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A UCSB scientist and colleagues warn that widespread contraction of the planet's animal life could have harmful effects on human well-being. (07/26/14) 1334 47
Has anyone else gotten sick from the recalled fruit from Trader Joe's and other stores? (07/25/14) 2763 39
Can edhatters provide tips on deterring skunks from the home and backyard? (07/25/14) 1358 33
Send in all your "F" themed photos to edhat! Food, Fun, Flags, Flowers, you name it and send it in. (07/26/14) 975 27
I've been seeing these bugs around my house lately, what are they? (07/31/14) 1901 19
A subscriber received a recall notice on a receipt from Ralphs. [pics] (07/31/14) 1578 15
Does anyone know what type of bug this is? I know it bites! (07/28/14) 2491 13
Aquaholic just returned from a solo four day trip to the Eastern Sierra Nevada range! [pics] (07/28/14) 1608 13
Is this a blue heron? He/she shows up in our area every so often. [pics] (07/28/14) 1878 12
An edhat subscriber saw this questionable bug and wonders if anyone know what it is? [pics] (07/28/14) 1593 12
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Pumpernickel, a sassy Persian whose diva attitude cannot be rivaled. (07/27/14) 764 11
Recent research concluded that eating too much fat can kill your sense of smell. What do you think of that? (07/27/14) 664 10
Caltrans and the CHP are warning motorists statewide that the CHP is conducting maximum enforcement of traffic laws in active construction zones. (07/29/14) 880 9
An edhat subscriber shares [pics] of a winged beauty. (07/25/14) 1315 8
TRAVEL: Our dedicated staff member spent time in Rome and the edhat bag made a few appearances! (07/26/14) 786 8
An edhat subscriber reports a rollover accident on Hwy 101 northbound, just north of Ventura around 11 am on Saturday. [pics] (07/27/14) 1338 7
I don't get many opportunities to see newly released foreign films so was excited to go watch a French film entitled Jos├ęphine last week. (07/27/14) 573 5
TRAVEL: Max shares [pics] taken as he flew into Sun Valley yesterday. (07/30/14) 745 3
The California Highway Patrol is seeking accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies for its communications operations. (07/31/14) 146 1
A retired police officer and Oxnard resident was sentenced to 83 years to life in prison, Tuesday for child molestation. (07/31/14) 61 1
Detectives arrested Howard Lovett for the fatal stabbing of a Ventura resident. [mug] (07/25/14) 482 add
Ventura Police arrested Conrad Moraga, an Oxnard resident, for possession of stolen property and driving a stolen vehicle. (07/27/14) 238 add
Detective's from the Oxnard Police Department and the Ventura County Sheriff's Department concluded a six month long investigation with a traffic stop in the area of Auto Center Dr. and Los Olivos. [mug] (07/27/14) 236 add
Updated: The Ventura Police Department is currently working a high risk incident at Motel 6 on Harbor Blvd. and the Ventura SWAT team has been deployed. (07/31/14) 223 add
A subscriber reports a person sitting on the edge of Oxnard Tower. [pic] (07/30/14) 169 add
Ventura Police have arrested Eric Bujak for stealing a vehicle. (07/27/14) 166 add
Ventura City Fire crews responded to a reported traffic collision with a vehicle into a structure. [pic] (07/30/14) 154 add
Oxnard police officers responded to 300 Esplanade Drive reference a female threatening to commit suicide. (07/30/14) 151 add
Ventura Police Detectives arrested Salvador Raymond Medrano for robbery, after discovering he committed four additional robberies in the city of Oxnard. (07/25/14) 138 add
Oxnard Police and Fire announce National Night Out events across city, next Tuesday, Aug 5th. (07/29/14) 115 add
The 2014 Ventura County Fair, "A Country Fair with Ocean Air" runs from July 30st through August 10th at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. (07/25/14) 115 add
The Ventura PD Traffic Unit would like to remind motorists to be mindful of a few things while driving to the County Fair. (07/25/14) 102 add
The Ventura Harbor is looking quite nice now that the new landscaping is filling in (and no water required). (07/31/14) 99 add
The Valley Vet Non-Profit van will be at SPARC on Friday, August 1 to do spay/neuters for $10.00. (07/26/14) 95 add
Help to support the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer at the Red Brick Gallery on August 1st. (07/29/14) 95 add
Last night, the Ventura PD Commander Center received a call to assist Ventura City Fire with a stabbing victim on the promenade near Crown Plaza. (07/30/14) 91 add
Due to the Ventura County Fair Parade, the Downtown Ventura Farmers' Market will be closed on Saturday, August 2, 2014. The Market will re-open the following Saturday, August 9. (07/29/14) 90 add
Hector C. Alamillo Jr. (October 18, 1980 - July 23, 2014) (07/28/14) 83 add
Here are photos from Opening Day at the fair. (07/31/14) 79 add
Oxnard Police Department received a call of an armed robbery at the 7-11 store located at 1955 S. Patterson Road in Oxnard. (07/25/14) 76 add
Community Invited to a Drought Informational Meeting, July 30 (07/25/14) 75 add
The Ventura County Sheriff's Office applied for and was recently awarded a GAP Grant through ABC. (07/25/14) 65 add
Ventura County Water Officials Reward Drivers in Dirty Car Challenge. (07/29/14) 62 add
A water main break caused a sinkhole that damaged Ojai Avenue and the historic Ojai Playhouse. (07/25/14) 60 add
A Fillmore woman is searching for the family of Coraline Nelson, after she found Nelson's unattended urn at a gas station. (07/27/14) 60 add
Do you belong to a group that invites speakers to its meetings? The Ventura County Grand Jury conducts an ongoing speakers' bureau and outreach program. (07/30/14) 60 add
Due to the severe drought conditions the State is experiencing, showers at El Capitan State Beach will not be available to visitors starting tomorrow. (07/31/14) 58 add
An urn containing the ashes of a Santa Barbara woman is being returned to her family after someone left the urn at a gas station in Fillmore. (07/28/14) 57 add
The Thousand Oaks Police Department will be hosting a program to educate newly licensed and future licensed drivers. (07/30/14) 56 add
Ventura Police arrested a stabbing suspect Monday night thanks to help from witnesses. (07/30/14) 43 add
An exotic-animal trainer told repeatedly that she can't keep tigers on her Ventura County property has filed suit in Superior Court. (07/30/14) 42 add
Oxnard Police responded to the parking lot of Sea Rounders, 2670 S. Ventura Rd., reference a male subject, later identified as Paul Perez, in the parking lot with a gun. 
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