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Southern steelhead are an ocean going form of rainbow trout, which continues to survive in Southern California despite great environmental stress and being federally endangered. 
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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 22, 2017 reads comments
Can anyone identify this plant/pod on found on the San Ysidro Trail? (02/22/17) 1901 13
Oxnard Police Department assisted in an active assailant drill at Channel Islands High School Tuesday morning. (02/22/17) 43 add
TRAVEL: Bonnie has the inside scoop on what Chef Wolfgang Puck will feed the Hollywood stars at the 89th Academy Awards. (02/22/17) 864 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 21, 2017 reads comments
An inmate was found deceased Saturday morning at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility. (02/21/17) 112 add
Kevin Pinto arrested for prowling under influence of a controlled substance. (02/21/17) 100 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 20, 2017 reads comments
Ventura Police Department reponds to a fatal traffic collision on Victoria Ave. and Telephone Rd. (02/20/17) 690 1
 Ventura County Local Agency Formation Commission delayed the City of Ventura's plans to expand its boundaries inthe Saticoy area in the project known as Northbank. (02/20/17) 58 add
The Simi Valley Song Circle has released their schedule for the month of March. (02/20/17) 49 add
A Ventura man was arrested for commercial burglary, identity theft, and elder abuse. (02/20/17) 128 add
A Ventura man was arrested for suspicion of selling methamphetamine. (02/20/17) 146 add
A Ventura man was arrested for a robbery at JC Penny's on S. Mills Rd. (02/20/17) 116 add
A Ventura resident was arrested for possession of a firearm, stolen vehicle, and resisting arrest. (02/20/17) 117 add
An Oxnard resident was arrested for possessing a firearm. (02/20/17) 77 add
Oxnard Police Department and EMS responded to a traffic collision involving a vehicle and a motorcycle. (02/20/17) 98 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 19, 2017 reads comments
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Modelo, a great companion for all of your outdoor adventures. (02/19/17) 1082 2
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Jingo, a charming guy who will steal your heart right away. (02/19/17) 1008 2
The City of Oxnard Police Department, Fire Department, and Public Works are on-scene at the Victoria Estates Community in northern Oxnard due to significant street flooding. (02/19/17) 101 add
[Update]: Ventura Search and Rescue are searching for one person who was swept away by swift water after three were rescued. (02/19/17) 148 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 18, 2017 reads comments
Oxnar Poice captures a wanted fugitive, Raymond Suarez Jr, for outstanding warrants  (02/18/17) 135 add
Highway 101 is closed northbound at La Conchita due to a mud slide. (02/18/17) 5812 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 17, 2017 reads comments
Based on the latest ocean water quality monitoring report, there is a potential for storm water runoff contamination. (02/17/17) 101 add
Based on the 2016 crime statistics, City of Oxnard saw the first downward trend in reported crime in the past five years. (02/17/17) 84 add
The recycling center was robbed by two armed suspects who took money from the manager and a cashbox with an undisclosed amount of money. (02/17/17) 115 add
Oxnard Police arrested two juvenile males for attempted carjacking, resisting arrest and elder abuse. (02/17/17) 101 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 16, 2017 reads comments
Update: National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties from Friday morning to Saturday morning. (02/16/17) 1362 10
A Santa Paula man was killed in a suspected DUI traffic collision in the 11000 block of Citrus Drive. (02/16/17) 155 add
Heavy rains are predicted Thursday through Sunday in Ventura County. In anticipation of forecasted storms, Ventura County Fire is encouraging the public to look ahead and take simple steps to plan and prepare. (02/16/17) 109 add
Ventura County is warning residents of high bacteria levels at Hollywood Beach off Los Robles Street. (02/16/17) 70 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 15, 2017 reads comments
Ventura Police arrested a convicted felon for possession of a firearm, ammunition, and a high-capacity firearm magazine, as well as possession of stolen property, and a small quantity of heroin. (02/15/17) 141 add
Kevin Long is arrested for residential burglary and charges of felon in possession of a firearm. (02/15/17) 136 add
Santa Barbara County District Attorney announced no charges will be filed in connection with the traffic fatality involving Ventura County Firefighter Ryan Osler. (02/15/17) 1069 10
Ventura County Sheriff's Department releases a statement on Immigration Enforcement in Ventura County. (02/15/17) 125 add
EDBIT: Did you gift your Valentine something special? Most people chose candy. Read more Valentine's Day stats on edhat. (02/15/17) 834 4
Did other edhatters witness a curious moving light early Tuesday morning? (02/15/17) 1607 23
Ventura City Fire units responded to a reported structure fire in the bedroom of a residence, with occupants possibly still inside. [pic] (02/15/17) 139 add
Ventura Police Department's Command Center received several 911 calls reporting a subject running in the roadway in the 2700 block of E. Main St. (02/15/17) 97 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 14, 2017 reads comments
Ana Delgado has been selected as a 2017 scholarship winner in the Girls Inc. National Scholar Program, and will be awarded a $20,000 scholarship. [pic] (02/14/17) 82 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 12, 2017 reads comments
Cartoons: Genevieve shares a funny cartoon about the newest arrivals to the Funk. (02/12/17) 1826 27
With the help of a narcotics canine, Ventura Police arrested a Ventura man for the transportation and possession of narcotics for sales. (02/12/17) 196 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Hoss - Meet Hoss, a mellow fellow who's always ready to snuggle. (02/12/17) 1089 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 11, 2017 reads comments
Oxnard police arrested a juvenile male for armed robbery of three separate locations.  (02/11/17) 146 add
California Highway Patrol and Oxnard Police made 139 citations, four arrests and impounded four vehicles in two recent traffic enforcement operations. (02/11/17) 127 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 10, 2017 reads comments
Ventura County law enforcement announces their longstanding practice of not participating in the direct enforcement of immigration laws. (02/10/17) 127 add
Obamacare has insured one out of 10 Santa Barbara County residents and rescued a dozen struggling clinics. Now what? (02/10/17) 2677 61
Mayor Nasarenko questioned the City of Ventura finance manager about an increase in pension liability. (02/10/17) 121 1
Ventura resident Peter Woodard will be sentenced in federal court for his connection with a multimillion dollar mortgage fraud case. (02/10/17) 1708 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 09, 2017 reads comments
An edhatter warns about local housing scams on Craigslist and other rental websites. (02/09/17) 2776 15
By a unanimous vote on February 7, the Board of Supervisors reappointed Henry Gonzales to a new four-year term as Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner. (02/09/17) 77 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 08, 2017 reads comments
The Thousand Oaks Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a Driver’s License/DUI Checkpoint on February 11, 2017 at an undisclosed location within the city limits.   (02/08/17) 114 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 07, 2017 reads comments
Ventura County Probation Agency promoted Tim Dowler to Chief Deputy Probation Officer. (02/07/17) 123 add
Ventura County Probation Agency promoted Crystal Davis to the rank of Division Manager. (02/07/17) 129 add
The Ventura Police Department’s SWAT team responded to a domestic shooting incident Sunday Night at the 550 Block of Dorsey Street. (02/07/17) 201 add
Camarillo Police Department is offering The Parent Project to give parents guidance to help them develop more successful children. (02/07/17) 89 add
Oxnard Police conducted citywide enhanced traffic enforcement and DUI enforcement saturation patrols in response to Super Bowl LI. (02/07/17) 80 add
Mental health first aid classes will be offered at the Ventura Police Department. (02/07/17) 103 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 06, 2017 reads comments
An edhat subscriber wants to know what your plans are for Super Bowl Sunday (02/06/17) 1352 25
Ventura County Sheriff's Department aides in rescue of five hikers who had fallen down an ice chute. (02/06/17) 473 add
A confrontation in a parking lot on the 4200 block of Saviers Road led to both suspects with critical gun shot wounds(02/06/17) 156 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 05, 2017 reads comments
Tom shares the good, the bad, and the ugly from the Big Swell two weeks ago. (02/05/17) 1820 3
The traffic signals controlling the intersection of C Street and 9th Street are currently not functioning. (02/05/17) 98 add
Oxnard Police arrested a 24-year-old resident for possessing stolen property and residential burglary. (02/05/17) 152 1
The Camarillo Police Department is asking for the public's help in identifying two residential burglary suspects. [pic] (02/05/17) 184 add
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Baby- a laid back cool cat who's well-behaved, enjoys attention, and has a friendly disposition. (02/05/17) 925 3
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Haylee- a sweet girl that loves playing with her dog friends and will snuggle with you at the drop of a hat! (02/05/17) 1089 4

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 04, 2017 reads comments
Jose Rodriguez has been booked for stolen vehicle theft. [mug] (02/04/17) 180 add
Oxnard Police reminds football fans to pass the keys to a sober driver before the big game begins.  (02/04/17) 94 add
William spotted a red tailed hawk taking a short rest in his backyard. [pic] (02/04/17) 1977 13
Ventura County warns of potential storm water runoff contamination at local beaches. (02/04/17) 106 add
A Long Beach resident was arrested in Ventura for being in possession of a stolen vehicle. (02/04/17) 119 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 03, 2017 reads comments
Ventura Police responded to a residential burglary Thursday morning at the 600 block of Chinook Drive. (02/03/17) 140 add
Two Oxnard residents were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after a road rage incident. (02/03/17) 258 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 02, 2017 reads comments
Oxnard Police arrested two male suspects in connection with an armed robbery that occurred on Patterson Road who may be responsible for other robberies in the area. [mugs] (02/02/17) 262 1
California Highway Patrol is warning football fans to drink responsibly and designate a sober driver on Super Bowl Sunday. (02/02/17) 1059 28
On Thursday, March 9, 2017, the Grand Jury will host an open house for prospective jurors and interested members of the Ventura County community. (02/02/17) 105 add
Ventura Shellfish Enterprise Announces Public Workshop on Feb. 16, Federal Grant Helps Ventura Meet Growing Need for Aquaculture (02/02/17) 100 add
An Oxnard resident was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle and possessing a handgun. (02/02/17) 161 add
Ventura County Arts Council's Arts and Juvenile Justice program was selected by the Centers for Research on Creativity and the California Arts Council to serve as a case study site for the California Arts Council JUMPStArts evaluation project. (02/02/17) 146 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 01, 2017 reads comments
Ventura Police arrested an Ojai woman for residential burglary after she entered a residence through an unlocked front door and began drinking and eating the food inside. (02/01/17) 215 add
Ventura Fire Department are investigating a series of multiple fires that took place in the Ventura Harbor. [pics] (02/01/17) 220 add
Three men were arrested in a sexual predator sting operation carried out in Ventura. [mugs] (02/01/17) 335 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 31, 2017 reads comments