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Breaking News reads comments
A stabbing has occured this evening at 4:00 at Ventura Beach, with the victim sustaining non-life threatening injuries to his arms. 
updated 7:24 pm
17 add
Ventura Police arrested a vagrant for trespassing at Public Storage property on Walker Street.
updated 1:43 pm
39 add
Four professors with a combined total of 150 years of service to California Lutheran University are retiring this May.
updated 9:59 am
24 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 25, 2017 reads comments
The Museum of Ventura County, in partnership with the Ventura Music Festival, will present Fire and Grace, the duo of William Coulter on guitar and Edwin Huizinga on violin on Saturday, May 6. (04/25/17) 28 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 24, 2017 reads comments
Three Oxnard teenagers were arrested for robbing a victim with a hammer. (04/24/17) 87 add
Oxnard Police warn there have been four residential burglaries during tented fumigations. [pic] (04/24/17) 73 add
Two Oxnard residents were arrested for being in possession of a firearm. (04/24/17) 56 add
[Update]: Two earthquakes hit the Santa Barbara area on Sunday morning. (04/24/17) 15810 56
Jose “Frank” Francisco Rodriguez was arrested for scamming people out of money by falsely holding himself out as an investment broker. [mug] (04/24/17) 133 add
A vagrant assaulted a police officer with a four foot long stick during a traffic enforcement stop on the 100 block of California Street.  (04/24/17) 73 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 23, 2017 reads comments
Anyone know where I can pickup a print copy of the NY Times? (04/23/17) 475 7
Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network is experiencing a high volume of intakes of red-throated and Pacific loons, potentially due to domoic acid poisoning. [pics] (04/23/17) 1051 5
A reader captured [pics] of a local seabird overseeing a fisherman at the Harbor. (04/23/17) 1049 6
Oxnard Police arrested a man for being passed out behind the wheel of his car in the drive-thru line at Carl's Jr with a loaded firearm. (04/23/17) 110 1
A Ventura Police Department patrol officer was hailed reference shots heard in the area of California and Thompson. (04/23/17) 75 add
Ventura Police patrol officer observed a suspicious vehicle in the area of Harbor Blvd. and Paseo De Playa that matched the description of a vehicle recently reported stolen. (04/23/17) 68 add
Two suspects were arrested for a robbing the Tory Burch Store located in the Camarillo Outlet Mall in Camarillo. (04/23/17) 66 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Parker, a ball of energy that will steal your heart with kisses! (04/23/17) 816 3
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Spectre, a true gentlemen who loves resting his paw on your leg while enjoying scratches and pets (04/23/17) 677 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 22, 2017 reads comments
Is anyone experiencing more spider bites than normal? (04/22/17) 1136 16
Oxnard Police Department installs the first of a series of community cameras in the Rose Park and Sierra Linda neighborhoods, two areas adversely impacted by gang violence. [pics] (04/22/17) 67 add
Linden and Casitas Pass Update: Pile driving for center support over crossing is complete, the settlement period for Linden bridge embankment has begun, and grading for the new Carpinteria Creek bridge continues.  (04/22/17) 596 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 21, 2017 reads comments
The County of Ventura Board of Supervisors approved an Energy Services Agreement between the County and Ventura Solar, LLC, bringing a 3-megawatt photovoltaic system to be installed in the unincorporated area of Fillmore (04/21/17) 50 add
The Thousand Oaks Police Department requests public assistance for the identification of a suspect believed responsible for a series of vehicle burglaries occuring near Cal Lutheran University. [pics] (04/21/17) 77 add
Moorpark Police would like to remind the community of ways to avoid scammers by using the three D's: Defend, Delete, and Disconnect(04/21/17) 59 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 20, 2017 reads comments
 Oxnard Police Department is now in partnership with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through the Consumer Sentinel Network, a nationwide law enforcement network for analyzing fraud and scam trends. (04/20/17) 55 add
The community has reported attempted child abductions, all occuring when the victim has been shopping.  (04/20/17) 114 add
Ventura County Fire Department would like to remind the public to remove dry brush by June 1st to reduce risk of dangerous wildfires. (04/20/17) 52 add
A Kansas man was arrested for resisting arrest and falsely identifying himself to a police officer. (04/20/17) 76 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 19, 2017 reads comments
Major Crimes has identified the suspect shot in the officer involved shooting as Jose Gonzalez Rendon, involved in a previous altercation. (04/19/17) 91 add
An edhat reader wants to know why a scrub jay is stealing marbles from an outdoor game board. (04/19/17) 1788 19
Ventura City Fire personnel and units responded to multiple reports of a structure fire in the downtown area (04/19/17) 96 add
The Ventura County District Attorney's Office provides services to thousands of victims every year and seeks qualified volunteers to make an important contribution to public safety and victims in Ventura County. (04/19/17) 57 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 18, 2017 reads comments
Thousand Oaks Police Department arrested Jerome Larkins and two male juveniles for residential burglaries committed on March 27th. (04/18/17) 73 add
Moises Cervantes was arrested for possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle, possession of a firearm with altered serial numbers and possession of narcotics paraphernalia. [mug]
132 add
Ventura County Sheriff's Office responds to Senate Bill 54, and asserts that they have not and will not be involved in immigraion enforcement in the community. (04/18/17) 67 1
Ventura Board of Supervisors will honor five 2017 Ventura County Earth Day Awards recipients on Tuesday. (04/18/17) 67 add
Oxnard Police Department officers responded to the 1700 block of Elsinore Avenue to investigate reports of a shooting. (04/18/17) 82 add
Ventura Fire Department responded to a vehicle rollover accident that caught fire with one person trapped. (04/18/17) 114 add
Can edhatters identify these animal tracks found on Romero Trail? (04/18/17) 2240 15
A reader is asking for advice regarding Emergency Room billing procedures. (04/18/17) 1719 26
EDBIT: Enter to win tickets to An Evening with Chris Robinson Brotherhood at the Ventura Theater on April 20th. (04/18/17) 931 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 17, 2017 reads comments
A reader asks for the community's help to locate an at-risk adult. [pic] (04/17/17) 2077 6
A reader is looking for resources to help his older dog struggling with dementia. (04/17/17) 1605 31
A Ventura man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of a dangerous weapon, destruction of evidence, resisting arrest, and a felony warrant. (04/17/17) 115 add
A Ventura vagrant was arrested for prowling in the 5500 block of Ralston. (04/17/17) 87 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 16, 2017 reads comments
A juvenile and alleged gang member was arrested for being in possession of a handgun. (04/16/17) 82 add
EDBIT: While National Tax Day is today, have no fear, you don't have to file your taxes until the 18th this year. (04/16/17) 694 add
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Storyteller Children's Center provides therapeutic preschool and support services for families to help homeless and at-risk toddlers and preschoolers to help them achieve kindergarten readiness.  (04/16/17) 596 add
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Little Girl, a total princess that is sensitive and sweet. (04/16/17) 1020 3
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Boo - a tiny sweet girl that loves being around other dogs or in your lap! (04/16/17) 960 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 15, 2017 reads comments
A Ventura man was arrested for possession of methamphetamine for sale. (04/15/17) 113 add
Ventura Police Department responded to an armed robbery outsidde of Burger King on Main Street. (04/15/17) 90 add
Ventura Police Department responded to an armed robbery outsidde of Burger King on Main Street. (04/15/17) 76 add
Angel Ramirez has died after being gunned down in the 1000 block of King Street. (04/15/17) 179 add
With the individual tax filing deadline approaching, the Department of Justice warns willful violations of tax laws are criminal. (04/15/17) 1095 28
An edhatter captured a [pic] of a pod of dolphins escorting a gray whale through the Santa Barbara Channel. (04/15/17) 2690 9

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 14, 2017 reads comments
Ventura Fire Department responded to a brush fire located at SR-126 East and Highway 101 northbound transition. (04/14/17) 80 add
Ventura County Grand Jury conducted an investigation into the Internal Audit Division's performance in the combined Auditor-Controller environment. (04/14/17) 78 add
Oxnard Police are investigating a homicide of a 22-year-old male. (04/14/17) 111 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 13, 2017 reads comments
Splendors abound just under the surface — and just off the freeway — at the unassuming Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve, a rare, pristine coastal ecosystem in the middle of a city (04/13/17) 1979 4
Oxnard Police Department is declaring April 2017 to Be Fraud/Identity Theft/Scam Prevention Month (04/13/17) 81 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 12, 2017 reads comments
An Oxnard tax return preparer was sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison for a tax scheme to file nearly 13,000 false returns seeking over $56 million in refunds. (04/12/17) 1878 16
A subscriber captures [pics] of a Peregrine Falcon in flight. (04/12/17) 1668 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 11, 2017 reads comments
An Oxnard-based tax return preparer was sentenced to 120 months in prison his participation in a conspiracy to prepare and file approximately 12,825 fraudulent income tax returns. (04/11/17) 122 add
In celebration of Earth Day on Saturday, April 22, 2017, the General Services Agency Grounds Department will be conducting a free tour of the Ventura County Government Center grounds, to be held on Friday, April 21, 2017 at noon.  (04/11/17) 62 add
Edhatters share [pics] of spring flowers and baby birds. (04/11/17) 1307 4
U.S. and U.K. share a similar mindset when it comes to horizontal drilling for shale energy, say UCSB researchers and colleagues. (04/11/17) 762 17

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 10, 2017 reads comments
The County of Ventura, Planning Division has released several key documents for the ongoing General Plan Update project. (04/10/17) 83 add
Ventura Police responded to a suicidal man armed with a knife at Ventura College. (04/10/17) 133 add
Can edhatters identify this beautiful yellow flowering bush? (04/10/17) 1823 12
Edhat readers spread the joy by sending in blossoming signs of spring. [pics] (04/10/17) 1274 3
 Detectives with the Oxnard Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit and Major Crimes Unit are investigating the shooting of a 32 year old Oxnard resident. (04/10/17) 120 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 09, 2017 reads comments
Astronomy: The International Space Station will be starting ten days of visits to our skies on Saturday evening. It will start with some quick shy glimpses before ramping up to some longer appearances. (04/09/17) 1042 2
A Bakersfield man was arrested for resisting arrest, battery on a Police officer, and vehicle tampering. (04/09/17) 115 add
A Ventura woman was arrested for suspected identity theft and fraud. [mug] (04/09/17) 246 2
Oxnard officers and two K-9 Teams from the K-9 Unit responded to a call regarding a wanted felon inside a residence in the 1100 block of North A Street (04/09/17) 93 add
The majestic Coast Live Oak is April's tree of the month. (04/09/17) 807 2
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Rhonda and Sylvester, two loyal siblings that would love to find a forever home together. (04/09/17) 1143 2
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Bonkers and Empurress, two Yin and Yang cats that will give you the best of both worlds! (04/09/17) 849 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 08, 2017 reads comments
A Simi Valley man was indicted today by a federal grand jury on charges of producing child pornography in a case involving a 6-year-old girl. (04/08/17) 141 add
Ventura Police Department will be conducting a DUI checkpoint tonight between 8 pm and 3 am. (04/08/17) 86 add
The Ventura Police Department responded to a single story residence that caught fire in East Ventura. [pics] (04/08/17) 120 add
The Ventura Environmental Health Division advises the public not to consume any shellfish on or from Ventura County beaches as they may have been exposed to contamination.  (04/08/17) 66 add
Ventura Police are investigating a robbery that took place at the Emmawood Group Campground. (04/08/17) 120 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 07, 2017 reads comments
Ventura Police are investigating a shooting incident that took place on Poli and Cedar Street. (04/07/17) 141 add
Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from an employee of the gas station at 2099 Harbor Blvd., reporting an attempted robbery had just occurred. (04/07/17) 105 add
Subscribers send [pics] for this colorful update around Santa Barbara (04/07/17) 2004 7
A 65-year-old Ventura man was arrested for a DUI, hit and run, and felony vandalism. (04/07/17) 144 add
Ventura Police are looking for a suspect who committed a hit and run in a stolen vehicle. (04/07/17) 104 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 06, 2017 reads comments
A previously deported sexual predator was arrested for attempted burglarizing at the 1500 block of North Sixth Place in Port Hueneme. [mug] (04/06/17) 177 1
Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call reference a carjacking in progress at the Ventura bus depot. (04/06/17) 109 add
The Board of Supervisors voted to increase its support for the upcoming second annual Startup Weekend Ventura County event, to be held April 21-23, 2017. (04/06/17) 75 add
Oxnard Police Department and EMS personnel responded to a collision at the intersection of Saviers Road and Elm Street. (04/06/17) 101 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 05, 2017 reads comments
Oxnard Police Department responded to a hit and run call on Oxnard Blvd., leading to the arrest of Kevin Henry for driving under the influence and a concealed firearm.  (04/05/17) 118 add
Can edhatters identify this spider? (04/05/17) 2023 11
A Ventura man was arrested for stealing a vehicle and committing a hit and run. (04/05/17) 164 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 04, 2017 reads comments
Nick Wilson was arrested resisting arrest with loaded firearms in his car. (04/04/17) 116 add
Can anyone recommend a good breeder or petstore for rats? (04/04/17) 1264 31

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 03, 2017 reads comments
A subscriber has questions about how to create wood blocks as toys for children. (04/03/17) 1188 23

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 02, 2017 reads comments
Can edhatters identify the type of tree the produces this fruit? (04/02/17) 2172 12
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Habitat for Dogmanity builds mini mansions for lower income dogs who otherwise can't afford it. (04/02/17) 1428 7
PET OF THE WEEK: Meet Mini Chef, my adorable rat that I'm teaching how to cook. (04/02/17) 1144 8
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Fluffy, the most cuddly and snuggly dog in all of Santa Barbara. (04/02/17) 1341 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 01, 2017 reads comments
Alleged gang members were arrested for being in possession of a concealed rifle, ammunition, and drugs. (04/01/17) 177 add
[Update:] There will be alternating northbound and southbound Highway 101 lane and ramp closures as needed from south of Carpinteria Creek to north of Linden Avenue beginning at 8:00 pm Sunday evening. (04/01/17) 870 add
TRAVEL: Dave shares amazing coastline from Morro Bay to Cambria, showing off some Central Coast beauty. (04/01/17) 1214 add
Suspicious Suspect Arrested on Firearm and Drug Charges on Two Occasions (04/01/17) 183 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 31, 2017 reads comments
Oxnard Detectives prevent crimes to would-be victims by leaving educational flyers on unattended vehicles that they encountered with valuables that were in plain sight. [pics] (03/31/17) 141 add
Solimar Beach and Port Hueneme Beach Park have failed to meet the ocean water quality standards. (03/31/17) 119 add

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