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Sunday Edhat reads comments
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Howard, who snores like a sailor and hates classical music.
updated 9:00 am
70 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Francis Nightingale, a rescue who is living the good life in paradise.
updated 9:00 am
91 add
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced recreational Dungeness Crab fisheries are open south of Point Reyes. [pic]
updated 7:00 am
275 add
The California Coastal Commission fired its Executive Director, Charles Lester, during a late night hearing in Morro Bay this week.
updated 6:30 am
847 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 13, 2016 reads comments
Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County will host a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for its new Oxnard ReStore and office location Saturday, February 27, 2016 at 9 a.m (02/13/16) 60 add
Three subspecies of Channel Island foxes are recommended to be removed from the endangered species list due to thriving populations. (02/13/16) 729 9
Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call of an injury traffic collision involving a bicyclist near the intersection of Main St. and Peking St. (02/13/16) 81 add
Ventura Police Patrol officers observed a wanted subject driving in the area of Wells and Telephone Rd. (02/13/16) 81 add
Ventura Police Department Command Center received a call from a resident in the area of Palm St and Santa Clara St., who reported seeing a man with a knife chasing another man. (02/13/16) 79 add
Hundreds of new homes will soon be built in Ventura. The Parklands project is being built at Wells and Telegraph roads in the Saticoy area of Ventura. (02/13/16) 35 add
[UPDATE]: The Ventura Police Department is investigating an armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon that ocurred at the CVS on Telegraph Road. [pics] (02/13/16) 107 add
The Thousand Oaks Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint on February 13. (02/13/16) 61 add
Kirsten Cain was arrested after Ventura Police responded to a call of subject engaging in lewd acts near a bus stop at Victoria Ave. and Telephone Rd. (02/13/16) 116 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 12, 2016 reads comments
Oxnard Police Officers responded to the 4700 block of Reeder Avenue, reference a family dispute. (02/12/16) 122 add
Detectives from the Oxnard PD were conducting an investigation into a stolen vehicle in the City of Oxnard and made an arrest. (02/12/16) 98 add
The Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call of shooting in the 600 block of Sheridan Way. (02/12/16) 110 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 11, 2016 reads comments
During the first two weeks of February, military gear has been stolen from service members who live in the western portions of Camarillo. (02/11/16) 120 add
The Oxnard Police and Fire Departments responded to a spill of an unknown fluid on the roadway on Gonzales Rd near Lombard St. (02/11/16) 99 add
Max Rosenberg shares a [pic] of the NASA T-38 in Long Beach today. (02/11/16) 1609 10
Two men were found guilty on Wednesday for the 2013 murder of 21-year-old Kelly Hunt. [pic] (02/11/16) 3065 11
Road Closure: Oxnard Police and Fire Departments responded to a spill of an unknown fluid on the roadway on Gonzales Rd near Lombard St. (02/11/16) 95 add
The Ventura Police Command Center received a call in reference to a deceased male in a vehicle in the area of Transport st. and Morse Ave. Ventura (02/11/16) 300 add
Ventura City Fire Personnel responded to a reported vehicle into a building. [pic] (02/11/16) 114 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 10, 2016 reads comments
Regional Planner Encourages Ventura County to Approve Transit Tax (02/10/16) 54 add
Ron captured a [pic] of the five Masai Giraffes at the Santa Barbara Zoo. (02/10/16) 2169 11
The County has signed a tentative agreement with CNA to implement a new wage grid for Operating Room Circulating Surgical Nurses. (02/10/16) 111 add
A display promoting Ventura County was unveiled at the state capitol building in Sacramento. (02/10/16) 188 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 09, 2016 reads comments
A 3-acre brush fire that threatened Camarillo homes before firefighters gained control of it Sunday highlights the dangers gusty Santa Ana winds were expected to pose overnight and into Monday. (02/09/16) 75 add
UCSB neuroscientist Kenneth S. Kosik's new book offers strategies for reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease. (02/09/16) 1463 5
A Santa Paula man and his 5-year-old son were rescued after becoming lost in Sycamore Canyon. (02/09/16) 185 1
There's music in our mountains, and John Wiley sees it in these [pics]. (02/09/16) 2126 8
During Sunday's Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation Oxnard Police officers issued 45 citations. (02/09/16) 138 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 08, 2016 reads comments
Can someone identify this compass like tool? (02/08/16) 2367 8
[Update]: Ventura County Sheriff Search and Rescue is searching for missing hikers in the Sycamore Canyon area. [pic] (02/08/16) 206 add
Oxnard Police arrested a suspect on an outstanding warrant after he barricaded himself in his home. (02/08/16) 156 add
Edhatters share [pics] of hummingbird friends in the area. (02/08/16) 1544 18

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 07, 2016 reads comments
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about getting older. (02/07/16) 1627 10
VEGGIE OF THE WEEK: Whole Foods Market shares more fruit and vegetable tips with parsnips and pomegranates. (02/07/16) 980 4
A new tobacco report finds California is failing in efforts to reduce tobacco-caused death and disease. (02/07/16) 999 19
Oxnard Police have arrested two residents for possession of a loaded handgun and narcotics. (02/07/16) 167 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Rex, a diamond in the rough who will melt your heart. (02/07/16) 1342 6
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Louis, he may be nearly blind but he has great taste in jewelry. (02/07/16) 1204 11

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 06, 2016 reads comments
The Oxnard Police Department will be conducting a specialized Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation on Sunday, February 7, 2016, in an effort to lower deaths and injuries. (02/06/16) 127 add
Edhatters share photos of red items for National Wear Red day. (02/06/16) 1019 2
United Blood Services is taking steps to prevent the spread of the Zika virus in the United States.  (02/06/16) 778 9
Oxnard-based food processing company Coastal Green Vegetable Co. is closing after 27 years in business. (02/06/16) 125 add
On March 10, 2016 the Grand Jury will host an open house for prospective jurors and interested members of the Ventura County community. (02/06/16) 123 add
Is this an SBA pair swimming languorously a couple of miles offshore, or are they heading South? [pics] (02/06/16) 3262 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 05, 2016 reads comments
Two Ventura residents were arrested following an investigation into reports of ongoing narcotics activity at a residence on Mascagni Street. (02/05/16) 329 add
Is your pet ready for online fame and adoration? Submit them for Edhat's Pet of the Week! (02/05/16) 962 add
The chiefs want to sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea with you. Join the Police and Fire Chiefs February 12. (02/05/16) 161 add
No boats are going in and out of Ventura Harbor due to an excessive amount of sand that has accumulated after the last few big storms, impacting the local fishing business. (02/05/16) 120 add
The Ventura County District Attorney's Office announced on Wednesday the conclusion of an investigation that began in May 2015 and looked into alleged unprofessional and unethical practices of the the Ventura County Medical Examiner's Office, and said that there is not sufficient evidence to file criminal charges. (02/05/16) 108 add
A local business owner is hoping you can help her catch a thief. The owner of the Painted Cabernet says her shop in Oxnard was broken into last weekend. (02/05/16) 142 add
The Ventura Police Department Command Center received a 911 call from a citizen reporting a subject standing on Seaward Bridge over the 101 freeway. (02/05/16) 271 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 04, 2016 reads comments
Deputies from the Moorpark PD responded to a call of threats at the corporate office of PennyMac's Loan Services located in Moorpark. (02/04/16) 2294 add
Lorenzo Booker, a former NFL player, gives back to the Community through the Ventura Family YMCA. [pic] (02/04/16) 249 add
Oxnard Police conducted a multi-location search warrant operation that resulted in five arrests and the recovery of a handgun with ammunition. [pics] (02/04/16) 232 add
An identity theft investigation in Thousand Oaks led investigators to the arrest of Vanetta Hankins for identity theft. [mug] (02/04/16) 236 add
A subscriber reports an accident that happened around midnight in Ventura on the 101. Two people may have been ejected from a car. [pics] (02/04/16) 275 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 03, 2016 reads comments
Youth Mental Health First Aid is a free training course focused on information adult participants can use to help adolescents who are experiencing mental health challenges, substance use, anxiety, depression. (02/03/16) 211 add
The Ventura County Sheriff's Office is very pleased to announce that they have collected 5,900 pounds of unused / expired medication for the year 2015. (02/03/16) 158 add
The VCFD is making it easier for contractors and the public to conduct fire prevention related business thanks to expanded front counter hours. (02/03/16) 156 add
This past weekend's storm brought a palm tree down on a popular Ventura restaurant, while customers were enjoying their Sunday night dinner. (02/03/16) 202 add
Sandcastle worms serve as inspiration for a new type of underwater adhesive being developed at UCSB. (02/03/16) 1179 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 02, 2016 reads comments
Manuel Rosales was arrested for identity theft this morning. (02/02/16) 238 1
Raymond Munyon was arrested this afternoon for child annoyance, parole violation, and resisting an officers arrest. (02/02/16) 224 add
3,000 pounds of marijuana was intercepted with 13 arrests when a panga boat was discovered near El Capitan beach on Saturday. (02/02/16) 3362 29
David Paul Sanchez, a registered sex offender, was arrested for Indecent Exposure. (02/02/16) 234 add
Savanah Hope Mayer was booked for numerous charges related to unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. (02/02/16) 474 add
Overall it was a good weekend for outdoor photography, Charles says. [pics] (02/02/16) 1736 5
A vagrant encampment fire started below the Union Pacific Train Trestle Sunday afternoon and significantly damaged a portion of the rail line on the bridge. [pic] (02/02/16) 310 add
[Update:] The City of Oxnard is currently handling a number of trees and electrical equipment down within the City. (02/02/16) 208 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 01, 2016 reads comments
[Update:] The National Weather Service has issued several weather advisories for this stormy Sunday. (02/01/16) 3855 18
Law Enforcement emphasizes the preventable nature of drunk driving reminding everyone that all it takes is a little planning ahead. (02/01/16) 199 add
On January 31, 2016, at about 9:05 a.m., patrol officers received a Lojack stolen vehicle signal near the area of Second St. and "C" St. (02/01/16) 225 add
It's raining along the Central Coast. Send in your rain reports! (02/01/16) 1406 10
[Update:] Several traffic hazards and accidents are reported on Highway 101 in the Solimar fire burn area. Drive safely! (02/01/16) 2642 11
There is the potential for strong thunderstorms on Sunday across southwest California. (02/01/16) 1367 10
Last night, Ventura Police responded to a domestic disturbance where a male suspect had barricaded himself inside the residence. (02/01/16) 221 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 31, 2016 reads comments
Can anyone recommend a rain barrel or water storage tank that will last a long time? (01/31/16) 1785 24
Three Oxnard residents were arrested after they crashed a private party, refused to leave, and caused a disturbance. (01/31/16) 248 add
Edhatters love sharing sunset and sunrise photos! Get your daily dose on edhat. [pics] (01/31/16) 1161 4
An edhat subscriber shares a [pic] of stone pine trees in Carpinteria. (01/31/16) 1694 10
Cartoons: Mike shares another funny cartoon about putting on a happy face. (01/31/16) 1137 3
VEGGIE OF THE WEEK: Whole Foods Market put together a list of the top winter fruits and vegetables for the local areas.  (01/31/16) 1370 17
The kelp beds of the Channel Islands are now visible from a live-stream underwater camera through explore.org. (01/31/16) 3504 10
Ventura Sheriff's Deputies are investigating the theft of girls softball equipment in Fillmore. (01/31/16) 151 add
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Future Leaders of America provides a comprehensive youth empowerment program in our public schools and in the community year-around. (01/31/16) 640 1
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Dale, an adorable and affectionate Golden Doodle. (01/31/16) 1957 9
Rep. Lois Capps applauds the Department of Interior's decision to carry out an environmental assessment of the impacts of offshore fracking in the Pacific Ocean. (01/31/16) 878 11
A subscriber captured [pics] of a dog playing with a friendly koi fish at UCSB. (01/31/16) 2038 8
Ventura Police are alerting residents of mail theft in the Ventura Hillside area. (01/31/16) 287 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 30, 2016 reads comments
Oxnard Police arrested two Oxnard teenagers for possession of a loaded gun. (01/30/16) 223 add
Two suspects with outstanding warrants were caught in Thousand Oaks by a police department sweep. (01/30/16) 217 add
The National Weather Service alerts residents a Pacific storm will bring the potential for heavy rain and mountain snow with damaging winds from Sunday to Monday. [pic] (01/30/16) 3638 20
Ojai Detectives are asking for the public's help in identifying a theft suspect. [vid] (01/30/16) 248 add
Two women from Ventura were arrested near Ojai for mail and identity theft. (01/30/16) 360 add
The Breeze discusses what is proposed for the lot where the closed Joes Crabshack is located. (01/30/16) 212 add
TRAVEL: Max shares views from the skies and impressive planes. [pics] (01/30/16) 1421 6
Shawn Light was arrested for initiating contact with who he believed to be a 16 year old female and engaged her in sexual conversations. (01/30/16) 237 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 29, 2016 reads comments
Floyd Johnson has been arrested on narcotics charges. (01/29/16) 271 add
Oxnard Police Officers responded to a call of a burglary at a residence in the La Colonia Neighborhood. (01/29/16) 215 add
Aquaholic took a spin to her favorite getaway spot today, Jalama Beach. [pic] (01/29/16) 2431 13
A high surf warning is in effect from 10 pm this evening until 10 pm Friday. (01/29/16) 749 add
Major Crime's detectives and Jail personnel are investigating an inmate death that occurred at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility in Ventura. (01/29/16) 214 add
The Camarillo Police Department's Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint on January 30th. (01/29/16) 200 add
An edhat reader shares sunset [pics] from Wednesday night in Ventura. (01/29/16) 205 add
Can any Edhatters identify this large frog that washed up on the beach in Port Hueneme? [pic] (01/29/16) 190 add
A 28-year-old male victim was brought to the hospital by a family member and found to be suffering from serious stab wounds to the torso. (01/29/16) 209 add

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