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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 29, 2015 reads comments
Freezes and hard freezes are possible again across the interior valleys of southwest California. (11/29/15) 496 3
The holiday season usually means an increase in unhealthy foods, but Collin shares 4 ways you can prevent holiday weight gain. (11/29/15) 648 add
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Cornerstone House and the Happy Adventure Summer Camp are dedicated to enhancing the social and recreational skills of individuals with developmental disabilities. (11/29/15) 456 1
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Marisa, a young mom who loves a good lap to curl up on. (11/29/15) 844 6
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Pee Wee, an adorable puppy who is ready for a loving home. (11/29/15) 1063 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 28, 2015 reads comments
The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning in effect from 2am to 8am Saturday. (11/28/15) 546 add
The National Weather Service has issued a high surf outlook for the central coast from Monday morning through Tuesday evening. (11/28/15) 384 add
Alton Kearse was arrested for malicious mischief and possession of a concealed dagger after attempting to steal from vehicles in the parking lot of Walmart. (11/28/15) 122 add
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares a picture of the King Tide flooding parts of Orange County. (11/28/15) 2066 8
Residents of a single family home in East Ventura were awakened to the smell of smoke and the sound of fire alarms in the early dawn. (11/28/15) 102 add
An FPPC complaint has been filed against Jane Farkas, who serves on the City of Ventura's Planning Commission. (11/28/15) 102 add
Just after the official start of Black Friday, shoppers at the Pacific View Mall reported seeing active smoke pouring from the roof at Lowe's Home Improvement store. (11/28/15) 165 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 27, 2015 reads comments
The National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory and freeze conditions through Friday morning. (11/27/15) 735 add
An edhat subscriber reports the newspaper arrived with sales flyers weighing in at 1 pound and 11 ounces! [pic] (11/27/15) 1430 18
EDBIT: There's a lot you probably didn't know about Thanksgiving, but edhat is breaking down the facts and statistics. (11/27/15) 1081 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 26, 2015 reads comments
A pedestrian was killed after being struck by a vehicle near the Moorpark Town Center shopping center. (11/26/15) 170 add
The Paso Robles Police Department has seen a noticeable increase in residential burglaries over the last two weeks. (11/26/15) 112 add
The Ventura County Fire Department is helping the public prepare for projected El Niño storms by offering free sandbags. (11/26/15) 76 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 25, 2015 reads comments
An investigation is ongoing in search of Armando Arias in Oxnard for a felony. (11/25/15) 142 add
Freezing temperatures are expected across portions of Southwest California late Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. (11/25/15) 1336 6
UC Santa Barbara researchers are making strides in their quest to develop an underwater adhesive. (11/25/15) 745 9
An edhat subscriber is looking for a residential elevator installation company. (11/25/15) 919 9
A Coastal Flood Advisory has been issued and is in effect through Thursday morning. (11/25/15) 921 add
Jonathan Burton was arrested after using a social media networking website to contact a juvenile female and lure her into a sexual relationship. [mug] (11/25/15) 262 add
Traffic is expected to increase along the Central Coast during this holiday weekend. (11/25/15) 556 2
Ventura City Fire Department responded to a report of a fire burning in the Ventura River bottom adjacent to the Ventura County Fairgrounds. [pics] (11/25/15) 150 add
Oxnard Police Department and EMS personnel responded to the intersection of San Benito Street and Trinity Place in reference to a single vehicle injury collision involving a motorcycle. (11/25/15) 191 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 24, 2015 reads comments
A mother accused of leaving her newborn baby to die in a ditch at a Camarillo strawberry field in May 2012 was found guilty of murder. (11/24/15) 97 add
Ventura Sheriff Deputies conducted compliance checks at residences of 62 registered sex offenders throughout the county. (11/24/15) 153 add
During the month of October and early November, 2015, seven vinyl advertisement banners were stolen from Pleasant Valley Fields, in Camarillo. [pics] (11/24/15) 134 add
UC Santa Barbara professor, a founder of pharmaceutical economics, is honored for 50 years of contributions to the field. (11/24/15) 1149 2
Los Padres National Forest officials announced seasonal winter road closures on the Mt. Pinos Ranger District due to inclement weather. (11/24/15) 1056 6
Ventura County sheriff's officials have called off the search for a fisherman who went missing after his boat capsized near Ventura Harbor. (11/24/15) 133 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 23, 2015 reads comments
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber is enjoying a trip to Washington, D.C. and shares [pics] of the farmers market. (11/23/15) 1192 4
Elephant snot was the latest weapon brought to bear on the paint vandalism at beautiful Lizard's Mouth on Sunday! [pics] (11/23/15) 3733 20
Jason Miller was arrested for armed robbery as he attempted to steal a woman's mountain bike. (11/23/15) 246 add
Ventura Police are investigation an armed robbery that took place inside Rite Aid on W. Main Street. (11/23/15) 185 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 22, 2015 reads comments
A citizen reported a possible shooting that had occurred in the area of Wells Rd. and Telephone Rd. (11/22/15) 166 add
Max took this aerial [pic] as he came in to land today. (11/22/15) 1893 7
Cartoons: Mike shares another funny cartoon about a version of Batman and Joker. (11/22/15) 1224 6
Arnold Acevedo arrested and booked into the Ventura County Jail for shooting at an inhabited dwelling. (11/22/15) 220 add
EDBIT: As we all get ready for Black Friday and holiday shopping, WalletHub put together their 2015 list of Best and Worst Retailers for Black Friday Deals. (11/22/15) 2412 12
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sarah, a three-month-old tortie. (11/22/15) 1171 2
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Lucy, Chief Squirrel Chaser. (11/22/15) 1187 5
One man is missing after a boat overturned off the Ventura Harbor. (11/22/15) 228 add
Ventura Police patrol officers responded to a call of a shooting that had just occurred between two vehicles in the 9300 block of Telephone Road. (11/22/15) 187 add
Heal the Ocean is celebrating the successful conclusion to a 15-year drive for state and countywide septic system regulations. (11/22/15) 927 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 21, 2015 reads comments
East County detectives are seeking the public's help in identifying burglary suspects captured on video who stole computers from Oak Park High School. (11/21/15) 233 add
Adam Barcenas, 53-year-old Oxnard resident, was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after trying to strike an Oxnard Police officer with a brick. (11/21/15) 153 add
It's National Absurdity Day and edhatters share the most absurd photos they've ever seen. (11/21/15) 2459 17
The Ventura County Board of Supervisors will hold a public workshop to discuss the regulation of short-term vacation rentals in the unincorporated areas of the county. (11/21/15) 137 add
Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut, an iconic beach restaurant in Ventura County's Hollywood Beach since 1974, is moving two blocks away to Harbor Landing. (11/21/15) 212 add
Juan Alvarez and a 17 year old juvenile, who are both Oxnard residents, were charged with several weapons violations. (11/21/15) 148 add
The CHP will have all available officers on patrol during a Maximum Enforcement Period during Thanksgiving weekend. (11/21/15) 895 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 20, 2015 reads comments
A new overnight delivery service, Google Express, has recently expanded to Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura. (11/20/15) 2333 7
The Camarillo Police Department was dispatched to a bomb threat made over social media against the campus of Monte Vista Middle School. (11/20/15) 181 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 19, 2015 reads comments
A project to enhance vista points and install interpretive displays along the central coast has made great progress and is expected to be completed this fall. (11/19/15) 1072 11
Ventura County Fire Department is offering free sandbags for all residents to prepare for upcoming storms. (11/19/15) 219 add
Three environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against Ventura County for a proposed oil drilling project along the Santa Paula Canyon Trail. (11/19/15) 116 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 18, 2015 reads comments
This plant is shooting up like something out of "Jack and the Beanstalk." Anyone know what it is? [pics] (11/18/15) 2817 16
Record-setting long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad delivered a gripping talk to a full house Saturday for UCSB Arts and Lectures at Campbell Hall. (11/18/15) 1357 9

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 17, 2015 reads comments
Upon learning about the developing El Niño condition in the Pacific Ocean, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services initiated a rigorous planning and preparedness campaign. (11/17/15) 162 add
Operators of a Ponzi scheme involving non-existent ATMs that cost victims over $135 million in losses, are sentenced up to a decade in prison. (11/17/15) 239 add
Sheriffs Deputies are using Facebook to search for 21-year-old Mackenzie Long who has a felony warrant and is a suspect in an Isla Vista burglary. [mug] (11/17/15) 9411 50
Fruit fly gustatory receptor that senses a noxious compound is a cation channel, UCSB researcher finds. (11/17/15) 936 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 16, 2015 reads comments
Three suspects were booked on narcotics and weapons-related charges after deputies conducted an investigation into a suspicous vehicle. (11/16/15) 290 add
As predicted, light rain is falling over the Central Coast. Share your rain reports with edhatters! (11/16/15) 2313 21
Ventura City Fire Department battled a structure fire near Sunset and Briarwood on Sunday morning. [pics] (11/16/15) 239 add
Oxnard Police release the results from a DUI checkpoint that screened 489 vehicles with one DUI arrest. (11/16/15) 218 add
Ventura Police are still investigating a fatal traffic collision that took place in October at Thompson Blvd. and Borchard Dr. (11/16/15) 280 add
A subscriber is looking for advice on where to upgrade an iPhone and which model is best. (11/16/15) 2066 26

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 15, 2015 reads comments
The Nation Weather Service has issued a high wind watch from Sunday evening through Monday evening. (11/15/15) 1143 13
High Fire Danger in Ventura County During Red-Flag Warning. (11/15/15) 122 add
Updated: Ventura Police arrested a 25-year-old male and are searching for another suspect, for attempted vehicle burglary. (11/15/15) 262 add
IN THE KITCHEN: Suzie experiments with vegetarian recipes and shares a recipe for quinoa tortillas(11/15/15) 1434 5
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Little Dickens, an adventurous snuggler looking for his forever home (11/15/15) 1763 8
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Miki, who finds the news to be a snooze-fest. (11/15/15) 1432 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 14, 2015 reads comments
The National Weather Service has issued a warning of precipitation with harmful winds following on Sunday. (11/14/15) 3157 18
A 20-year-old man was arrested for indecent exposure and child annoying in Oxnard after exposing himself to a tour bus. [mug] (11/14/15) 378 add
Edhat subscribers share lucky or unlucky photos on this Flash Friday the 13th. (11/14/15) 1218 5
Mariano Gonzalez, 56-year-old Oxnard resident, was arrested for allegedly selling cocaine in Ventura County. (11/14/15) 251 add
A Westlake Village man who headed a stock trading operation, and an Oak Park man were indicted in a cross-country scheme to trade on insider information. (11/14/15) 256 add
Chad Heisley was arreseted for burglarizing a business in th 300 block of Avenida de Los Arboles. [mug] (11/14/15) 320 add
On the one year anniversary of Labh Nigah's murder, the Oxnard PD asks for the public's help in providing any information related to the senseless murder. (11/14/15) 220 add
Sally Ann Rodriguez (February 18, 1940 - November 5, 2015) (11/14/15) 916 add
On Saturday, the Oxnard Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a multiple location DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint. (11/14/15) 214 add
A male victim reported being stabbed in the chest yesterday near Circle-K. Officers were unable to locate the suspect and the investigation is ongoing. (11/14/15) 257 add
After a month long investigation, Josh Carlton Evans was arrested for financial abuse of a dependent adult, grand theft, and Identity Theft crimes. (11/14/15) 263 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 13, 2015 reads comments
This evening, a gang member was found in possession of a handgun. (11/13/15) 226 add
The Banister Fire, the Thousand Oaks/Simi Valley area brush fire, currently stands at 75% contained with 50 acres burned. (11/13/15) 126 add
Former NFL referee, Lance Easley will be the guest speaker at the Ventura Family YMCA's annual Prayer Breakfast, a free community event on November 18th. [pic] (11/13/15) 198 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 12, 2015 reads comments
A 55-year-old victim was collecting recyclables when a suspect drove eastbound through the alley, stopped next to the victim, and got out of the vehicle. (11/12/15) 334 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 11, 2015 reads comments
The busiest shopping days of the year are upon us. Here are some holiday safety tips. (11/11/15) 182 add
The Moorpark Police Department to step up enforcement for distracted drivers. (11/11/15) 198 add
32-year-old Thousand Oaks resident, Brandon Thaisamran, was arrested for selling illegal drugs to residents in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. (11/11/15) 244 add
A UCSB researcher and colleagues study how chemical dispersants affect both the oil discharge from accidents and the indigenous microbial community. (11/11/15) 1122 8
The Ventura County Sheriff's Office is seeking the public's help in locating Vicente Sosa Pedrito. [mug] (11/11/15) 323 add
Mathew Boyd was arrested for child sexual abuse after turning himself in. (11/11/15) 566 add
The Ventura Harbor Patrol towed a sailboat back to safety after a distress call Monday evening, officials said Tuesday. (11/11/15) 152 add
This morning Ventura Police Command Center received a call reference carjacking in the parking lot of 11111 Citrus Drive. (11/11/15) 236 add
The Board of Supervisors approved the appointment of Dr. Ann Bucholtz as the County's new Medical Examiner. [pic] (11/11/15) 498 add
Edith Cooper led officers on vehicle pursuit, ultimately abandoned the vehicle, and was apprehended after a short foot pursuit. (11/11/15) 286 add
Geovany Salinas, a 22-year-old vagrant, was arrested after a brief foot pursuit for resisting arrest and false represetation. (11/11/15) 237 add
The heart of Jameson, far East Camino Cielo, and a long view of home from John Wiley. [pics] (11/11/15) 2301 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 10, 2015 reads comments
This afternoon, a residential burglary occurred on Galvin Street. (11/10/15) 218 add
An edhat subscriber captured [vid] of a large spider eating lunch. (11/10/15) 2305 10
The Thousand Oaks Police Department will be offering a Citizen Academy class at the Thousand Oaks Police Station on Olsen Road. (11/10/15) 232 add
Oxnard's new fire chief is coming to his new position after a warning from the state's Fair Political Practices Commission. (11/10/15) 157 add
UCSB demographer Shelly Lundberg chronicles how marriage has become a means of supporting intensive investments in children. (11/10/15) 1634 8
A subscriber wonders what can be done about persistent sales calls. (11/10/15) 2109 37

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