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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 23, 2014 reads comments
Officers from the Oxnard Police Department along with EMS personnel responded to the 3200 block of west Hemlock Street in reference to an injury traffic collision. (09/23/14) 63 add
Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call from a city work crew, reporting a physical altercation. (09/23/14) 113 add
A finger of fog touches the hilltop above La Conchita in this view from John Wiley. [pic] (09/23/14) 769 1
Santa Barbara Channelkeeper filed a lawsuit Friday against the State Water Resources Control Board to protect the Ventura River. (09/23/14) 157 add
The Ventura Police Department will once again be participating in the Drug Enforcement Administration's National "Take-Back" Prescription Drug Program. (09/23/14) 51 add
Early this morning, a traffic stop was made on Esteban Pacheco, who was found to be in possession of methamphetamine and a loaded pistol. (09/23/14) 78 add
Ventura City Fire Department reported to a fire burning in the Ventura river bottom adjacent to the Ventura County Fair Grounds. (09/23/14) 87 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 22, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a white crab spider that caught a bee on a flower. (09/22/14) 1419 1
TRAVEL: Aquaholic travels north to Big Sur to capture a photo of the Milky Way over Bixby Bridge. (09/22/14) 1537 19
Saturday evening Ventura City Firefighters responded to reports of smoke coming from the rear of a multi- residential complex in the 6000 block of Woodland St. near Buena High School. (09/22/14) 71 add
The CHP has sent out an Amber Alert for a 10-month-old child abducted from Hanford, CA. (09/22/14) 732 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 21, 2014 reads comments
What kind of mushroom is this and what causes it to grow? [pics] (09/21/14) 1721 11
Cartoons: Mike shares a cartoon about slow computers, we can relate.  (09/21/14) 1016 9
How long do you sleep each night approximately? Does your work get in the way, directly or indirectly? (09/21/14) 938 8
TRAVEL: Tom shares photos from his recent Central Coast road trip between Morro Bay and Big Sur. (09/21/14) 1211 14
IN THE KITCHEN: On a whim, I bought scallops and tried my hand at a scrumptious-sounding recipe for seared scallops with pan sauce and paired it with rice pilaf. (09/21/14) 925 7
GARDEN OF ED: The Santa Barbara area is blessed with a tirelessly proactive, knowledgeable, well organized Master Gardener program(09/21/14) 1016 2
POWDRELL: Once relegated to being just a sidekick in a salad, now there's avocado ale, avocado ice cream, avocado smoothies and avocado brownies. (09/21/14) 605 7
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Tory, a hiking and camping extraordinaire. (09/21/14) 816 5
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Moxie, a smart and beautiful cat who thinks her humans are pretty cool. (09/21/14) 633 4

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 20, 2014 reads comments
It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Share your pirate or "P" themed photos with the edhat community. (09/20/14) 1123 19
Police Seize Energy Company Records - Ventura Injection Well Company Under Criminal Investigation (09/20/14) 78 add
Influx of young professionals could drive Ventura County housing market. (09/20/14) 74 add
Ventura County Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin confirmed a local case of the unexplained respiratory Enterovirus-D68. (09/20/14) 50 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 19, 2014 reads comments
Investigators received information from a resident of Thousand Oaks after a robbery that led to the arrest of a 15 year old male juvenile. (09/19/14) 107 add
Caltrans workers hit the highways for coastal cleanup week. (09/19/14) 344 1
UPDATE: Roadway is now open. Oxnard officers are on scene of a fatal traffic accident at Wooley Road from Patterson to Ventura Roads. Please use alternate routes. (09/19/14) 237 add
Ventura City Fire Department will again join forces with Firefighters across the country to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (09/19/14) 157 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 18, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber shares this [pic] of a melted candle and asks edhatters to finish this sentence: "It was SO HOT..." (09/18/14) 1743 19
A subscriber noticed a Christmas display at Costco, when it's 93 degrees outside. [pic] (09/18/14) 2379 47
On 9-16-14, at approximately 2314 hours, the victim of a stabbing arrived in the lobby of the Oxnard Police Department. (09/18/14) 185 add
Oxnard Police Department were dispatched to a stabbing victim in the 2400 block of Grapevine Dr. (09/18/14) 114 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 17, 2014 reads comments
Oxnard Police Department and EMS personnel responded to the 300 block of west Vineyard Avenue in reference to an injury traffic collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. (09/17/14) 153 add
Blue Shield does not have any providers in SB that perform colonoscopies. A subscriber would like recommendations for providers out of town. (09/17/14) 1624 41
Have any of your cats had ringworm and if so, how did you treat it and how long did it take to get rid of it? (09/17/14) 878 11
Detectives with the Thousand Oaks Police Department are seeking the assistance from the public with identifying the suspect who committed two crimes. [pics] (09/17/14) 176 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 16, 2014 reads comments
Ventura City Fire Department personnel responded to a report of two male juveniles having seizures in a barranca. (09/16/14) 188 add
Leader of Oxnard Street Gang and Mexican Mafia associate found guilty of federal drug and gun trafficking charges. (09/16/14) 678 add
The leader of an Oxnard street gang and Mexican Mafia associate has been found guilty of federal drug and gun trafficking charges. (09/16/14) 446 add
A woman reportedly was attacked by a man Sunday while out walking her dogs in Ventura. (09/16/14) 160 add
A subscriber shares [pics] of the fungus among us. (09/16/14) 1871 15
The Coast Guard intercepted 3 suspected smugglers and over a ton of marijuana near San Nicholas Island on Saturday. (09/16/14) 2253 10
It was too beautiful to sleep in on Saturday. Here are some [pics] of the amazing clouds. (09/16/14) 1216 3
TRAVEL: With no plans to attend the real Oktoberfest in Germany anytime soon, I thought I'd check out Monterey's version. [pics] (09/16/14) 876 1
Caltrans and the CDFW remind motorists to remain alert for wildlife near roadways during Watch Out for Wildlife Week, which runs September 15-21. (09/16/14) 447 8
Joseph Ojida was arrested for physically assaulting a female inside the Leewood Hotel. (09/16/14) 171 add
A subscriber shares [pics] of a butterfly and grasshopper sharing a sunflower. (09/16/14) 1235 14
Two victims were lying in the grass in Montalvo Hill Park when a suspect approached them. The suspect then robbed them. (09/16/14) 146 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 15, 2014 reads comments
The Ventura Police Command Center received a report of an unknown disturbance in the area of Shoshone St. near Cameron St. (09/15/14) 240 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 14, 2014 reads comments
The Ventura Police Department is investigating an Assault with a Deadly Weapon after a suspect struck someone with a bat. (09/14/14) 191 add
There will be an extended period of widespread triple digit temperatures affecting valleys, lower mountain elevations as well as the Antelope Valley through Tuesday. (09/14/14) 109 add
An edhat subscriber reports a 2.5 earthquake took place on Friday near Oxnard. (09/14/14) 135 add
The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning in effect until 6:00am on Monday. (09/14/14) 1034 add
Can anyone identify this bird with an extraordinarily long beak? (09/14/14) 1929 11
A subscriber is looking for advice on how to get back a stolen iPhone with a known location. (09/14/14) 2176 28
Oxnard officers responded to the 2700 block of South Ventura Road reference a stabbing victim. (09/14/14) 150 add
Deputies are seeking the public's help to identify a burglary and criminal threats suspect. [mug] (09/14/14) 212 add
Ventura Police patrol officers responded to a possible residential burglary in progress in the 500 Block of Chadwick Pl. (09/14/14) 129 add
Pleasant Valley School District and the Camarillo Police Department will be offering a parenting class in Spanish on Wednesday evenings for ten weeks starting on October 8, 2014. (09/14/14) 96 add
Oxnard Police release their results from Friday's DUI and Driver's License Checkpoint. (09/14/14) 141 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Echo, a young pup who works hard and plays hard! (09/14/14) 1220 4

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 13, 2014 reads comments
We want to advise our community that the "IRS" telephone scam appears to once again be very active in our area. (09/13/14) 127 add
A reader took a [pic] of the fast-moving Cleveland National Forest fire from the air. (09/13/14) 1486 3
In honor of National Chocolate Milkshake Day, edhatters sent in photo of their beverages. (09/13/14) 1087 15
Ventura Station Deputies arrested a suspect after a short pursuit for driving a stolen vehicle, evading and resisting arrest. [mug] (09/13/14) 174 add
Chick-fil-A Banned From Ventura High School Campus Over Stand On Gay Marriage. (09/13/14) 137 add
On Sunday, September 14th, 2014, Mexico's independence from Spain will be celebrated during the annual Fiestas Patrias Parade held in downtown Oxnard. (09/13/14) 162 add
The Oxnard Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a multiple location DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint on Friday, September 12, 2014 at an undisclosed location within the city limits between the hours of 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. (09/13/14) 162 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 12, 2014 reads comments
Ventura City Fire Department responded to a report of burning material on the roadside. They found high-piled storage of paper and wood products on fire and threatening an adjacent structure. (09/12/14) 178 add
Jose Esquivel, suspected of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon at a 7- Eleven in Oxnard, is now in police custody. (09/12/14) 406 add
Caltrans has opened portions of the newly-constructed High Occupancy Vehicle lane on U.S. 101 in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. (09/12/14) 1222 18
The California Classic Coast bicycle ride will arrive on southbound Highway 1 in Santa Cruz County on Saturday Sept. 13 and end in Santa Barbara County.
662 add
NOAA announces an updated "whale alert" app and invites the public to contribute to the protection of West Coast whales. (09/12/14) 1294 2
How do people on edhat find housing besides craigslist posts? (09/12/14) 3708 71

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 11, 2014 reads comments
Weather Alert: Prolonged period of hot weather with elevated fire danger across Southwest California are expected through early next week. (09/11/14) 1010 add
The Ventura Family YMCA Hosts a Guinness World Record Swimming Lesson and Sends the Message Swimming Lessons Save Lives™ to Millions. [pic] (09/11/14) 171 add
A subscriber snapped a [pic] of a Super Venus, or is it just a sunset? (09/11/14) 1174 2
Oxnard police officers were dispatched to a stabbing victim in the parking lot at 960 North Ventura Road. (09/11/14) 167 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 10, 2014 reads comments
Officials for Channel Islands Harbor learned that dredging of the Harbor sand trap will begin October 1, 2014. (09/10/14) 182 add
Officers from the Thousand Oaks Police Department conducted an undercover DUI court operation at the Ventura Hall of Justice. (09/10/14) 206 add
The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District Board approved the VCAPCD's participation in a coalition to reduce air pollution and protect whales. (09/10/14) 721 2
Oxnard Police Officer Jack Martin saw Ramiro Vargas riding an off road motorcycle in the area of Frank Avenue and Samuel Avenue in Oxnard. (09/10/14) 177 add
Gary Crites Jr, 42 years of Oakview, has been charged with being a prohibited person with firearms, property crime, possession for sales of drugs. (09/10/14) 285 add
Has anyone had a (potential phishing) phone call about a "federal criminal action" being initiated by the US Treasury against them? (09/10/14) 1671 22
I'm hopeful that edhat readers can identify this insect found on our bathroom floor. [pic] (09/10/14) 2764 9
Does your pet complain that they don't get enough attention at home? Submit them for instant fame as the Edhat Cat or Dog of the Week! (09/10/14) 1119 15

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 09, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber caught and released a huge sand crab off Carpinteria. [pics] (09/09/14) 3492 26
Oxnard Police Department responded to the 4600 block of Cloyne Street in the City of Oxnard reference a report of a gunshot victim. (09/09/14) 139 add
Our yards are covered with hundreds of acorns. Is this mother nature telling us that we will have a rainy winter? (09/09/14) 2552 31
On Thursday morning, all Ventura County Fire Department stations will hold a special remembrance for the firefighters and others who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. (09/09/14) 142 add
The Oxnard Police Department is conducting an active investigation into a shooting that occurred earlier this morning. (09/09/14) 206 add
A Ventura man pleaded guilty Sept. 2 to federal fraud charges for his involvement in an $8 million investment scheme. (09/09/14) 113 add
Was it a distant hurricane that created this swirlpool John Wiley saw in the surf line? [pics] (09/09/14) 2438 10
After arriving to the scene of a fight on Saratoga Ave. last night, officers found a male victim suffering from stab wounds. (09/09/14) 168 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 08, 2014 reads comments
Oxnard police officers responded to the area of the 4300 block of South A Street reference a subject who was observed by neighboring witnesses breaking into a residence. (09/08/14) 157 add
A Ventura man pleaded guilty Sept. 2 to federal fraud charges for his involvement in an $8 million investment scheme. (09/08/14) 101 add
As a result of Hurricane Norbert off the coast of Baja California, there is a slight chance of thunderstorms and elevated surf through Monday morning. (09/08/14) 1454 7
TRAVEL: A dedicated edhat subscriber attended Burning Man last weekend and wanted to share some [pics]. (09/08/14) 2788 19

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 07, 2014 reads comments
Have you heard of any water thefts locally? Do you think water rustling is a trend our town will see? (09/07/14) 1295 13
Cartoons: Mike Gordon shares a funny cartoon for the coffee addicts. (09/07/14) 1450 4
I'm hearing explosion sounds in Oxnard off and on in the last hour. Does anyone know what this is? (09/07/14) 320 2
GARDEN OF ED: Billy Goodnick shares lawn alternatives for the ever-increasing drought.  (09/07/14) 2786 13
TRAVEL: Local writer Bonnie Carroll took a trip to Thailand and discovered the Amita Thai Cooking School, including a recipe for Pad Thai. (09/07/14) 958 3
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Steve, a stray who turned into a house cat. (09/07/14) 1305 19

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 06, 2014 reads comments
These just popped open in my new garden, never seen before. Can anyone identify this? [pic] (09/06/14) 3205 18
The Thousand Oaks Police Department will be targeting the "Worst of the Worst" DUI offenders following DUI court proceedings on September 8th. (09/06/14) 207 add
On 09/04/2014, at about 2330 hours, an Ojai Patrol unit attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation. [mug] (09/06/14) 238 add
Edhat subscribers are sharing photos of their transportation methods. Send in yours! (09/06/14) 994 5
A deadly albino cobra that ran loose in Thousand Oaks has been captured. (09/06/14) 120 add
Max Rosenberg shares photos from Wet Wednesday and other miscellaneous photos. (09/06/14) 1619 4

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