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- 03/21/17

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 JOHN WILEY helpful negative off topic

Leapin Lupine

2017-03-21 01:18 PM

Seems so long since we've seen the Santa Clara River running past SZP. Today's rain here in SB was nice, and maybe we'll have more. The SBC Rain site has Painted Cave area at almost 2" and even over 2/3" along the eastern SY River watershed. Will we still have water in the SY into Summer?! :)

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 COMMENT 764777 helpful negative off topic

Leapin Lupine

2017-03-21 01:05 PM

Beautiful! Several different scenes, so much to see in a short time from the air!

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 FLICKA helpful negative off topic

Leapin Lupine

2017-03-21 10:38 AM

Whatever is putting on the color show, it surely is pretty. Thanks for all the nice photos.

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