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A subscriber shares a [pic] of a sea lion's new best friend. (01/28/15) 2613 32
Lois Capps (CA-24) applauded the decision by the U.S. Department of Interior to prohibit any new offshore oil or gas lease sales in Coastal California areas. (01/28/15) 998 29
My elderly dog never leaves the house, do I have to renew her county dog license? (02/01/15) 1355 27
Charles is curious to know if edhatters like black and white or color photos more. [pics] (01/28/15) 1105 25
Did anyone else see a very bright white light, low in the western sky, as the sun was setting last night? (01/27/15) 1504 21
Scientists, including UCSB's Jeff Goddard, wonder whether a pink sea slug's response to warm ocean conditions signals another major shift in ocean climate. (01/30/15) 854 19
Can someone identify this strange bug? (01/28/15) 2282 17
Jean snapped these [pics] of yellow mallow. (01/26/15) 1435 13
Can anyone tell me what these bugs are and how to get rid of them? [pic] (01/30/15) 2658 12
Do edhatters have insight into repurposing concrete and how to do it? (01/29/15) 1189 11
Edhatters share photos and [vid] from the Rincon Classic this past weekend. (01/27/15) 1950 10
While photographing Sunday's sunset, Charles Brewster noticed numerous "UFO's" hanging around. [pics] (01/27/15) 2255 8
Two cloudscapes from John Wiley he calls "sky paintings." [pics] (01/31/15) 1108 7
A subscriber is curious if anyone else had IGS Energy come to their door and try to scam them? (02/01/15) 760 5
In honor of the Film Festival, Ed is curious which films are your favorites. Send in photos! (01/31/15) 709 5
POWDRELL: Well, the tents have been folded up, the port-a-potties transported home andĀ RinconĀ Beach is back to looking as if nothing happened last weekend. (02/01/15) 731 3
Would you say that your emotions help engage your memory and/or they make you blind to things that you don't want to see? (02/01/15) 224 3
TRAVEL: Max Rosenberg shares [pics] he took during his flight over LA and into Santa Barbara last night.
updated 9:48 am
270 add
Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call of a stabbing that just occurred inside the La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant, 100 N. Ashwood Ave. (01/29/15) 240 add
Ventura Sheriff's Investigators Had Key Role in Tracking "Operation Wicked Hand" Fugitive Librado Navarette, Leading to His Arrest. [mug] (01/28/15) 233 add
On Sunday at 2:08 AM, officers from the Oxnard Police Department assisted in a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional pursuit of a stolen vehicle. (01/26/15) 222 add
UPDATED INFO.: At 3:40 on Sunday a woman who reported that she was running on the Botanical Garden trails and was slapped on the buttocks by an unknown suspect. (01/31/15) 202 add
Updated With [Mugs]: Two drug dealers were arrested while using the ridesharing service Uber to commit crimes. (01/30/15) 198 add
The public's help is needed in identifying wallet thieves who are targeting women. [vid] (01/28/15) 190 add
Detectives are seeking the public's help in identifying a self-serve laundromats burglary suspect. [vid] (01/28/15) 180 add
The Ventura County Fire Department will honor its Firefighters of the Year on Thursday during its annual Awards Ceremony. (01/27/15) 176 add
Ventura Police have released the autopsy results regarding the death of a Ventura resident. (01/29/15) 160 add
On January 30th, 2015, Detectives from the Sheriff's Office Arson Unit served a search warrant at the residence of Leopold Weinstein in Moorpark. [mug] (02/01/15) 151 add
Officers from Traffic Unit conducted a special enforcement operation targeting drivers who appeared in court for cases involving imposed driver's license suspensions. (01/27/15) 143 add
Ventura Police officers responded to an injury, hit and run traffic collision that had just occurred in the 3400 block of Main Street. (01/29/15) 141 add
Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call of a shooting victim at a residence in the 300 block of Leighton Dr. (02/01/15) 118 add
VPD communications received a call from a passerby of a non-responsive male lying in a vacant lot in the 4200 Blk. of Transport Street. Patrol officers responded and found the deceased body of a male. (01/28/15) 111 add
On January 27, deputies from the Ojai station and the Ventura County Fire Dept. responded to the area of N. La Luna Ave. and Fairview Rd. Sheriff's dispatch had received numerous calls of loud explosions in the area. (01/31/15) 99 add
Police are planning for DUI enforcement during Super Bowl Sunday. (01/30/15) 94 add
On Sunday, February 1st, the Oxnard PD Traffic Unit will conduct dedicated DUI enforcement before, during and following Sunday's Super Bowl matchup. (01/31/15) 88 add
A recent Human Resources survey has shown that the County of Ventura now has women filling 43 percent of its 106 at-will executive positions. (01/31/15) 82 add
National Public Radio station KCLU won five Golden Mikes for excellence in broadcast news coverage. (01/30/15) 75 add
Highway 118 is now open in both directions between Grimes Cyn. Rd. and Balcom Cyn. Rd. (01/29/15) 72 add
A woman was slapped on the butt while running at Grant Park in Ventura by a man seated next to a path, police said. (01/28/15) 72 add
Yesterday evening, the Ventura Police received a call from a woman indicating that her son, Michael Crosby had hit her older son, Jack Crosby with a bottle and he was bleeding from his head.
updated 9:28 am
71 add
Yesterday, at approximately 9:07 PM, officers from the Oxnard Police Department responded to the 1300 block of Friedrich Lane reference reports of gunfire in the area.
updated 9:24 am
66 add
There are now eight measles cases in Ventura County. Two more Vetnura County residents were diagnosed with measles this week. (01/31/15) 52 add
After two weeks with no arrests, the Ventura community is rallying for a homeless man who was doused in lighter fluid and set on fire on the beach of a quiet seaside town. (02/01/15) 35 add
The nearly two-month-long closure of Point Mugu State Park will soon be lifted. Park officials plan to reopen the park on February 1st. (02/01/15) 18 add

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