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Hugh captured a stunning [pic] of an Osprey catching dinner at Goleta Beach. (08/27/16) 2695 39
Can an edhatter help identify these spiders? (08/27/16) 2265 30
A subscriber noticed a lot of baby lizards are running around. [pic] (08/27/16) 2193 27
Is there a place in town where someone can play with puppies or dogs? (08/27/16) 1908 15
The Coast Guard rescued four individuals after their vessel ran aground 100 yards west of Beecher's Bay, Santa Rosa Island, Tuesday. (08/31/16) 1242 12
Sen. Jackson's bill to increase the public's confidence in autopsies passed off the Senate floor and heads to the Governor. (08/26/16) 832 11
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Maria, who knows a good sunbathing spot when she sees one. (08/28/16) 927 5
Conservation ecologist Douglas McCauley and UCSB colleagues lay out a set of guidelines for how de-extinction can be made more ecologically responsible. (08/25/16) 811 5
Despite being under the weather, Jackson Browne pulled off a great show Saturday night at the SB Bowl. [pics] (08/29/16) 1479 3
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about being nocturnal. (08/28/16) 1239 3
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Sashay, a former ball dog turned dancer. (08/28/16) 941 3
Caltrans plans to close Highway 101 on-ramps and off-ramps at Mussel Shoals and La Conchita for two nights during the next two weeks. (08/25/16) 560 3
Thousand Oaks Police Department announces results of DUI Court Stakeout Operation
updated 7:30 am
221 3
Does anyone know what happened the Avenue today? Lots of cops all over a gas station there? (08/25/16) 218 1
UCSB researchers show that when it comes to climate change and stream flow, plants play an important role. (08/31/16) 502 add
After a three week investigation into suspected drug use and sales, Oxnard Police have made several arrests, and recovered stolen property. [mugs] (08/27/16) 320 add
A Ventura doctor faces federal charges of illegally writing prescriptions for addictive narcotics connected to gang's drug trafficking. (08/30/16) 293 add
Human trafficking organization members have been identified and arrested following a six month investigation. (08/25/16) 250 add
A late night prowler was arrested following a call from an alert and concerned citizen. (08/26/16) 220 add
Ventura Sheriff's Departing is requesting help from the public to identify a grand theft suspect who stole from the ATandT store. [pic] (08/26/16) 199 add
A Ventura vagrant was arrested for stealing property from someone's garage. (08/27/16) 193 add
A Ventura vagrant was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, reckless driving and resisting arrest. (08/31/16) 163 add
Ventura Police arrested three carjacking suspects from an incident in April. (08/25/16) 161 add
Four Oxnard men were arrested during a sting operation for furnishign alcohol to minors. (08/27/16) 149 add
A Santa Paula man was arrested for stealing cell phones from a car, pepper spraying the victims, and running from law enforcement. (08/25/16) 148 add
Oxnard officers arrested an alleged gang member for being in possession of a firearm. (08/26/16) 136 add
Oxnard Police arrested a Ventura man for possessing a firearm and having narcotics for sale. (08/27/16) 134 add
The Todd Road Jail inmate visiting will be closed September 6-27 due to parking lot construction. (08/26/16) 110 add
Camarillo Police are conducting a DUI checkpoint on Saturday evening within city limits. (08/26/16) 109 add
KEYT: Criminal charges have officially been filed against a Ventura County Sheriff's Deputy accused of stealing prescription medication from a medicine disposal drop-off bin. (08/27/16) 105 add
A Mental Health First Aid certified training session is being conducted to help those who may be dealing with someone that is developing a possible mental health problem or may be at risk of suicide or harm. (08/26/16) 92 add
Ventura County Firefighters are joining a 500-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise awareness for cancer. (08/26/16) 89 add
Caltrans has postponed its plans to close Highway 101 on-ramps and off-ramps at Mussel Shoals. (08/31/16) 86 add
Camarillo Police Department would like to remind the public to be cautious as they travel near schools. (08/25/16) 83 add
Ventura Police made an arrest following a rollover accident at Buena High School. No injuries were reported.
updated 8:30 am
77 add
The Todd Road Jail inmate visiting will remain open during parking lot construction from September 6th through September 27th. (08/31/16) 63 add
Early Tuesday morning, Camarillo patrol deputies arrested a suspect during a burglary in progress at a local pharmacy.
updated 1:12 pm
40 add
One person was arrested for DUI during a checkpoint in Camarillo on Saturday.
updated 1:13 pm
40 add
KEYT: Ventura County is confirming its first human case of West Nile virus. Ventura County public health says it is also working with the California Department of Public Health on two other potential cases.
updated 10:08 am
24 add

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