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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 01, 2014 reads comments
Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from a concerned citizen in the Ventura Gateway shopping center reporting vandalism. (09/01/14) 67 add
A reader snapped this sequence of [pics] last Wednesday of a surfer pulling into a nice barrel ride. (09/01/14) 1078 3
Charles Brewster shares scenes from a Sunday sunrise in Santa Barbara. [pics] (09/01/14) 624 5
Does anyone know if the new bike path along the Rincon is open? (09/01/14) 831 7
Has anyone gotten a ticket for having a dog on the beach? I just got one in the Pierpont area. (09/01/14) 105 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 31, 2014 reads comments
Ventura Police are investigating an armed robbery on S. Victoria. (08/31/14) 127 add
Read the first of a series giving a face to the homeless in Ventura. (08/31/14) 99 add
There has been much national news around the lack of mental health services in our communities. (08/31/14) 97 add
Ventura Police are investigating a strong arm robbery that took place at Seward Ave at the beach. (08/31/14) 100 add
Have you pondered the water footprint of the foods you eat? Would you alter your habits if it meant the drought could be beat? (08/31/14) 596 15
Cartoons: Mike Gordon shares a cartoon for all wine lovers in edhat land. (08/31/14) 1077 4
California officials are investigating financial dealings between Ventura County's Medi-Cal health plan and a key outside contractor, Xerox Corp., The Times has learned. (08/31/14) 31 add
Astronomy: This Friday was the anniversary of one of the most important discoveries in the history of astronomy, which took place 150 years ago. (08/31/14) 1464 13
A subscriber shares [pics] of succulents in bloom. (08/31/14) 741 5
A red flag warning has been issued for gusty winds and low humidity from 3pm on Saturday until 3am on Sunday. [pic] (08/31/14) 600 1
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Baker, a cat who has always been interested in the finer art of cooking. (08/31/14) 641 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 30, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber noticed food trucks gathering in Ventura and is hopeful they'll be coming up to SB. Anyone know? (08/30/14) 1352 8
Ventura Police Department K9 Officer Mike Hibdon and his partner "Ferro" will be retiring from the K9 Unit effective August 30, 2014. (08/30/14) 81 add
On Sunday, August 24, 2014, a burglary occurred in the 600 block of McAndrews Road, in Ojai. Investigators identified one male suspect, Frank Morales, and one female suspect, Mellissa Carrillo. [mug] (08/30/14) 107 add
On August 30th, Ventura Sheriff's Office / Ojai Police Department will be conducting drunk driving and driver license checkpoints at several locations in the Ojai Valley. (08/30/14) 106 add
Today, Congresswoman Julia Brownley announced her official endorsement from Equality CA which is the largest statewide LGBT advocacy organization in California. (08/30/14) 76 add
Ventura City Fire Department personnel responded to report of a capsized vessel with victims in the water, outside the entrance to the Ventura Harbor. (08/30/14) 101 add
Edhat subscribers share photos of how they plan to celebrate the extended Labor Day weekend. Send in your photos! (08/30/14) 741 9
Photographic Magic: Images of Ventura County's Coast Trigger Something Deeper (08/30/14) 56 add
Ventura City Fire units were dispatched to a reported vehicle roll-over with trapped victims on the 126 Freeway. [pic] (08/30/14) 129 add
Ventura County Sheriff's Office received a call for service reference a commercial burglary at a ranch in Somis. (08/30/14) 76 add
Reflections on rainbow mist, waves and riders from John Wiley's big wave coastal cruise. [pics] (08/30/14) 1388 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 29, 2014 reads comments
The Ventura Police Department has concluded an investigation into an incident that occurred at Ventura High School last week. (08/29/14) 165 add
Today on Jesusita trail there was a king snake eating a western fence lizard. [pic] (08/29/14) 2376 21

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 28, 2014 reads comments
What are my rights as an employee when my employer does not pay me on pay day? (08/28/14) 2492 22
A Hurricane making its way through the Pacific Ocean is expected to bring high surf and strong currents to Ventura County south and southeast-facing beaches this week. (08/28/14) 71 add
A subscriber was in Manhattan Beach and noticed this sign about bicycles. [pic] (08/28/14) 2232 18
Caltrans/CHP remind motorists to expect extra traffic and drive safely during the Labor Day weekend(08/28/14) 394 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 27, 2014 reads comments
Law enforcement investigators have interrupted a complex criminal enterprise that was responsible for the distribution of large quantities of narcotics. [pics] (08/27/14) 236 add
The Ventura Police Department received a call of a subject on the rooftop of the business threatening to jump. (08/27/14) 165 add
As the country readies for Labor Day weekend, the California Highway Patrol is reminding motorists to employ lifesaving measures on the roadway. (08/27/14) 417 3
EDBIT: Happy National Dog Day! How are you celebrating? Send in pics of your pooch. (08/27/14) 1750 18
Can anyone explain what is happening to my lime tree? [pic] (08/27/14) 2174 22
The City of Ventura has received information from the National Weather Service of High Surf expected beginning Tuesday, August 26th through August 29th. (08/27/14) 90 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 26, 2014 reads comments
Are sheriffs deputies allowed to intervene as collection agencies? (08/26/14) 1874 25
Over the past 8 days, 79 people were arrested for DUI in Ventura County. (08/26/14) 176 add
Ventura City Fire Department units responded to a reported structure fire with occupants still inside. [pic] (08/26/14) 142 add
A former Ventura neurosurgeon facing allegations of performing unnecessary procedures and committing gross negligence surrendered his California medical license in a decision that takes effect Monday. (08/26/14) 124 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 25, 2014 reads comments
Significant high surf event with possible structure damage and beach erosion to south facing beaches of southwest California Tuesday afternoon through Friday. (08/25/14) 2065 9

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 24, 2014 reads comments
Do you know when you're dreaming? When lucid, is rest exchanged for meaning? (08/24/14) 710 4
TRAVEL: Last week a crew of Santa Barbara locals headed out into the backcountry around Mammoth Lakes to climb Mt. Ritter, the tallest mountain in the Ritter Range. (08/24/14) 1762 19
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Blink, a cat so fast if you blink you'll miss him. (08/24/14) 876 9
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Skippy, a beloved scooter-loving K-9. (08/24/14) 1083 15

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 23, 2014 reads comments
Expired/Unused Prescription Drug Collection Day was a success with over 18 pounds collected. (08/23/14) 96 add
Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team is headed to Big Sur in Monterey County to assist in search for missing person. (08/23/14) 126 add
Are there any natural products for keeping algae out of fountains? (08/23/14) 1404 23
Edhat subscribers sent in "H" themed photos for Flash Friday. Can you guess what they all are? (08/23/14) 1000 23
Astronomy: Chuck reminds edhatters to get up early on Saturday morning to see Venus, Jupiter, and a crescent Moon. (08/23/14) 742 6
Several nut butter brands are being recalled due to potential contamination of salmonella. (08/23/14) 2678 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 22, 2014 reads comments
Ventura City Fire and Ventura County Fire resources responded to reports of an active brush fire near the historic cross in Grant Park early this afternoon. [pics] (08/22/14) 184 add
Ants are invading houses and apartments in search of water, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (08/22/14) 2645 50
Oxnard Police host Community Workshop: What Parents Can Do About Bullying on August 23 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM. (08/22/14) 153 add
The Cops Running For Charity team is at it again, this time running a marathon in Ireland. (08/22/14) 95 add
The Thousand Oaks Police Department's Bike Team conducted an alcohol enforcement operation and made three arrests. (08/22/14) 126 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 21, 2014 reads comments
Update with [pics] and more info. Ventura Police are investigating the petty theft of an 8-year-old's Hello Kitty coin purse at Central Quik Wash laundry mat. (08/21/14) 217 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 20, 2014 reads comments
A subscribers shares a different perspective on fracking and Measure P.  (08/20/14) 1664 61
Can anyone help identify a bug that is in my housemates room? (08/20/14) 2809 14
Oxnard police responded to the 700 block of Nandina Place reference a domestic with a handgun involved. (08/20/14) 204 add
Oxnard police officers responded to the 500 block of Hill St. regarding subjects drinking and disturbing. (08/20/14) 140 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 19, 2014 reads comments
Lead Up to Labor Day Brings DUI Crackdown to Ventura County. (08/19/14) 183 add
The Ventura County Sheriff's Office deployed 50 deputies into the field for the purpose of conducting probation sweeps. (08/19/14) 186 add
Is this a practice battleground John Wiley spotted amid the farms, golfers and flower fields of Santa Paula? [pics] (08/19/14) 2056 18
Does anyone know what the strange rumblings were all morning on Sunday in Oxnard? They went on and off for several hours. (08/19/14) 345 2
Driving into work this morning I saw it over the mountains and it was magnificent. [pics] (08/19/14) 2801 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 18, 2014 reads comments
Oxnard Patrol Officers have arrested a man suspected of vehicle theft and vehicle pursuit. (08/18/14) 329 add
Ventura City Fire Department personnel responded to a reported traffic collision on the Southbound 101 Freeway. [pic] (08/18/14) 197 add
Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call of a stabbing that occurred in the 200 Block of E. Main Street. (08/18/14) 226 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 17, 2014 reads comments
Astronomy: Early risers on Monday morning will see a pretty sight rising in the pre-dawn sky to the ENE at about 5:30 AM. (08/17/14) 1936 4
What is the most interesting road that you've driven? What road innovations do you hope to see while still living? (08/17/14) 1213 18
EDBIT: The Oxford Dictionary has yet again added new words to keep up with linguistic trends. Which ones do you think are the best and worst? (08/17/14) 1717 23
TRAVEL: Aquaholic shares a Moloa'a sunrise photo from the garden isle of Kauai. (08/17/14) 1131 8
Cartoons: Mike Gordon shares a Saturday cartoon for edhat readers.  (08/17/14) 1102 10
Oxnard Police Department conducted a DUI/Driver's license checkpoint in the City of Oxnard in the southbound lanes of Vineyard Avenue south of Forest Park Blvd. (08/17/14) 167 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Kya, a rescue dog with a penchant for the outdoors. (08/17/14) 1341 11

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 16, 2014 reads comments
The Thousand Oaks Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint on August 16, 2014. (08/16/14) 417 add
Ventura County District Attorney Investigators arrested Antonio Magana Thursday in the murder of a pregnant woman in Santa Paula. (08/16/14) 131 add
John Brophy was booked at Ventura County Jail for stalking, possession of stolen property, and resisting an officer. (08/16/14) 348 add
Subscribers sent in "A" themed photos for Flash Friday. Can you guess what they are? (08/16/14) 1275 15
The California Highway Patrol has identified and arrested the driver involved in Wednesday night's fatal rollover accident that took the life of a child and sent four people to the hospital. (08/16/14) 196 add
The Closure of McGrath State Beach in Oxnard is having a financial impact on local businesses. (08/16/14) 130 add
An aerial reconnaissance mission discovered illegal marijuana cultivation in the Los Padres National Forest north of the City of Ojai. One suspect was arrested. [mug] (08/16/14) 265 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 15, 2014 reads comments
Camarillo-Detectives are investigating a suspicious death. (08/15/14) 289 add
On Friday August 15, 2014 The Oxnard Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint. (08/15/14) 193 add
A reader caught this activity while walking along the breakwater this morning. [pic] (08/15/14) 3569 12
City of Ventura is planning a committee meeting to review the permit for Embassy Suites to build a hotel. (08/15/14) 148 add
The Thousand Oaks Police Department will be offering an English and Spanish parenting class for ten weeks starting on September 18. (08/15/14) 140 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 14, 2014 reads comments
Major Crimes Detectives are working with City Fire Department arson investigators into what has been determined to be the intentional setting of several vehicles on fire. (08/14/14) 193 add
TRAVEL: Aquaholic was up early for a sunrise on Hanalei Bay. [pic] (08/14/14) 1818 18
Updated: An Atlas V rocket carrying the WorldView 3 commercial Earth imaging satellite is scheduled for launch from Vandenberg AFB late on the morning of August 13. (08/14/14) 2058 10
Oxnard police officers responded to the 3600 block of Leeward Way regarding a call of shots fired from a red vehicle. (08/14/14) 204 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 13, 2014 reads comments
TRAVEL: Aquaholic shares a resident Gold Dust Gecko from her travels in Kauai. [pic] (08/13/14) 1235 7
The Breeze received several calls regarding the 4 big tour buses being escorted around the Pierpont area by the Ventura Police Department. (08/13/14) 264 add
A subscriber found an oarfish on Santa Rosa Island on Saturday that was about 15 feet long. [pics] (08/13/14) 3691 12
How many new business ribbon-cutting ceremonies has Mayor Cheryl Heitmann officiated at (and cut the ribbon) since becoming Mayor on December 2, 2013? (08/13/14) 129 add
Lewis Avalos has been arrested for hit and run, resisting arrest, drug possession, and outstanding warrants. (08/13/14) 210 add
What is this? [pics] I think alien pod but it could also be some sort of mushroom. (08/13/14) 2092 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 12, 2014 reads comments
On August 11, 2014 at approximately 1430 hours, members of the Oxnard Police Department's Special Enforcement Unit were working in the area of Roosevelt Ave and First Street. (08/12/14) 249 add
Thousand Oaks deputies have arrested several juveniles for criminal conspiracy and thefts from vehicles. (08/12/14) 234 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 11, 2014 reads comments
TRAVEL: Here's Aquaholic's daily dispatch from across the Pacific. [pic] (08/11/14) 1193 5
Adam Rodriguez sustained moderate injuries after being struck by a car driven by his ex-girlfriend, Jeannette Robles. (08/11/14) 261 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 10, 2014 reads comments
TRAVEL: Aquaholic says aloha from the garden island of Kauai! (08/10/14) 1742 10
Where and when do you have your most creative thoughts? How do you record them so they don't get lost? (08/10/14) 716 10
Bud Stuart shares a poem entitled "World Peace." (08/10/14) 634 3
Can someone identify what type of fruit tree this is? (08/10/14) 1896 25
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Bacchus, a sweet and gentle pooch who answered to many names. (08/10/14) 1239 16

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