20/14) 11 add

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