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Has anyone living near the railroad tracks noticed an increase in soot, a tingling sensation around their mouths, and gritty teeth? (04/21/15) 2332 36
There are 18 salmonella cases due to consuming raw fish reported in Southern California. (04/22/15) 2211 34
A vigil was held next to the Santa Barbara Courthouse on Wednesday to remember a former SBHS graduate who was shot and killed by Oxnard police. [pic] (04/25/15) 2508 32
I feel like I may be getting overcharged for my bi-annual teeth cleaning and I'm wondering what other Edhat users typically pay.
updated 11:30 am
1280 28
The Ventura County Superior Court is expected to drop charges against a man who spent 36 years in prison for a 1978 murder. (04/23/15) 1622 26
Updated With More [Pics]: A unique looking blue jellyfish has been found on local beaches. (04/22/15) 3662 24
Don was able to capture [pics] of edhatters favorite things, sunsets and hummingbirds, in one photo! (04/22/15) 1230 20
EDBIT: UC Santa Barbara has been ranked the best surf campus in America! (04/26/15) 1164 20
Edhat subscribers are reporting phone scams claiming to be from the IRS Fraud Division with a 703 area code. (04/21/15) 1978 19
What are the consequences of using hard water to house pipes, laundry, dishes, etc.? (04/21/15) 1812 19
Recent research shows the Ventura fault line is extremely dangerous and capable of producing severe tsunamis, reports the LA Times. (04/22/15) 2813 18
A subscriber reports a fatal accident involving a train and vehicle off Las Posas Road in Camarillo. [pic] (04/24/15) 2121 17
A subscriber is curious where the best place is to report fraud. (04/24/15) 1277 16
Alumni Jack and Kim Johnson team with UCSB's Associated Students Food Bank and Department of Public Worms on Edible Campus project to grow food on campus. (04/25/15) 784 15
EDBIT: Happy Earth Day edhatters! How are you celebrating? (04/23/15) 661 14
A subscriber asks for help in identifying this wheat-like plant. (04/25/15) 1423 13
MountainMan is wondering if you can identify these hummingbirds. [pics] (04/21/15) 1394 13
EDBIT: Dodgers or Giants? The rivalry is real and one filmmaker explores the possibility of dating across enemy baseball lines. (04/26/15) 987 12
MountainMan shares [pics] of his newly constructed bee hive.
updated 8:51 am
761 10
Six Canine-Firefighter Search Teams, including Firefighter Eric Gray and Search Dog Riley of SBCFD, have been deployed to Nepal. [pics]
updated 12:00 pm
717 10
Do you want to see what adorable Mini Nubian Goats look like? Check out these [pics]. (04/25/15) 1837 8
A subscriber captures a [pic] of a blooming cactus amidst the drought. (04/23/15) 1207 8
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Dobby, who, on a recent Monday afternoon, alerted her owner to a nearby fire. (04/26/15) 793 8
TRAVEL: Edhatter Gus Harris recently went to San Francisco where the intriguing reflections and shadows on the buildings made for great [pics].
updated 11:00 am
295 8
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about those pesky early birds. (04/26/15) 812 7
TRAVEL: A subscriber displays the Edhat bag in Croatia. (04/22/15) 707 6
UCSB's Uta Passow studies the intricacies of marine snow formation in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. (04/21/15) 702 6
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Buffy, an easy-to-love cat with a big personality looking for a wonderful new home. (04/26/15) 810 5
TRAVEL: The edhat bagflag has moved on and is now in Amsterdam.
updated 12:45 pm
277 5
William reports the young herons are getting a little bolder. [pics] (04/21/15) 943 4
TRAVEL: A subscriber spotted the Edhat Bagflag on the island of Hvar in Croatia. (04/23/15) 887 4
Friday is National Arbor Day and Ed wants to see your plant themed photos. (04/25/15) 552 4
TRAVEL: The edhat bagflag takes a yachting tour around Croatia. (04/24/15) 639 3
Hands on was the name of the game at the Santa Clara River Earth Day Clean Up! [pics] (04/27/15) 577 3
TRAVEL: The edhat bag is now in Dubrovnik, Croatia! (04/25/15) 570 3
Cindy's flowers were quite happy to receive a little rain this weekend. [pics]
updated 9:30 am
383 2
The young herons are about to fly! Check out edhat subscriber William's [pics].
updated 10:30 am
350 2
A wind advisory is in effect from 3 PM Saturday afternoon until 3 AM on Sunday. (04/26/15) 514 1
Would you like to celebrate Poem In Your Pocket day by writing a poem with me today? (04/25/15) 273 1
Oxnard PD has the results from Sunday's DUI/Driver's Licence Checkpoints.
updated 8:58 am
72 1
UCSB researchers cradle silver nanoclusters inside synthetic DNA to create a programmed, tunable fluorescent array. (04/24/15) 445 add
The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory in effect from 6pm Sunday to 3am Monday. (04/27/15) 436 add
Ventura Sheriff's arrested 20-year-old Ivan Ruiz Reyes for residential burglaries in the Port Hueneme area. [mug] (04/21/15) 241 add
Ventura Police shot and killed a pit bull as the dog attacked officers during an arrest. (04/24/15) 235 add
Law enforcement investigating a stabbing that occurred in the 100 Block of First Street located and arrested Saul Antonio Gonzalez for attempted murder. (04/22/15) 216 add
Police have arrested a carjacking suspect, 25-year-old Jose Hilario Nunez. [mug] (04/21/15) 216 add
Two culinary academies at Oxnard Union High School District put skills to the fire in the Mandalay Mystery Basket Competition on April 28th. (04/22/15) 204 add
Ventura Police officers responded to a reported explosion and structure fire to an apartment in the 6600 block of Telephone Road. (04/24/15) 203 add
The Ventura Police Communications center received a call of subjects trespassing on the property of Motel 6. (04/22/15) 202 add
Officers from the Oxnard Police Department will be coordinating the Every 15 Minutes (E15M) Program at Pacifica High School, 600 E Gonzales Rd, Oxnard, tomorrow and Friday. (04/23/15) 190 add
This morning, the Ventura City Fire Department responded to multiple reports of a structure fire in the 200 block of Ventura Avenue. [pics] (04/24/15) 189 add
Last night Ventura Police officers responded to an armed robbery that had just occurred at the Arco Am/Pm located at 5669 Valentine Road. (04/21/15) 177 add
As the fire danger expands, a weed abatement notice is mailed to property owners. [pics] (04/21/15) 167 add
On Sunday between the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., the Oxnard PD Traffic Unit will be conducting a multiple location DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint. (04/26/15) 167 add
On April 27, 2015, it will have been one year since 78 year old Ruben Alfaro was senselessly murdered in the 5300 block of Cypress Road. [pic] (04/25/15) 145 add
On Tuesday, the Camarillo Police Department's Community Resource Unit and an agent from the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control conducted an alcohol sting using underage minor decoys. (04/24/15) 144 add
On Tuesday, March 24, 2015, the Pleasant Valley Lion's Club hosted a dinner and awards ceremony to recognize two civilians as Volunteers of the Year. (04/24/15) 144 add
Ventura City Fire Department responded to a traffic collision reported to have a trapped victim and involved in fire. [pics] (04/27/15) 142 add
Ventura Police Command Center received a call of gunshots heard in the parking lot of the Ventura Isle Marina. (04/25/15) 140 add
Oxnard Police made an arrest of a 21-year-old suspect for an attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. (04/26/15) 136 add
Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from a citizen reporting a subject prowling in the area of Bonita Ct. and Seaview Ave. (04/25/15) 135 add
Two females were rescued Sunday afternoon from a near drowning, officials said. (04/21/15) 134 add
A gang member was arrested for firearms charges in Fillmore. (04/25/15) 132 add
Oxnard PD received a 911 call regarding a stabbing victim in the 400 block of West Juniper. (04/25/15) 125 add
Edward Becerra, 26-year-old Ojai resident, was arrested for attempted murder. [mug]
updated 1:58 pm
122 add
Sean Ryan was arrested without incident after officers were dispatched to a robbery suspect in the area of Squires Drive and Pleasant Valley Road. (04/27/15) 114 add
On April 25, 2015 at 10:37 a.m. Oxnard Police Department officers responded to the 400 block of W. Juniper Street to investigate the report of a fight. (04/26/15) 113 add
The Kiwanis Club of Oxnard presented the 47th Annual Police Officer of the Year and Employee Awards Luncheon this afternoon at the Tower Club in Oxnard. [pics] (04/24/15) 102 add
Law enforcement is investigating a swatting incident that took place at Moorpark High School on Monday morning.
updated 4:17 pm
87 add
Leader of Oxnard Gang and Mexican Mafia Associate Sentenced to Life without Parole in Federal Prison for Drug and Gun Offenses
updated 5:35 pm
66 add
The California Breastfeeding Coalition has announced that the County of Ventura has been chosen to receive the statewide Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace Award.
updated 2:55 pm
62 add
Police are investigating the apparent suicide of a Burbank man whose body was recovered Thursday off Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County, near Naval Air Station Point Mugu. (04/27/15) 52 add
The Ventura County Grand Jury reviewed the Port Hueneme Police Department responses to calls for service.
updated 4:15 pm
45 add
The Oxnard Police Department is excited to announce its first Start Smart teenage driver safety class.
updated 10:23 am
44 add
The Oxnard Police Department arrested a convicted felon this evening for possession of a firearm.
updated 9:31 pm
30 add
Mary Margaret Morrissey Grillo (September 2, 1966 - February 21, 2015)
updated 9:21 am
17 add

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