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With local, county, state and Federal elections looming, Chuck is curious what should be done with regard to our local oil industry? (05/03/16) 984 40
A subscriber has a question on why local land has not been pushed for National Park Status. (04/30/16) 1499 25
The Coast Guard rescued a man after his vessel ran aground north west of Santa Cruz Island, Monday. (05/04/16) 1435 19
The California Transportation Commission is looking for volunteers to examine new ways to fund state-wide transportation infrastructure. [pic] (05/04/16) 735 19
What are these weird bugs secreting liquid on my tree? (05/04/16) 2264 14
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about listening in relationships. (05/01/16) 1629 12
The mystery of the great migration of monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico has been solved. (05/01/16) 3102 10
Edhatters share [pics] of various bird visitors throughout the area. (04/30/16) 1479 9
It's Arbor Day so send in all your tree photos and check out what nature inspires fellow edhatters. (04/30/16) 910 9
East Anacapa from the water, as John Wiley ventures out from Ventura a week after flying there. [pics] (05/02/16) 1777 7
[Updated:] The 40 acre brush fire in Ventura is at 75% containment. (04/29/16) 3665 5
The Coast Guard medevaced a man near Channel Islands Harbor Sunday morning. (05/03/16) 919 2
The Ventura County Narcotics Task Force arrested a heroin dealer for manslaughter. [mug] (04/29/16) 283 add
A Los Angeles man was arrested in Simi Valley for attempting to sell drugs over Craigslist. [mug] (05/03/16) 222 add
Charles Luckey, a 42-year-old vagrant, was arrested for prowling. (04/29/16) 220 add
Kenneth Rodabaugh was arrested for indecent exposure at a Baskin Robbins. [mug] (05/04/16) 197 add
Today the EDC notified VRSD of EDC's intent to sue VRSD for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act at the Toland Road Landfill near Santa Paula. (05/04/16) 189 add
While awaiting their court appearances, three inmates conspired to batter another inmate. (04/30/16) 176 add
On April 13, Ventura County Jail inmate Sarah Robledo, assaulted a Ventura County Sheriff's Deputy while in custody at the Todd Road Jail. (04/29/16) 174 add
Ventura Police arrested a Casitas Springs resident for methamphetamine sales after a month-long investigation. (05/03/16) 174 add
The Sheriff's Major Crimes Bureau is investigating an inmate death that occurred at the Ventura County Courthouse in Ventura. (04/30/16) 163 add
The Ventura Police Department has the results from Friday night's DUI/Driver's Licensce Checkpoint. (05/01/16) 151 add
Los Padres National Forest's Ojai Ranger District announced the seasonal opening of two popular Ojai roads to public use. (05/04/16) 151 add
Jonnah Dalton was robbed while near the ATM outside of the Bank of America at 2698 E. Main Street. (05/01/16) 147 add
Jesus Garcia was arrested after carjacking a man on Armada Drive at gunpoint. (05/02/16) 141 add
The Ventura Police Department will hold a Community Meeting on the department's approach to Vagrancy and Homelessness May 18. (04/30/16) 140 add
Detectives with the Sheriff's East County Narcotics Team conducted an investigation into two Los Angeles County residents who were involved in the sales of meth. (05/01/16) 133 add
A DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint is planned tonight until 3am. (04/30/16) 131 add
Hosea Faagogo was arrested after a short pursuit and for having a home-made sawed-off shotgun concealed on his person. (05/02/16) 131 add
A Thousand Oaks Police K9 named "Dano" tracked Juan Guzman to a residence on Paseo La Perla after he committed two robberies. (05/03/16) 123 add
The County of Ventura and Casa Pacifica have clarified the steps that have, and will be, taken to transfer the responsibilities of Casa Pacifica's Children's Intensive Response Team to the County's Behavioral Health Department. (04/30/16) 120 add
This morning, Major Crimes Detectives conducted a probation search at a residence in the 9800 Block of Jamestown Stree (05/04/16) 111 add
On April 7 the Ladies Luncheon celebrated their 7-year anniversary. Breeze publisher Sheldon was the first man invited to their luncheon. (05/01/16) 96 add
Sheldon Brown shares a short story by Breeze contributing writer Sheli Ellsworth. (05/01/16) 91 add
Oxnard Police are investigating a suspicious death in the 1700 block of S. Oxnard Blvd. (05/05/16) 75 add
The Camarillo Police Department arrested 2 drivers suspected of driving under the influence. (05/05/16) 70 add
The 2015-2016 Ventura County Grand Jury opened an investigation based on a public complaint about safety in the Phoenix schools. (05/05/16) 66 add
The Moorpark Police Department is hosting a Youth Mental First Aid training course. (05/05/16) 50 add

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