Dear Edhat Readers & Community:

As you've noticed for the past few days, has been offline due to technical issues. We want to assure you that we're not going anywhere; edhat is not shutting down.

After a round of battles with our server and some very annoying network attacks (we don't negotiate with web terrorists), we recognized the old site just wasn't up to snuff. And because Ed is eternally seeking the silver lining, we have decided to take this opportunity to launch our brand new website!

Because this solution took us a bit by surprise, timing-wise, we're now working very hard to put the finishing touches on our brand new interface. Don't worry, you're gonna love it! It's still the same local, quirky, and community driven edhat that has won Best of Santa Barbara for the last 10 years, but streamlined, shiny and easier to use.

Edhat will relaunch very soon, within a week, but during that time we'll be posting on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages with any local news and website updates.

Thanks to all our dedicated subscribers and readers. We appreciate your support and patience!
If you have any questions please email us at

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