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Breaking News reads comments
The foothill fire that broke out in Ventura is now 100 percent contained. One person is behind bars Tuesday.
updated 10:15 am
12 add
Santa Paula police have arrested a man they say allegedly stole thousands of dollars from the Santa Paula High School Band Booster.
updated 10:13 am
10 add
A subscriber witnessed a series of crows chasing a hawk out of the neighborhood. [pics]
updated 9:31 am
449 8
Has anyone else noticed an increase in moths in the past month or so?
updated 8:59 am
364 5
The National Weather Service advises a fire watch starting Wednesday night through Friday evening.
updated 8:47 am
259 1
Malibu Creek and reservoir don't seem popular, if John Wiley's aerial views last month is any indication. [pics]
updated 8:39 am
613 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 01, 2014 reads comments
Officers from the Oxnard Police Department Special Enforcement Unit conducted a traffic stop in the area of Hill Street and Ventura Road. (10/01/14) 108 add
In the Ojai area Search and Rescue Volunteers located an missing elderly woman alive. (10/01/14) 120 add
Headquarters Station patrol deputies detained a subject fleeing the scene where a nearby brush fire started. (10/01/14) 90 1
A brush fire burning in Ventura prompted the evacuation of a school and threatened six structures Monday afternoon, but firefighters were able to make significant progress against it.. (10/01/14) 43 add
A reader shares [pics] of the containers they use to provide water for drought-stricken wildlife. (10/01/14) 1681 13
An edhatter shares this [pic] of Henry the Hawk enjoying his breakfast. (10/01/14) 1422 7
The edhat bag has made an appearance with a group of singing nuns. [pic] (10/01/14) 877 9
The Ventura County Fire Department is urging people to test their smoke alarms every month. (10/01/14) 75 add
An edhat subscriber needs help identifying this insect from Northern California. [pic] (10/01/14) 1091 9

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 30, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber shares a [pic] of the current Ventura fire viewed from Ventura Missionary School. (09/30/14) 221 add
Ventura County Fire Dept. is working on a brush fire north of the intersection of Foothill Rd. and Kimball Rd. (09/30/14) 174 add
Ventura City and County Fire is working to put out a brush fire in the area of Harmon Canyon located near Foothill Road and Kimball Road. (09/30/14) 127 add
Has anyone else noticed an unusual number of earthquakes for the California/Nevada area? (09/30/14) 1587 21
Sheriff's Deputies are looking for Mary Adkins, a 99 year old female who was last seen at 8:20 this morning in the area of Riverside Drive and Santa Ana in Oak View. [pic] (09/30/14) 178 1
At 1 AM the Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call reporting an injury traffic collision involving a motorcycle in the 3700 block of Transport St. (09/30/14) 176 add
Ventura County firefighters, dispatchers, mechanics, hand crew members and chief officers have all been authorized to wear pink T-shirts while on duty to help raise cancer awareness. (09/30/14) 74 add
What are these tiny mushrooms in my outdoor pots? [pic] (09/30/14) 1588 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 29, 2014 reads comments
A 5-year-old Sylmar boy has tested positive for cocaine after being found sitting next to a bag full in the back of his parent's car. (09/29/14) 62 add
Pedro Gomez was booked on the charges of Burglary and Possession of Narcotic Paraphernalia after an incident in the 6000 block of Woodland St. (09/29/14) 110 add
The Ventura County Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Team is pleased to announce the first ever "CIT Officer of the Year" recipient, Officer James Espinoza. (09/29/14) 91 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 28, 2014 reads comments
There is police activity in the 1000 block of Will Ave. in the El Rio Unincorporated area. (09/28/14) 103 add
Officers were dispatched to the area of Fifth Street near Rose Ave. reference a carjacking. (09/28/14) 117 add
How much do you know about the world's religions? Do you think lack of knowledge strengthens our divisions? (09/28/14) 1341 109
IN THE KITCHEN: I recently tried a new variation of stuffed bell peppers - Southwestern Turkey and Quinoa. (09/28/14) 1164 3
Cartoons: Mike shares a cartoon about excerising, or lack thereof.  (09/28/14) 1115 5
Astronomy: Look to the south-southwest from Santa Barbara over the next few weeks, out over the ocean, and you'll see red. (09/28/14) 1837 9
The National Weather Service has sent out another wind advisory in effect from 5pm on Saturday to 3am on Sunday. (09/28/14) 610 3
Oxnard Police have released the name of the victim in a fatal traffic collision. (09/28/14) 215 add
Ventura Police have released results from Friday's DUI Checkpoint. (09/28/14) 334 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Daisy, a Santa Barbara native and great companion. (09/28/14) 880 7
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Remington, a spirited two-year old Bengal. (09/28/14) 1784 19

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 27, 2014 reads comments
A husband and wife were arrested for child endangerment, cocaine sales, and weapons violations. [mug] (09/27/14) 210 add
A woman allegedly tortured and burned by a San Luis Obispo man spoke out in court on Thursday. (09/27/14) 110 add
We love beaches, birds, and bugs so flash photographers, send in your "B" themed pics! (09/27/14) 1016 14
Updated With Vid On 09/24/14 at approximately 1:45 pm, a male subject entered Santa Clara Catholic Church located in the 300 Block of South "E" Street and stole a crucifix. [pics] (09/27/14) 254 add
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a praying mantis hanging out on some milkweed. (09/27/14) 1056 5
The Animal Rescue Team discusses how the drought is impacting native wildlife. (09/27/14) 1311 27
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a snail navigating around an agave plant. (09/27/14) 833 8
Ventura Police Command Center received a 9-1-1 call of a shooting heard in the 1200 Block of Prairie Dog Place. (09/27/14) 130 add
A wind advisory is in effect from 5pm Friday to 3am Saturday morning. [pic] (09/27/14) 792 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 26, 2014 reads comments
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares an aerial [vid] of the crystal clear waters of Tahiti. (09/26/14) 1325 9
A reader had two routine vaccinations and is experiencing extreme pain. Does anyone have any advice to offer? (09/26/14) 2908 47
Oxnard resident Rene Ray Cervantez has been booked for possession of a controlled substance and dangerous drugs for sale with a $50,000 bail. (09/26/14) 142 add
Sandra Lopez has been charged with a felony count of identity theft after stealing the identity of a deceased person in order to fraudulently obtain credit cards. (09/26/14) 237 add
SLO Police warn residents of a phone scam that targets the elderly, commonly referred to as the "Grandparent Scam." (09/26/14) 926 8
The Ventura County Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is excited to announce the first ever "CIT Officer of the Year" awards luncheon. (09/26/14) 85 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 25, 2014 reads comments
Ventura Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint this Friday, September 26, 2014 at an undisclosed location within the city limits between the hours of 8:00 p.m to 3:00 a.m. (09/25/14) 127 add
Officers responded to a report of a wanted subject seen in the area of a residence in the 700 block of Arbor St. (09/25/14) 194 add
In response to the California drought, a local campaign in Ventura urges drivers to skip car washes and cruise around in dirty vehicles. (09/25/14) 95 add
TRAVEL: Max shares photos from a recent visit to San Francisco. (09/25/14) 945 9
TRAVEL: An edhatter abroad shares a photo of the edhat bag in Venice, Italy! (09/25/14) 785 1
Police need help in identifying suspects in recent increase in thefts from homes. (09/25/14) 170 add
The roots of a City-owned tree have entered the sewer pipes of my house, yet the City is holding me responsible. What are my options? (09/25/14) 2664 37

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 24, 2014 reads comments
At the beginning of 2014, the Oxnard Police Department launched the Operation Safer and Stronger initiative to proactively remove firearms from prohibited persons in the city. (09/24/14) 108 add
The City of Ventura is declaring a water shortage emergency. (09/24/14) 134 add
Additional charges have been filed against an alleged sexual predator. (09/24/14) 171 add
Allen Lyons was arrested for possession of stolen vehicle, felony evading, possession of a fictitious check, forgery, and a parole violation. (09/24/14) 144 add
I found these droppings on my dining table but found no signs of mice. [pic] Could it be a lizard? (09/24/14) 2852 35
A subscriber snapped this [vid] of a truck on fire on Hwy 101 southbound. (09/24/14) 1976 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 23, 2014 reads comments
Officers from the Oxnard Police Department along with EMS personnel responded to the 3200 block of west Hemlock Street in reference to an injury traffic collision. (09/23/14) 334 add
Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call from a city work crew, reporting a physical altercation. (09/23/14) 280 add
A finger of fog touches the hilltop above La Conchita in this view from John Wiley. [pic] (09/23/14) 1225 1
Santa Barbara Channelkeeper filed a lawsuit Friday against the State Water Resources Control Board to protect the Ventura River. (09/23/14) 386 add
The Ventura Police Department will once again be participating in the Drug Enforcement Administration's National "Take-Back" Prescription Drug Program. (09/23/14) 150 add
Early this morning, a traffic stop was made on Esteban Pacheco, who was found to be in possession of methamphetamine and a loaded pistol. (09/23/14) 157 add
Ventura City Fire Department reported to a fire burning in the Ventura river bottom adjacent to the Ventura County Fair Grounds. (09/23/14) 203 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 22, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a white crab spider that caught a bee on a flower. (09/22/14) 1658 2
TRAVEL: Aquaholic travels north to Big Sur to capture a photo of the Milky Way over Bixby Bridge. (09/22/14) 1842 21
Saturday evening Ventura City Firefighters responded to reports of smoke coming from the rear of a multi- residential complex in the 6000 block of Woodland St. near Buena High School. (09/22/14) 119 add
The CHP has sent out an Amber Alert for a 10-month-old child abducted from Hanford, CA. (09/22/14) 925 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 21, 2014 reads comments
What kind of mushroom is this and what causes it to grow? [pics] (09/21/14) 1943 11
Cartoons: Mike shares a cartoon about slow computers, we can relate.  (09/21/14) 1199 9
How long do you sleep each night approximately? Does your work get in the way, directly or indirectly? (09/21/14) 1114 8
TRAVEL: Tom shares photos from his recent Central Coast road trip between Morro Bay and Big Sur. (09/21/14) 1387 14
IN THE KITCHEN: On a whim, I bought scallops and tried my hand at a scrumptious-sounding recipe for seared scallops with pan sauce and paired it with rice pilaf. (09/21/14) 1163 7
GARDEN OF ED: The Santa Barbara area is blessed with a tirelessly proactive, knowledgeable, well organized Master Gardener program(09/21/14) 1335 2
POWDRELL: Once relegated to being just a sidekick in a salad, now there's avocado ale, avocado ice cream, avocado smoothies and avocado brownies. (09/21/14) 771 7
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Tory, a hiking and camping extraordinaire. (09/21/14) 1006 5
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Moxie, a smart and beautiful cat who thinks her humans are pretty cool. (09/21/14) 779 4

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 20, 2014 reads comments
It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Share your pirate or "P" themed photos with the edhat community. (09/20/14) 1258 19
Police Seize Energy Company Records - Ventura Injection Well Company Under Criminal Investigation (09/20/14) 128 add
Influx of young professionals could drive Ventura County housing market. (09/20/14) 128 add
Ventura County Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin confirmed a local case of the unexplained respiratory Enterovirus-D68. (09/20/14) 99 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 19, 2014 reads comments
Investigators received information from a resident of Thousand Oaks after a robbery that led to the arrest of a 15 year old male juvenile. (09/19/14) 140 add
Caltrans workers hit the highways for coastal cleanup week. (09/19/14) 479 1
UPDATE: Roadway is now open. Oxnard officers are on scene of a fatal traffic accident at Wooley Road from Patterson to Ventura Roads. Please use alternate routes. (09/19/14) 292 add
Ventura City Fire Department will again join forces with Firefighters across the country to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (09/19/14) 263 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 18, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber shares this [pic] of a melted candle and asks edhatters to finish this sentence: "It was SO HOT..." (09/18/14) 1859 19
A subscriber noticed a Christmas display at Costco, when it's 93 degrees outside. [pic] (09/18/14) 2484 47
On 9-16-14, at approximately 2314 hours, the victim of a stabbing arrived in the lobby of the Oxnard Police Department. (09/18/14) 220 add
Oxnard Police Department were dispatched to a stabbing victim in the 2400 block of Grapevine Dr. (09/18/14) 152 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 17, 2014 reads comments
Oxnard Police Department and EMS personnel responded to the 300 block of west Vineyard Avenue in reference to an injury traffic collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. (09/17/14) 192 add
Blue Shield does not have any providers in SB that perform colonoscopies. A subscriber would like recommendations for providers out of town. (09/17/14) 1680 41
Have any of your cats had ringworm and if so, how did you treat it and how long did it take to get rid of it? (09/17/14) 1033 11
Detectives with the Thousand Oaks Police Department are seeking the assistance from the public with identifying the suspect who committed two crimes. [pics] (09/17/14) 217 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 16, 2014 reads comments
Ventura City Fire Department personnel responded to a report of two male juveniles having seizures in a barranca. (09/16/14) 219 add
Leader of Oxnard Street Gang and Mexican Mafia associate found guilty of federal drug and gun trafficking charges. (09/16/14) 729 add
The leader of an Oxnard street gang and Mexican Mafia associate has been found guilty of federal drug and gun trafficking charges. (09/16/14) 489 add
A woman reportedly was attacked by a man Sunday while out walking her dogs in Ventura. (09/16/14) 221 add
A subscriber shares [pics] of the fungus among us. (09/16/14) 1987 15
The Coast Guard intercepted 3 suspected smugglers and over a ton of marijuana near San Nicholas Island on Saturday. (09/16/14) 2332 10
It was too beautiful to sleep in on Saturday. Here are some [pics] of the amazing clouds. (09/16/14) 1316 3
TRAVEL: With no plans to attend the real Oktoberfest in Germany anytime soon, I thought I'd check out Monterey's version. [pics] (09/16/14) 975 1
Caltrans and the CDFW remind motorists to remain alert for wildlife near roadways during Watch Out for Wildlife Week, which runs September 15-21. (09/16/14) 545 8

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