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Breaking News reads comments
Oxnard police officers and detectives are investigating a street robbery that occurred on 10/30/14, at approximately 0830 hours.
updated 4:48 pm
57 add
There will be a Life Celebration Service and Eulogy for Deputy Eugene Kostiuchenko on November 4.
updated 4:03 pm
38 add
A juvenile suspect has been booked for Felony Battery and Assault with Intent to Commit Rape after an incident on October 20.
updated 4:00 pm
47 add
A subscriber took this [pic] of a monarch sunning itself.
updated 3:31 pm
386 1
The SBC Office of Emergency Management wants to remind everyone the the first winter storm of the season for Southwest California will start Halloween night.
updated 2:41 pm
1066 6
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber shares this [pic] of the edhat bag in Brooklyn.
updated 1:33 pm
302 3
Early this morning, the Ventura PD responded to the intersection of Telephone Rd. and Copland Dr.to assist the CHP on a traffic collision.
updated 12:56 pm
73 add
Prosecutors have filed a murder charge against a driver accused of running down a veteran sheriff's deputy who had pulled over another motorist on a Ventura County freeway.
updated 12:55 pm
26 add
The pilot of a commercially owned military jet died Wednesday after his plane crashed just east of Pacific Coast Highway in Port Hueneme, officials said.
updated 12:47 pm
18 add
Ventura Police have arrested 28-year-old Robert Beltran for a string of residential burglaries.
updated 12:02 pm
63 add
The Ventura County Board of Supervisors and other involved officials and agencies have now submitted required written responses to reports by the 2013-2014 Ventura County Grand Jury.
updated 10:58 am
44 add
When Daylight Savings Time ends on November 2, it's a good reminder to change the batteries in your smoke alarms according to the Ventura County Fire Department.
updated 10:40 am
42 add
On October 21, 2014, Ventura Police Department (VPD) K9 Officer Scott Garrett and his partner "Eros" officially retired from the K9 Unit. [pic]
updated 10:19 am
66 add
A subscriber reports a power outage on Wednesday night on College Drive to Hwy 126 and Hwy 101.
updated 9:08 am
60 add
Ventura City Fire Department personnel responded to a reported traffic collision with fire and power lines down. [pic]
updated 9:00 am
112 add
Brian shares a spooky Halloween video on a recent trip to Iowa. [vid]
updated 8:54 am
391 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 30, 2014 reads comments
The Ventura West County Narcotic Task Force arrested suspect Rudy Rico for charges of possession of marijuana for sales and child endangerment. (10/30/14) 120 add
It is that time of year again and the Ventura Police Department wants to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween. (10/30/14) 90 add
Can someone identify this caterpillar? (10/30/14) 1012 8
Last month Ventura Police issued a Community Crime Alert regarding the "IRS Telephone Scam" (10/30/14) 74 add
Ventura Police arrested Daniel Holmes for possession of a loaded firearm. (10/30/14) 116 add
The Oxnard Police Department partnered once again with California Lutheran University to administer a Community Survey to assess and evaluate public safety perceptions, interactions, service, and experiences. (10/30/14) 71 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 29, 2014 reads comments
The officers on Third street contacted a 17 year old Oxnard resident and located a loaded semi-automatic handgun hidden in his waistband. (10/29/14) 112 add
Per the CHP, all road closures have been lifted except for Northbound Highway 101 Onramp at Lewis Rd. (10/29/14) 96 add
The Ventura Police Street Crimes Unit made an arrest after an investigation regarding drug sales at a residence in the 2200 block of Grand Avenue. (10/29/14) 181 add
There is a shortage of foster care families in Ventura County. When a child is removed from their family due to abuse or neglect they end up in the foster care system. (10/29/14) 52 add
Has anyone replaced radiant ceiling heat in their home? (10/29/14) 1146 16
Officers and Ventura City Fire responding to an injured subject at a downtown parking structure found the 26 year-old female deceased. (10/29/14) 434 add
Ventura City Fire Department personnel responded to a reported dock fire in a commercial fishing process area of the marina. [pic] (10/29/14) 127 add
Updated with [Pic] On Oct. 28, at approximately 1:14 am, a Ventura County Sheriff's Deputy assigned to the city of Camarillo was struck and killed by a motorist. (10/29/14) 253 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 28, 2014 reads comments
Can any subscribers tell me what this wooden thing is? (10/28/14) 2726 19
On October 27 the Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call from a resident in the 200 Block of Roosevelt Ave., reporting a residential burglary that had just occurred. (10/28/14) 129 add
A new analysis led by UCSB's David Valentine traces oil from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon event to its resting place on the Gulf of Mexico's deep floor. (10/28/14) 718 12
This morning the Ventura PDt Command Center received a 911 call reporting a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of Master's Donuts, 1725 S. Victoria Ave. (10/28/14) 111 add
Are there any other Cox Cable customers that have issues with recorded shows (and maybe live shows) freezing up throughout an episode? (10/28/14) 1654 46
Two men are facing charges for breaking into several cars in the Rio Lindo Neighborhood and for suspicion of being under the influence of methamphetamine. (10/28/14) 111 add
On October 26, 2014, at about 8:48 p.m. Oxnard police officers responded to a carjacking in the area of 411 W. Pleasant Valley Road. (10/28/14) 94 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 27, 2014 reads comments
Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call of a possible theft in progress at Fresh and Easy grocery store located on Thompson Blvd. (10/27/14) 191 add
Lisa Ann Kelly discovered this newly hatched little monarch butterfly struggling to keep earth bound. [pics] (10/27/14) 1422 10
TRAVEL: Returning home from Seattle, John Wiley increasingly saw water reminders where lakes used to sparkle. [pics] (10/27/14) 1502 12
NWS has issued a Wind Advisory through 6am Monday with strong gusts up to 50 mph for Santa Barbara County. (10/27/14) 762 4
Juan Barragon and Rodrigo Padilla were arrested on various charges after colliding their stolen vehicle into a parked car. (10/27/14) 132 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 26, 2014 reads comments
Assembly member Das Williams hosted a Water Conservation Summit in Ventura on Saturday. [pics] (10/26/14) 1193 24
Officers from the Oxnard PD were dispatched to the 1400 block of South Oxnard Boulevard for the call of a subject attempting to steal a vehicle. (10/26/14) 135 add
I found this insect in my house today. Any idea what it is? [pics] (10/26/14) 2590 8
My dwarf Santa Rosa plum tree is confused and I am wondering if any other Edhatters are experiencing the same thing. (10/26/14) 1288 7
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Ewe and Scuba, jet black kitties also known as Poke and Meatloaf but usually just referred to as Boy and Girl. (10/26/14) 1093 11
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Isis, a beach-loving, bone-eating lady. (10/26/14) 1111 19
EDBIT: LAST CHANCE! It's time for the Fifth Annual Edhat Halloween Story Writing Contest! Send in your submission for a chance to win a prize! (10/26/14) 1820 NA

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 25, 2014 reads comments
Dimas Diaz was arrested for Terrorist Threats, Resisting Arrest and a Violation of a Restraining Order after a standoff at his ex-wife's mothers house. (10/25/14) 185 add
What spectacularly spooky Halloween decorations have you seen around town? Send in photos! (10/25/14) 963 3
For the second time in nearly 24 hours, Ventura City Fire Medic Engine 2 discovered a beach patron caught in a rip current getting pulled out sea approximately 200 yards from shore at the Marina Beach Park. [pic] (10/25/14) 186 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 24, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber is looking for local caterers or restaurants that can cater lunches/and or breakfasts for 20-40 people to various locations in Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo. (10/24/14) 120 1
An edhatter has been having bad allergies in recent weeks. Is anyone else having problems or know what's in the air? (10/24/14) 1450 23
Updated With More Pics: Edhat subscriber Chuck Cagara is outside capturing the partial solar eclipse which will peak at 3:26pm. [pic] Send in your photos! (10/24/14) 2234 9
Oxnard Police Officers arrested Dennis Coleman, an 18 year old Oxnard resident for two counts of residential burglary. [mug] (10/24/14) 171 add
The simple topography of dryland channels presents an interesting paradox according to scientists from UCSB's Earth Research Institute, (10/24/14) 611 add
On the evening of October 22 while checking ocean conditions at the end of Greenock Lane in Ventura, a Ventura City Fire Engine Company noticed three swimmers in distress. (10/24/14) 165 add
Oxnard Police officers responded to Charles Street and Campbell Way regarding a shooting victim. (10/24/14) 146 add
This thirsty alligator lizard found the small fountain in my back yard. [pics] (10/24/14) 1770 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 23, 2014 reads comments
On 9-22-14, Ventura Police Dispatch received a call of a late-reported lewd conduct with a child. (10/23/14) 224 add
Simultaneous search warrants were served by Oxnard PD Investigators with the assistance of the Oxnard PD's S.W.A.T. [mug] (10/23/14) 208 add
Astronomy: A subscriber reminds us of a partial solar eclipse taking place on Thursday between 2-4pm. (10/23/14) 884 2
TRAVEL: Max took a trip to the famous Pinks Hot Dogs in LA on Tuesday. (10/23/14) 1471 10
A fire erupted in an unoccupied house in West Venutra late Tuesday night. Firefighters arrived on scene to find a duplex with heavy smoke coming from the front of the structure. [pics] (10/23/14) 147 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 22, 2014 reads comments
On Tuesday, the Ventura Police Department Command Center received one 9-1-1 call regarding an Injury Traffic Collision. (10/22/14) 173 add
TRAVEL: Frank Gehry's building for the Louis Vuitton Foundation opened this week and Charles Croninger got a [pic]. (10/22/14) 1369 7
A subscriber is interested in others' personal experiences with ridiculous certificates. (10/22/14) 2717 30
Robert Salazar was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle, DUI, and hit and run after being spotted driving erratically on the Northbound 101 Freeway near San Jon Rd. (10/22/14) 168 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 21, 2014 reads comments
An edhatter was just given this utensil and is curious what it's for. Any ideas? (10/21/14) 2916 18
The Oxnard Police Department maintains an investigative unit titled the Violent Crimes Unit (VCU) which has nine (9) investigators assigned full-time to investigate robberies, violent assaults, and all gang-related crimes. (10/21/14) 200 add
A woman was arrested after she illegally entered a Thousand Oaks house and became trapped inside the chimney. (10/21/14) 161 add
On Sunday, October 19, 2014, at about 8:30 p.m., a man was taken to Ventura County Medical Center after being shot at least once while in the Lemonwood neighborhood. (10/21/14) 191 add
NWS issues a High Surf Advisory and Strong RipTides for Northwest facing beaches through Wednesday. (10/21/14) 1034 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 20, 2014 reads comments
A female suspect was arrested after being located inside a chimney trying to enter a home on Woodside Drive in Thousand Oaks. (10/20/14) 158 add
Do edhatters have knowledge about or recommendations for Long Term Care Insurance? (10/20/14) 1299 17
On Sunday, October 19, 2014, at about 1 a.m., patrol officers went to Merced Place in south Oxnard regarding a report of an armed robbery. (10/20/14) 218 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 19, 2014 reads comments
How do you know if what you know is true when the world is full of half truths, myth-conceptions, and birds eye views? (10/19/14) 805 16
Moorpark High Remembers Recent Graduate Who Died After Contracting Meningitis. (10/19/14) 122 add
UPDATE: Oxnard police officers responded to the 2000 block of North Ventura Road reference a report of shots fired. [mugs] (10/19/14) 361 add
Oxnard officers responded to an injury collision at "C" Street north of 4th Street. (10/19/14) 171 add
Goleta Surfing shares video footage from recent hurricane swells hitting our local shores. (10/19/14) 1776 12
COUNT: Edhat announces the winner of our reusable cup contest who gets to see Ray LaMontagne at the Bowl tonight! (10/19/14) 769 NA
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Rufus and his canine friends Lily and Mona! (10/19/14) 1135 13

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 18, 2014 reads comments
COUNT: Enter edhat's re-usable cup counting contest by 5pm today for a chance to win 2 tickets to see Ray LaMontagne this Saturday at the Bowl! (10/18/14) 1793 NA
Edhat subscribers send in "E" themed photos for Flash Friday. Can you guess what they all are? (10/18/14) 974 4
The Small Business Development Center of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties announces the addition of Sean Leonard to its team of advisors. (10/18/14) 236 add
William snapped a [pic] of a bee's final resting place. (10/18/14) 1575 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 17, 2014 reads comments
TRAVEL: An edhatter takes a break from ghost story writing to share a few sunrise [pics] from Maui. (10/17/14) 1327 10
If you're looking for a safe trick-or-treating environment for your kids, join the Ventura Family YMCA at the Pacific View Mall (Center Court) on October 31, 2014 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. [pics] (10/17/14) 182 add
A subscriber captured a [pic] of a large spider preparing a buzz-worthy breakfast. (10/17/14) 1635 7
Which local companies, organizations, and schools participated in the Great California Shake-Out on Thursday morning? (10/17/14) 1202 7
Former Simi Valley Businessman Sentenced to Over 7 Years in Prison for Selling Knock-Off Batteries to Navy for Use on Warships. (10/17/14) 200 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 16, 2014 reads comments
Has anyone noticed a difference in the drinking water from Lake Casitas? (10/16/14) 217 1
A Santa Paula man pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts of failing to care for animals. (10/16/14) 138 add
A massive dredging project started on Tuesday in the Channel Islands Harbor. (10/16/14) 137 add
TRAVEL: Although the Pike Place Market is a "required" visit for former Seattlites, John Wiley had fun there. (10/16/14) 1110 4

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 15, 2014 reads comments
On Saturday, October 18, 2014, beginning at 8:00 a.m., the 2014 Color Run will take place in Ventura. (10/15/14) 213 add
Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley announced that Dean Joseph Basler of Ventura pled guilty to two felony counts of embezzlement. (10/15/14) 1189 5
TRAVEL: Look closely at this [pic] from San Francisco's Fleet Week. (10/15/14) 2250 16

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 14, 2014 reads comments
A stolen prescription pad lead to multiple arrests including meth sales and child endangerment. (10/14/14) 669 add
Favian Martinez Barrera was arrested for a 2009 Homicide while trying to reenter the United States from the Mexican border. A [mug] is included. (10/14/14) 492 add
TRAVEL: Aquaholic had the great fortune to spend six days in the Eastern Sierra this past week and shares a shot of Parker Lake. [pic] (10/14/14) 1770 11
An edhat subscriber shares this action shot of a heron defending his fishing grounds. [pic] (10/14/14) 1943 10
Manuel Nava, who is currently in the Post Release Offender Program, was arrested, after a short chase, with a large quantity of narcotics on him. (10/14/14) 255 add
After committing a traffic violation, Victor De Arcos was found to have a loaded handgun on his person along with narcotics. (10/14/14) 226 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 12, 2014 reads comments
Do you think that those companies where everyone wants to work resemble clicks or cults or just offer the best perks? (10/12/14) 1333 12
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Pansy and Daisy, two feisty young kittens. (10/12/14) 1224 12
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Charley, a lovable and outdoors-y pooch, just don't try to steal her tennis ball! (10/12/14) 1205 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 11, 2014 reads comments
Melissa Carrillo and Hortensia Rivera were booked for commercial burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, and conspiracy after an incident at Kohls. (10/11/14) 332 add

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