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KEYT: A local union has announced it has filed charges against Haggen, Albertsons and Vons for illegally laying off and reducing workers. (08/25/15) 2613 49
Nesting California condors and their young chicks can be seen in real time via live-streaming webcams at two locations in California.  (08/27/15) 1833 32
A subscriber is traveling to New Zealand and is looking for travel trips from edhatters. (08/24/15) 1185 20
GARDEN OF ED: Billy shares his recipe for a Redneck AC to keep you cool during the heat wave. (08/30/15) 2888 19
[Update:] A Ventura resident suspected in an overnight string of auto burglaries and thefts was arrested in Montecito on Sunday morning. [mug] (08/25/15) 3859 15
Can edhatters identify what butterfly this caterpillar will become? (08/26/15) 1240 15
Is this a regular grass spider or something different? (08/24/15) 1749 14
Is there a way to watch all NFL football games with Cox Cable and not just the California games? (08/29/15) 1151 14
It looks like Cachuma's running on empty in this [pic] from John Wiley's flight Saturday. (08/26/15) 2177 12
A subscriber shares a [pic] of succulent flowers. (08/26/15) 1191 12
A Wind Advisory is in effect from 5 pm this afternoon to 4 am Monday.
updated 10:00 am
615 9
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Bubba Gump, a big dog with a bigger heart. (08/30/15) 979 6
TRAVEL: A subscriber sailed into Hadley Harbor in Cape Cod and snapped a [pic] just as it began to rain.
updated 11:00 am
547 4
An edhat subscriber shares a [pic] of tonight's outrageous sunset. (08/30/15) 1593 3
An Amber Alert has been activated for a 2-year-old Los Angeles child, allegedly taken by the biological father who is believed to be armed and dangerous. (08/27/15) 1349 1
A DUI driver was arrested after colliding with an Oxnard Police Department vehicle. (08/27/15) 180 1
The Ventura pier will no longer be open 24-7. City officials have decided to lock the pier up three nights a week. (08/30/15) 49 1
A recent Thousand Oaks DUI checkpoint led to two arrests, one for driving under the influence and the other for a warrant after failing to appear in court. (08/24/15) 472 add
Ventura City Fire personnel responded to report of fire in a barranca threatening nearby structures. [pic] (08/24/15) 240 add
Patrol deputies from the Headquarters Patrol Station responded to the 400 block of Salem Avenue reference a shots fired call. [mug] (08/27/15) 232 add
Jose Carlos Flores has been arrested in conjunction to a homicide that took place on March 23, 2013. [mug] (08/26/15) 215 add
Suspects have been arrested for robbery, burglary, and conspiracy after an armed robbery that occurred on August 18 at the Victoria Motel. (08/26/15) 197 add
Ventura Police recovered a stolen vehicle and arrested an 18-year-old Ventura resident. (08/26/15) 186 add
A fatal hit and run traffic collision involving a pedestrian took place in Camarillo on Monday. (08/26/15) 179 add
Ventura Police have arrested a 24-year-old Oxnard resident for elder abuse. (08/28/15) 177 add
A pedestrian has died after being struck by a vehicle in Thousand Oaks on Monday evening. (08/26/15) 163 add
Oxnard Police are investigating a domestic disturbance involving the discharge of a handgun. (08/26/15) 163 add
Oxnard officers responded to the 1100 block of Mercantile Street in Oxnard reference a street robbery where two suspects approached the victim and demanded property at gunpoint. (08/26/15) 143 add
Deputies assigned to the Moorpark Police Department responded to the Moorpark Presbyterian Church regarding a report of a juvenile that had been stabbed. (08/28/15) 128 add
The Oxnard Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a multiple location DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint tomorrow night at undisclosed locations (08/28/15) 123 add
Ventura Deputies arrested three suspects in a gang related battery and brandishing of a firearm that took place in Thousand Oaks last week. (08/29/15) 121 add
Terrance Trout was booked for felony evading, possession of a stolen vehicle, felon in possession of ammunition and possession of a controlled substance. (08/30/15) 117 add
The Thousand Oaks Police Department will step up bicycle safety enforcement operations on Sunday, August 30, 2015. (08/28/15) 108 add
The Oxnard Police Department made 2 DUI arrests during the Friday night DUI Checkpoint. (08/30/15) 107 add
Vehicles have been vandalized in multiple locations throughout downtown and the Police Department reminds citizens that nobody is immune to crime. [pics] (08/30/15) 102 add
A 19-year-old gang member was arrested in Oxnard for a weapons violation. (08/30/15) 101 add
The Thousand Oaks Police Department will be conducting a specialized Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation on August 29, 2015, in an effort to lower deaths and injuries (08/28/15) 101 add
Ventura PD and Fire responded to a hit and run traffic accident with injuries on Friday afternoon. (08/30/15) 93 add
Goodwill Industries of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties will launch a training program this week aimed at helping new and experienced retail workers achieve financial and career goals. (08/25/15) 68 add
After Oxnard PD located a stolen vehicle last night, the vehicle failed to yield and a pursuit was initiated.
updated 9:36 am
68 add
The trial for a California woman accused of killing her Olympic medalist husband has been delayed to October. (08/29/15) 58 add
This morning Oxnard PD officers were dispatched to Dollie St. and Petit Dr. in reference to an injury collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian. [pic]
updated 4:59 pm
22 add

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