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Breaking News reads comments
KEYT: The California Highway Patrol in Ventura are investigating a fatal traffic collision that occurred Wednesday afternoon.
updated 4:59 pm
27 add
KEYT: A 27-year-old Ventura mother is behind bars after police charged her with the murder of her 22-month-old boy.
updated 4:58 pm
22 add
This Fourth of July, There's No Excuse— "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" by Ventura County Law Enforcement.
updated 4:30 pm
46 add
Ventura Police are investigating a shooting homicide on E. Main Street.
updated 4:23 pm
151 add
Members of the public are invited to attend the Olivas Adobe Historical Interpreters general meeting.
updated 10:33 am
43 add
pPatrol deputies responded to a report call in the 14000 block of Stagecoach Trail in Moorpark, reference a theft from an unlocked vehicle.
updated 8:27 am
77 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 30, 2016 reads comments
The Ventura Police Patrol Units responded to a call at a residence on Bell Way in reference to a child who was injured from a fall. (06/30/16) 398 add
Can anyone identify this lizard that a subscriber got a [pic] of on Tuesday? (06/30/16) 142 1
The Ventura County Grand Jury has results from their investigation on the safety in the Phoenix schools in Ventura County. (06/30/16) 94 add
The City of Ventura and State Parks urge citizens to ensure a safe and enjoyable 4th of July holiday by observing local laws. (06/30/16) 61 add
Officers responded to 315 west Ramona Street in response to a subject that had been stabbed. (06/30/16) 119 add
the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from an off-duty police officer reporting that he saw a stolen Ford Raptor pickup. (06/30/16) 96 add
The Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call from a citizen reporting they witnessed a vehicle burglary. (06/30/16) 104 add
The Ventura County Fire Department has suspended all burning permits and open fires for Ventura County. (06/30/16) 66 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 29, 2016 reads comments
Two individuals were arrested for Possession of a Loaded Gun, Narcotics, Resisting Arrest, and a Vehicle Pursuit. [mugs] (06/29/16) 270 add
KEYT: A fire at a Port Hueneme hotel woke up the entire building Monday morning. (06/29/16) 66 add
Ventura Police Command Center was notified by Union Pacific Railroad dispatch reporting 3 juveniles that were seen by a train conductor jumping from a railroad trestle and that one of them was injured. (06/29/16) 131 add
Can someone identify this huge moth? (06/29/16) 1907 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 28, 2016 reads comments
Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call of an armed robbery that just occurred at Mail Boxes on Main. (06/28/16) 142 add
A subscriber's unripened green tomatoes were stolen by a thief in the night, possibly a rascally raccoon. Any suggestions on how to prevent this thievery? (06/28/16) 1572 22
Emmanuel Cisneros, a 24 year old Oxnard Resident, and a 16 year old Oxnard resident were arrested after robbing a man on Thompson Blvd. (06/28/16) 156 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 27, 2016 reads comments
Can edhatters help me identify this fruit tree? (06/27/16) 2012 28
Ventura Police are investigating an attempted murder and shooting in the 1300 block of Saratoga Ave. (06/27/16) 223 add
The Oxnard Police Department is investigating two homicides that occurred almost six hours apart in different locations of the city (06/27/16) 203 add
Subscriber Chuck Cagara caught this pair of mating Orioles at his feeders. [pics] (06/27/16) 1717 18

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 26, 2016 reads comments
A Ventura woman was arrested for stabbing her sister. (06/26/16) 287 add
An identity theft suspect was arrested in Ventura at the the Bike Depot. [mug] (06/26/16) 234 add
A UC Santa Barbara scholar says Britain's vote to leave the European Union will have serious economic, political consequences. (06/26/16) 1890 45
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about friendship. (06/26/16) 1509 8
It seems so long ago, but just a few short months back Goleta was enjoying nonstop surf. (06/26/16) 1267 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 25, 2016 reads comments
Early Friday morning, a man was arrested for prowling on private property in Saticoy. (06/25/16) 203 add
This morning, officers from the Oxnard Police Department and EMS responded to a fatal hit and run traffic collision involving a vehicle and a bicyclist. (06/25/16) 213 add
Jesus Diaz was arrested for attempted robbery, identity theft, and felony resisting arrest. (06/25/16) 152 add
A new National Park Service report shows the economic benefit of local National Parks. (06/25/16) 116 add
It's National Take your Dog to Work Day and edhatters share photos of their dog working throughout the community. (06/25/16) 1426 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 24, 2016 reads comments
On Tuesday, detectives arrested William Hansen for a home invasion robbery that occurred in the Santa Rosa Valley on September 09, 2015. [mug] (06/24/16) 200 add
Two Ojai residents were arrested for alleged financial elder abuse of an 85-year-old man. [mug] (06/24/16) 229 add
[Update]: Approximately 700 barrels of crude oil spilled in Ventura near Grove Lane Thursday morning. (06/24/16) 3064 19
Camarillo Police are hosting a senior citizen driver's education class on July 15. (06/24/16) 108 add
The Environmental Defense Center is closely monitoring the Crimson Oil Spill in Ventura. (06/24/16) 134 add
Karen Lynn (Huff) Diamond (November 17, 1934 - June 6, 2016) (06/24/16) 114 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 23, 2016 reads comments
The Planning Division has launched a Web Badge program to provide a distinction between temporary outdoor event venues. (06/23/16) 110 add
The Ventura Police Command Center was notified that three juveniles were seen by a train conductor jumping from a railroad trestle. (06/23/16) 169 add
Rep. Capps joins her colleagues and gives remarks during the Gun Violence Sit-in on the House Floor Wednesday. [pic] (06/23/16) 2055 65
Oxnard Police arrested an alleged gang member after he plead guilty to robbing a Vons with a handgun. (06/23/16) 216 add
Ventura Police patrol officers responded to a call of a robbery at the Log Cabin Liquor store. (06/23/16) 163 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 22, 2016 reads comments
A woman was arrested for snatching a woman's purse while she pretended to be interested in renting the victim's property. (06/22/16) 174 add
Around midnight last night, officers responded to the 7-Eleven on Kimber Drive in Newbury Park for an armed robbery that had just occurred. [pics] (06/22/16) 147 add
A Fillmore resident discovered a male subject peeking in the bathroom window where a juvenile victim was taking a shower. [mug] (06/22/16) 191 add
Officers responded to an in progress "hot prowl" residential burglary where a female babysitter was at the residence with 3 children. (06/22/16) 133 add
For people who have fruit trees, do you have any solutions to offer people with trees full of fruit? (06/22/16) 2085 17
An edhat subscriber took [pics] of Rattlesnake Canyon wildlife Tuesday morning. (06/22/16) 2308 16
Pacific Gas and Electric has announced its plan to close the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in San Luis Obispo county by 2025. (06/22/16) 1168 12
Ventura City Fire personnel responded to a report of a two vehicle traffic collision with one person trapped as the vehicle crashed into a residential garage. [pics] (06/22/16) 151 add
Trader Joe's agreed to reduce emissions of potent greenhouse gases from refrigeration equipment at 453 of its stores under a proposed settlement with the U.S. under the Clean Air Act(06/22/16) 721 11

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 21, 2016 reads comments
Juan Manuel Garibay (June 25, 1952 – May 12, 2016) (06/21/16) 1219 1
Officers contacted Diego Santos and attempted to arrest him for an outstanding felony warrant and he became violent with them. (06/21/16) 183 add
An edhat reader has been finding a bunch of little bugs in their house. Anyone know what they are? [pics] (06/21/16) 3719 29
On Saturday, June 18, 2016, two divers were rescued off the West side of Anacapa Island. [pics] (06/21/16) 181 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 20, 2016 reads comments
Subscriber Chuck Cagara was out observing his Hummingbird and Oriole feeders when one of several male Hooded Orioles arrived. [pic] (06/20/16) 1828 9
The U.S. Coast Guard and Ventura County Fire rescued two people near Anacapa Island Saturday morning. (06/20/16) 2150 9

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 19, 2016 reads comments
Oxnard Police and Fire personnel were dispatched to a suspicious device at the Wal Mart located at 2701 Saviers Rd. [pic] (06/19/16) 201 add
Microsoft announced a deal to buy professional social network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, just a year after LinkedIn purchased local company Lynda.com. (06/19/16) 1497 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 18, 2016 reads comments
Update: Edhat is receiving reports of an Amtrak train striking a pedestrian just before 9:00 p.m. Friday. (06/18/16) 3202 7
The Ventura PD Command Center received several 911 calls of two males fighting in front of a business in the 1400 block of Victoria Ave. (06/18/16) 242 add
The Ventura PD Command Center received a call of a family disturbance regarding someone being assaulted with an axe. (06/18/16) 207 add
Ventura County Community College District Board of Trustees Strategic Planning Meeting open to the public, June 21 (06/18/16) 147 add
Miguel Lopez, former Oxnard Police Community Affairs Manager and Oxnard Employee of the Year, announced his candidacy for Oxnard Mayor. [pic] (06/18/16) 196 add
Oxnard Police arrested a wanted fugitive after witnessing him riding a bike on Dunbar Drive. (06/18/16) 267 add
Oxnard Police arrest a 14-year-old for being in possession of a firearm. (06/18/16) 175 add
The Board of Supervisors is expected to adopt a $2.16 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 on June 20, 2106, following a hearing for public comments on the budget. (06/18/16) 128 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 17, 2016 reads comments
In May 2016, police started investigating reports of two victims whose diamonds were switched for fake stones by a suspect at his jewelry store. (06/17/16) 251 add
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies arrested six suspected gang members at Rocky Nook Park after discovering a loaded gun and cocaine. [pic] (06/17/16) 4457 23
Update: A missing Piru man with dementia has been found safe. [pic] (06/17/16) 165 add
Four suspects were arrested for a string of jewelry store robberies, one located in Thousand Oaks. [mug] (06/17/16) 434 add
The Ventura Police Department will be sponsoring the Special Olympics Tip-A-Cop event on Tuesday, June 21 at Romano's Macaroni Grill. (06/17/16) 125 add
Law enforcement are planning to conduct a DUI Checkpoint in Moorpark on Saturday evening (06/17/16) 142 add
The Ventura County Community College District Board of Trustees invites the public to attend its Strategic Planning Meeting on June 2. (06/17/16) 141 add
Ventura City Fire was dispatched to a reported structure fire in the second story of a two story residence. (06/17/16) 166 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 16, 2016 reads comments
Did anyone feel a very small earthquake around 2:40 p.m.? (06/16/16) 3717 41
Oxnard officers will continue to enforce the ban on fireworks in Oxnard all year long but especially this Fourth of July. (06/16/16) 145 add
[Update]: The FBI has issued a $50,000 reward for information relating to a suspected serial killer who has committed as many as 175 crimes across California.  (06/16/16) 7843 33
Scientists and conservation professionals were honored on Endangered Species Day for their role in the recovery of the Island Fox. (06/16/16) 137 add
Each summer, Ventura Unified School District provides a nutrition program that provides lunch at no charge to children. (06/16/16) 146 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 15, 2016 reads comments
The Oxnard Police Department has released the names of two homicide victims from this past weekend. (06/15/16) 323 add
The Los Padres National Forest will continue to enforce closure of the Tar Creek area near the Sespe Condor Sanctuary. (06/15/16) 1164 3
KEYT: Law enforcement authorities are investigating several violent crimes that occurred over the weekend in Ventura County involving murder, assaults and gun violence. (06/15/16) 176 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 14, 2016 reads comments
A suspect has been arrested and booked into Ventura County Jail for attempted carjacking after trying to steal a woman's car on Seahorse Avenue. (06/14/16) 275 add
Thousand Oaks Police have arrested a suspect believed to have robbed several local restaurants. [mug] (06/14/16) 391 add
Ventura Police Department is hosting a series of Mental Health First Aid classes. (06/14/16) 176 add
A juvenile mourning dove has returned to one edhat reader's yard. [pics] (06/14/16) 1572 9
On Sunday night, Galvin Hobbs was arrested for Homicide after a man died from injuries to the head, from being struck with a hammer. (06/14/16) 304 add
The Ventura Police Department is investigating an assault with a deadly weapon that occurred around 12:30 a.m. in the 100 block of W. Main Street. (06/14/16) 221 add
Oxnard police officers are investigating the sixth homicide of the year. (06/14/16) 225 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 13, 2016 reads comments
TRAVEL: Max shares photos flying above Seattle this weekend. (06/13/16) 1313 8
A Ventura resident was arrested for leading police on a pursuit. (06/13/16) 225 add
Ventura Police responded to an in progress "hot prowl" residential burglary. The female resident was asleep and awoke to the suspect touching her over her clothing. (06/13/16) 264 add
Andres Ceja was arrested for vehicular manslaughter from a motorcycle crash that took place last year. [mug] (06/13/16) 288 add
524 vehicles were screened during a DUI checkpoint in Oxnard. (06/13/16) 168 add
An 18-year-old Oxnard resident was arrested for discharging a firearm inside an apartment complex. [mug] (06/13/16) 272 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 12, 2016 reads comments
TRAVEL: Max shares photos above San Francisco on Friday afternoon. (06/12/16) 1369 4
Edhat has just launched their new merchandise store. Get your ed swag now! (06/12/16) 1430 15
IN THE KITCHEN: Suzie shares her favorite summer hobbies and the best summer salami sandwich. (06/12/16) 1525 11
Oxnard Police are investigating their 5th homicide of the year that took place in the 4800 block of Terrace Ave. (06/12/16) 209 add
Ventura Police are investigating an assault that took place in the 1000 block of N. Ventura Ave. (06/12/16) 269 add
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sky, a calico kitty who would love to find a new home. (06/12/16) 1133 4
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Ben, a lovely German Shepherd and connoisseur of art. (06/12/16) 1511 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 11, 2016 reads comments

Annette Marie Garcia Aragon has pleaded guilty to the fatal traffic collision which occurred on January 6, 2016. (06/11/16)
657 add
The Oxnard Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint on Saturday, June 11. (06/11/16) 196 add
After an investigation, detectives tracked down and arrested Frank Hurtado for residential burglary. (06/11/16) 225 add

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