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- 09/24/16

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Donations Accepted for Osler Family

2016-09-24 03:20 PM

To suggest or infer that one should sue or is suing 2 different government entities on a thread about donations seems a little out of place and tactless. In regards to blame since the warnings were heeded with 3 different roundabout warning signs, a large flashing amber warning light and a 15mph sign I rather doubt either agency could be held culpable. The fact is from the length of the skid marks and the foggy conditions the water tender was travelling too fast.

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 COMMENT 731437 helpful negative off topic

Farewell to Rosetta and Philae

2016-09-24 12:18 PM

We salute you, brave explores. Farewell, Philae and Rosetta. You both did well.

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