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Updated with more photos: A subscriber reports that Al Gore is present at a wedding in Carpinteria Friday morning. [pics] (04/19/14) 6855 68
I'm very sick of Cox's service, or lack of, the rates they charge, and the lack of real options. Any opinions about this monopoly? (04/19/14) 2949 59
The U.S. Navy is closing San Miguel Island until further notice due to recent concerns of possible unexploded ordnance. [pic] (04/23/14) 2189 29
Has anyone else had problems finding doctors to accept Covered California Blue Shield? (04/22/14) 2143 25
Someone left behind an unwanted couch on the sidewalk. How do I dispose of it? Or will Marborg make a pick up? (04/20/14) 1705 25
A disease is killing off sea stars, commonly known as starfish on our west coast beaches. (04/18/14) 1369 22
It's Easter weekend and Ed wants to see your easter themed photos. Send them in! (04/19/14) 806 18
Charles shares a few [pics] of an on screen lizard he found. (04/20/14) 939 13
Does anyone know if a local bakery makes pie pops? (04/18/14) 1464 11
IN THE KITCHEN: Try chocolate chip lava cookies for a yummy mid-week treat! (04/20/14) 1025 10
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sparrow, an orange tabby looking for a special home. (04/20/14) 751 10
I found this bug on a paper tree, does anyone know what it is? (04/24/14) 907 9
The jasmines are blooming! A subscriber noticed a star jasmine plant with tons of flowers after getting a whiff of its sweet smell. [pics] (04/23/14) 946 8
Larry Nimmer shares his [vid] of Al Gore's daughter's wedding in Carpinteria. (04/22/14) 3268 7
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Sage, a handsome and well-trained boy looking for his new human. (04/20/14) 1081 7
POWDRELL: David shares a photo of his favorite spring flower. (04/24/14) 445 5
A subscriber shares her signature [pics] of spring. (04/24/14) 382 3
Some scientists believe that they have found the key to understanding which musical sounds are most likely to make us dance around. (04/20/14) 523 1
We have openings for Cat and Dog of the Week! If the extra attention your pet received on National Pet Day wasn't enough, submit them for instant fame. (04/22/14) 302 1
Thousand Oaks Police Department received information that a Westlake High School softball coach named Robert Garza engaged in unlawful sexual activities with a 15 year-old female student athlete. [mug] (04/20/14) 248 add
In Santa Paula, Narcotics Detectives arrested a suspected methamphetamine dealer. (04/19/14) 171 add
The Oxnard Police Department is asking for the public's assistance in locating 81-year old Manuel Frutos. (04/24/14) 158 add
Oxnard officers investigated a marijuana extraction lab. (04/18/14) 140 add
Oxnard Police Department responded to the 3600 Block of Saviers Road (Little Caesar's Pizza) reference a call of a robbery. (04/22/14) 137 add
A Ventura Police K-9 officer observed a man wanted in connection with this previous crime in the area of Laurel St. and Thompson Blvd. (04/22/14) 135 add
A robbery occurred at JP Morgan Chase Bank located at 2300 East Ponderosa Drive in the city of Camarillo. A suspect has been arrested. [mug] (04/21/14) 129 add
A patrol officer was driving on Johnson Dr., when he observed a vehicle he recognized as being reported stolen yesterday in Ventura, pulling into the parking lot of Motel 6. (04/23/14) 123 add
Oxnard Police Department and EMS personnel responded to the intersection of Vineyard Avenue and Esplanade Drive in reference to an injury traffic collision involving two vehicles. (04/20/14) 117 add
Ventura has been selected to participate in the My City Bikes Project. (04/23/14) 114 add
On April 23, 2014 at 1630 hours, detectives from the Oxnard Police Department Family Protection Unit arrested Jorge Arellano. (04/24/14) 112 add
12 people were arrested in Camarillo during a habitual offender sweep. (04/19/14) 105 add
At about 12:30 A.M., Oxnard PD officers and EMS personnel responded to the 1800 block of MacArthur Place in reference to an injury traffic collision involving a motorcyclist. (04/24/14) 103 add
Upon arrival to a vacant lot, fire crews found a large pile of burning refuse. [pic] (04/21/14) 101 add
The Ventura Commerce and Education Foundation named Jean Branstetter, first-grade teacher at Portola Elementary in Ventura, April's Teacher of the Month. (04/22/14) 100 add
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a recent pelican convention in Ventura. (04/18/14) 97 add
At 1405 hours, officers located a stolen black 2005 Mercedes Benz sedan in the 2600 Block of South Ventura Road. (04/22/14) 90 add
Fire crews responded to a reported structure fire and found a plastic refuse container on fire, extending to adjacent vegetation. [pic] (04/21/14) 88 add
Fillmore Patrol units responded to a call of a vehicle collision into the Dollar Tree store in the City of Fillmore. [pic] (04/21/14) 86 add
Updated Release: Oxnard Police Department and EMS personnel responded to the intersection of Seventh Street and ‘F' Street in reference to an injury traffic collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. (04/20/14) 85 add
Calvary Chapel of Oxnard held it's annual Easter Sunrise Service at Mandalay Beach Resort, at 6:15 a.m. [pics] (04/21/14) 85 add
With fire danger still high and another dry summer predicted, the VCFD has mailed more than 15,000 weed abatement notices to property owners. (04/22/14) 80 add
During the course of investigating a residential burglary, the victim reported that she was sexually assaulted after being confronted by the two suspects. [pic] (04/24/14) 78 add
The Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call of an injury traffic collision involving a vehicle and pedestrian. (04/24/14) 76 add
Oxnard Police Department and EMS personnel responded to the intersection of Pleasant Valley and Saviers roads in reference to a hit and run injury traffic collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. (04/23/14) 76 add
Oxnard Police Officers responded reference a domestic battery that had just occurred in the 1400 block of Lyonia Lane. (04/20/14) 76 add
Cabodogz and The Ventura Breeze are pleased to announce the Second Annual Felix 'n Fido Bring Me Home Adoption Festival. (04/21/14) 73 add
Oxnard Police Department responded to a call of an interrupted residential burglary in the 1400 block of Marsella Drive. (04/20/14) 69 add
Oxnard Police Officers responded to a call of stabbing victim at the 1500 block of Kipling Court. (04/19/14) 69 add
Altrusa International will present a $2,200 check for supplies for the youth center to Mayor Cheryl Heitmann and Councilmember Mike Tracy. (04/18/14) 68 add
Oxnard Police Department Special Enforcement Unit were working enhanced uniform enforcement in the 1300 block of Gonzales Road, in response to the recent violent gang activity in the area. (04/20/14) 59 add
The City of Ventura will be resurfacing South Seaward Avenue, from Pierpont Blvd to the beach. (04/24/14) 53 add
An Oxnard building is still standing, thanks to the quick work of firefighters. (04/18/14) 39 add
Randall D. Hiebert (September 25, 1940 - March 16, 2014) (04/22/14) 23 add
Detectives from the Oxnard Narcotic Street team conducted a probation search at a residence in the 900 block of Cheyenne Way. (04/24/14) 18 add
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