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How much do you know about the world's religions? Do you think lack of knowledge strengthens our divisions? (09/28/14) 1269 107
A reader had two routine vaccinations and is experiencing extreme pain. Does anyone have any advice to offer? (09/26/14) 2862 47
The roots of a City-owned tree have entered the sewer pipes of my house, yet the City is holding me responsible. What are my options? (09/25/14) 2630 37
I found these droppings on my dining table but found no signs of mice. [pic] Could it be a lizard? (09/24/14) 2824 35
The Animal Rescue Team discusses how the drought is impacting native wildlife. (09/27/14) 1269 27
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Remington, a spirited two-year old Bengal. (09/28/14) 1709 19
Has anyone else noticed an unusual number of earthquakes for the California/Nevada area? (09/30/14) 1415 19
We love beaches, birds, and bugs so flash photographers, send in your "B" themed pics! (09/27/14) 977 14
Astronomy: Look to the south-southwest from Santa Barbara over the next few weeks, out over the ocean, and you'll see red. (09/28/14) 1787 9
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares an aerial [vid] of the crystal clear waters of Tahiti. (09/26/14) 1290 9
TRAVEL: Max shares photos from a recent visit to San Francisco. (09/25/14) 925 9
SLO Police warn residents of a phone scam that targets the elderly, commonly referred to as the "Grandparent Scam." (09/26/14) 897 8
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a snail navigating around an agave plant. (09/27/14) 794 8
A subscriber snapped this [vid] of a truck on fire on Hwy 101 southbound. (09/24/14) 1958 7
What are these tiny mushrooms in my outdoor pots? [pic] (09/30/14) 1450 7
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Daisy, a Santa Barbara native and great companion. (09/28/14) 830 7
An edhat subscriber needs help identifying this insect from Northern California. [pic]
updated 8:15 am
600 6
Cartoons: Mike shares a cartoon about excerising, or lack thereof.  (09/28/14) 1062 5
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a praying mantis hanging out on some milkweed. (09/27/14) 1023 5
A reader shares [pics] of the containers they use to provide water for drought-stricken wildlife.
updated 10:45 am
607 4
An edhatter shares this [pic] of Henry the Hawk enjoying his breakfast.
updated 9:57 am
628 3
The National Weather Service has sent out another wind advisory in effect from 5pm on Saturday to 3am on Sunday. (09/28/14) 588 3
The edhat bag has made an appearance with a group of singing nuns. [pic]
updated 8:55 am
439 3
IN THE KITCHEN: I recently tried a new variation of stuffed bell peppers - Southwestern Turkey and Quinoa. (09/28/14) 1092 2
TRAVEL: An edhatter abroad shares a photo of the edhat bag in Venice, Italy! (09/25/14) 766 1
A wind advisory is in effect from 5pm Friday to 3am Saturday morning. [pic] (09/27/14) 759 1
Sheriff's Deputies are looking for Mary Adkins, a 99 year old female who was last seen at 8:20 this morning in the area of Riverside Drive and Santa Ana in Oak View. [pic] (09/30/14) 147 1
Ventura Police have released results from Friday's DUI Checkpoint. (09/28/14) 316 add
Updated With Vid On 09/24/14 at approximately 1:45 pm, a male subject entered Santa Clara Catholic Church located in the 300 Block of South "E" Street and stole a crucifix. [pics] (09/27/14) 241 add
Sandra Lopez has been charged with a felony count of identity theft after stealing the identity of a deceased person in order to fraudulently obtain credit cards. (09/26/14) 220 add
Oxnard Police have released the name of the victim in a fatal traffic collision. (09/28/14) 199 add
A husband and wife were arrested for child endangerment, cocaine sales, and weapons violations. [mug] (09/27/14) 192 add
A subscriber shares a [pic] of the current Ventura fire viewed from Ventura Missionary School. (09/30/14) 191 add
Officers responded to a report of a wanted subject seen in the area of a residence in the 700 block of Arbor St. (09/25/14) 186 add
Police need help in identifying suspects in recent increase in thefts from homes. (09/25/14) 165 add
Additional charges have been filed against an alleged sexual predator. (09/24/14) 162 add
Ventura County Fire Dept. is working on a brush fire north of the intersection of Foothill Rd. and Kimball Rd. (09/30/14) 155 add
At 1 AM the Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call reporting an injury traffic collision involving a motorcycle in the 3700 block of Transport St. (09/30/14) 151 add
Allen Lyons was arrested for possession of stolen vehicle, felony evading, possession of a fictitious check, forgery, and a parole violation. (09/24/14) 134 add
Oxnard resident Rene Ray Cervantez has been booked for possession of a controlled substance and dangerous drugs for sale with a $50,000 bail. (09/26/14) 129 add
The City of Ventura is declaring a water shortage emergency. (09/24/14) 128 add
Ventura Police Command Center received a 9-1-1 call of a shooting heard in the 1200 Block of Prairie Dog Place. (09/27/14) 121 add
Ventura Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint this Friday, September 26, 2014 at an undisclosed location within the city limits between the hours of 8:00 p.m to 3:00 a.m. (09/25/14) 118 add
Ventura City and County Fire is working to put out a brush fire in the area of Harmon Canyon located near Foothill Road and Kimball Road. (09/30/14) 111 add
Officers were dispatched to the area of Fifth Street near Rose Ave. reference a carjacking. (09/28/14) 109 add
At the beginning of 2014, the Oxnard Police Department launched the Operation Safer and Stronger initiative to proactively remove firearms from prohibited persons in the city. (09/24/14) 101 add
A woman allegedly tortured and burned by a San Luis Obispo man spoke out in court on Thursday. (09/27/14) 96 add
Pedro Gomez was booked on the charges of Burglary and Possession of Narcotic Paraphernalia after an incident in the 6000 block of Woodland St. (09/29/14) 96 add
There is police activity in the 1000 block of Will Ave. in the El Rio Unincorporated area. (09/28/14) 93 add
In response to the California drought, a local campaign in Ventura urges drivers to skip car washes and cruise around in dirty vehicles. (09/25/14) 85 add
The Ventura County Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Team is pleased to announce the first ever "CIT Officer of the Year" recipient, Officer James Espinoza. (09/29/14) 80 add
The Ventura County Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is excited to announce the first ever "CIT Officer of the Year" awards luncheon. (09/26/14) 76 add
Ventura County firefighters, dispatchers, mechanics, hand crew members and chief officers have all been authorized to wear pink T-shirts while on duty to help raise cancer awareness. (09/30/14) 52 add
The Ventura County Fire Department is urging people to test their smoke alarms every month.
updated 8:51 am
48 add
A 5-year-old Sylmar boy has tested positive for cocaine after being found sitting next to a bag full in the back of his parent's car. (09/29/14) 48 add
A brush fire burning in Ventura prompted the evacuation of a school and threatened six structures Monday afternoon, but firefighters were able to make significant progress against it..
updated 11:18 am
4 add

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